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    I have won the last 5 games I played Bonesaw, and only 1 out of 3 games I played without him. This includes my games at the Spring Fling. I don't remember the record for games I played before the Spring Fling because I started paying closer attention there (because of people saying that Bonesaw was terrible). In all but one of those game Bonesaw definitely contributed, and won me at least 2 of those games. By won me those games, I mean he did things in those games that no other player could have accomplished in his place that got victory points that allowed me to win. It is very easy to get a first turn goal with Bonesaw, especially receiving. He can sit on a flank and get the ball from Piper and get reveried up as the second to last activation, where the opponent player cannot get to him, and then go up and make a guaranteed* goal by running and meditating from wherever he was. Football Dervish allows him to get goals that no one else can, and ratcatchers have the kick stats to pull that off. Now, having said that, I don't play usually him kicking. Being 4/0 makes him a liability. If you don't receive the ball then I have found that you have plenty of time to get players into positions to score with anyone by the time you get the ball. (That is also true of goals after the first turn in a Bonesaw team, but Bonesaw is the easiest to get a first turn goal with.) I also don't play him into Theron since snipe/pinned can shut down that first turn goal. Could Bonesaw be better? Of course, and I agree that he isn't a superstar most of the time, but I've gotten a lot of use from him recently. And that is mostly due to my willingness to put him on the table and figure out how to use him. My underlining point here is don't let people tell you that you can't use Bonesaw, that you will lose, because I win with him more than I win without him, so he must be making a difference.
  2. Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays is a math-centric blog I write for the West Virginia (USA) guild ball website: Mountaineers Guild. (Which is what we as players call our group.) I have written articles for this blog for quite some time and it's mostly been analyzing players (and I've posted in the relevant guild subforums), but my newest article is about the brand new Game Plans just released. Since this doesn't fall into one particular guild I thought I would post here with a link to the article and invite everyone to no only read it, but my other articles and those of other members of the community hosted on the site. Here is a link to the article about the Game Plans deck.
  3. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for your Guild Ball Plays (BLOG)

    You are right, I did no math on the defense stance for the high end models. I love suggestions like this. A avenue to improve my articles for the future. I'll be adding that row of 5/1 and 6/0. I have not had the success you have of reaching that result. I have used butchery a lot when Ox has been shut down from counter attacks, but it seems like I never get to the 3 damage butchery on his playbook. And I believe we have discussed elsewhere (Twitter, I believe), that I have had a much different experience into Blacksmiths than you have. My local blacksmith player won't even try to fight the butchers. He takes the fast, goal scoring models and scores 3 goals before I can even start a scrum (1 goal on turn 1, and sometimes 2 on turn 2). He knows how to play against the butchers well, and it's really hard to keep the ball from Iron, Alloy, and Bolt at the same time. I can take out a couple models before he gets his three goals, but it's not enough, and he views me taking a goal as a good way to get the ball back, since he can score much better and faster than I can with the butchers. He's a bit of a savant with them. I beat him consistently with any other guilds we play, but he beats me all the time with blacksmiths, no matter what I try. So my experience against blacksmiths might come down to playing a person that has found the perfect guild for himself and not an indication of the normal Butchers vs. Blacksmiths game.
  4. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for your Guild Ball Plays (BLOG)

    Finally got around to writing the article about the Ox changes from last summer. I've had plenty of chances to play him since then, so get ready for some cold takes: here. Finally got around to writing the article about the Ox changes from last summer. I've had plenty of chances to play him since then, so get ready for some cold takes: here.
  5. arabicjesus

    VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    I use a custom made dial that keeps track of momentum and score (momentum on the outside dial, score on the inside).
  6. Played a game with my butchers (Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Shank, and Tenderizer) against Hunters (Skatha, Snow, Ulfr, vHearne, Egret, and Chaska). Final score was 11-12 with the win going to my opponent. I took out every player on his team except Egret, and took Chaska out twice. He got a goal, 2 take outs, then finished with a goal. Some highlights: Meathook did a great job keeping the ball away from his team for a while, helping to take out Skatha and Ulfr as they each came for the ball. Ulfr managed to score a goal before I took him off. Shank did a lot of work in that corner after Meathook debuffs. On the other side of the pitch Ox, Boiler and Princess fought and eventually took down Hearne, Chaska, and Snow while Egret sniped at them from afar. Ox went down close to the end, and Boiler right before the end of the game. I really dislike Snow. Makes it very hard for the Butchers to do what they want to do. In fact, Snow lost me the game. He came back on at the end of the game to within 4" of Skatha, preventing me from taking her out again to seal the victory. If either the dog wasn't there, or was positioned where I could get to him then the game was mine for sure. Good play by my opponent, who is a very good Skatha player. There were also at least a couple times I should have healed and would have prevented takeouts if I had. Lesson to be learned for next time. Note: We were playing with the Farmer realease rules so there are some extra bases and a model on the field that represented harvest markers.
  7. arabicjesus

    Butchers beat Butchers from antoehr

    My opponent was going to submit it too. I don't know if he did.
  8. In a bizarre twist of reality, Butchers managed to play the Butchers and guess what: Butchers won! I got to play a friend from another city this Saturday while I was in town doing something else. We threw down with the same guild (Butchers) and I came away with the victory. He got an early lead on me going up 6-0 (three takeouts) before I scored any points. From there I managed to grind out 6 take outs while he only got 1 more. I played Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar, and Shank. He played Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Gutter, and oBrisket. He was all about the Fillet. She did almost 100% of the damage for the team. I tried to make sure Ox was in a good position and then used the rest of my team to do the work. Shank and Boar both did a lot of work. I haven't had Ox and Shank on the table much this season, but it was nice to get back to the team roots. I even took out Fillet during the game, which is where he stalled in his momentum.
  9. arabicjesus

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I played two games with GIC this week. Here is how they went: First game: Butchers (with Boodthirst) vs. Engineers (with Tracer Rounds), Score 12-6. Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boar, Meathook, Boiler, vOx (I don't normally play vOx, but wanted to try him again.) Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Colossus, Compound (This is the standard list I expect from him.) My opponent made good use of Tracer Rounds' bonus time on almost every activation. The card was very live, and the healing rate of 3 (instead of base 4) didn't seem to hold them back too much, even against butchers. Bloodthirst was really good for healing models that took 2-3 incidental damage from character plays. Players I would not have normally healed with the damage on them got healed to full (Boiler and Meathook in this case). The card was dead on Boar, obviously. Now, let me talk about Fillet with the card. Fillet felt like she was constantly in danger of dying, when she would have been fine without the card. A heal rate of 2 was debilitating. Yes, she healed off of (most) of her attacks, but there were so many times it came down to an opponents bad dice roll to keep her on the field instead of anything I could do to save her. Even a heal rate of 3 would make me feel better in those situations than I felt. The card did do a good job of encouraging me to attack with models besides Fillet in the team. With their low defenses and not being in the best place in the meta right now, it just seems like getting less healing than before is not helping them play the game at the same level as other teams. I never felt in control of the game, despite what the score says. Second Game: Farmers (Spirit of Cooperation) vs. Hunters (Bait the Trap) Score: 12-8 Farmers: Box 6, but replace Bushel with Grace (played with models I actually have) Hunters: Skatha, Snow, Ulfr, vHearne, Jaecar, Avarisse and Greede (He regrets taking A+G, but was happy with his lineup otherwise) My opponent played a control-y game and used the free Snare to good effect, targeting a model I would probably have to move pretty far to get use out of and making me have to use momentum to clear a lot. It didn't help that I played pretty closely bunched up and he got a lot of Cold Snaps on me (I think 3 that got 2+ players each time). Even with all that he never got an additional VP because Farmers are really good at generating Momentum and I could clear conditions (he didn't try to fight me much so picking to clear was an easy choice). I can see where his team could get VP from the card against some teams that generate less momentum, or are more fragile. On my side: the only Reaper I had that could get extra VP was Windle, but that turned out just fine (even if I didn't think of that problem until the game started). Windle managed to get two 4 point take outs by combining Snake Break and the GIC. This allowed me to win on 4 takeouts. Skatha continues to be very hard to deal with. She's a strong player, but not so powerful she is broken. Because of Windle's speed it was pretty much impossible for him to get a take out and not be in range of a Planter. I can see where someone like Tater, or especially Thresher, won't get the bonus VP. Even Bushel doesn't seem likely to get the extra VP from scoring a goal. At least the donkey should be getting some if he does take outs (which I have done when I proxied). Overall, I like both of these cards and thought they were in very good places. The farmers one seemed like it would get extra VP a lot, but the more I think about it the more I realize that a lot of the Reapers won't be near the planters when they get VP.
  10. arabicjesus

    MO-Ball Podcast ep 1

    Will this be on iTunes? That is where I get my podcasts.
  11. arabicjesus

    Using Shank in s03

    I think the change to the ice sponge rule was enough to change his auto-include status. The one less max influence I'm not sure was needed after that. He was very good at taking players back off the pitch after they came back and with more health they didn't do that as often. The few successes I've had with him are in getting balls from different places, and finishing off models when they have 1-3 health left. He's also good at adding to a gang up.
  12. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    I started all this just as an excuse to put two things I like together: Guild ball and Math, but have found it helps me know what to expect from players during games and I can make better decisions myself. I'm glad to hear about others getting some value out of my articles as well.
  13. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for your Guild Ball Plays (BLOG)

    New article about Veteran Ox up here. Also, I updated the Brewers articles to include more stuff and wrote a long article about original Spigot.
  14. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    New article about original Spigot: here.
  15. arabicjesus

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    @ncw103 I'm glad my articles helped you. By the way, I can't help but read your posts in Teddy voice because of your avatar.