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  1. "SnowBall" tournament. Philadelphia area, PA

    I am sorry, I updated the facebook event, and neglected my forum posts... 1st was Bill Anderson (Union) 2nd was Duane Boyd (Masons) and 3rd was maurice kent (Fishermen) Mike mac best painted (brewers) brad Moreland for goal (butchers)
  2. "Brotherly Brawl"

    If no one has put claim to this new, fun, and interesting play style; let me be the first... From "The Philly Guys" from Liberty GuildBall "Brotherly Brawl" A friendly 2 on 2... and i dont mean models. Two players team up... Each player picks a Guild, then a captain. No picking the same model! Then two unique models, that work for that Captain's guild. No mascots required! Unless that's who you want (i.e. scum) As of now it is still in beta testing. But the game plays the same, for the most part. You share M.P. for the team Influence either each half has their own or the team shares one pool (still testing) Active every other team AND every other player: Team 1: Player 1 Team 2: player 1 Team 1: player 2 Team 2 : player 2 As i stated still working out the kinks. But wanted to get the base out there and see what people think. Let others take place in our joy.
  3. Idea for "new" Guild

    But they're way too tall... We need steamforged to actually make them an official guild. Kinda mason-ish, not to beaty not to kicky. They could be well rounded... Short skiny guy/girl 5+ A beat stick guy 2+ 1D Mosving skills; like where'd they go; and all that. Probably some sticky move that either does rough ground or a gut and string lick thing. They really do lend them selves to fit nicely into the world, even can add to the fluff and unique weapons and skills
  4. Idea for "new" Guild

    So while watching Wizard of Oz... you stumble upon an already established guild... THE LOLLIPOP GUILD Now that would be a perfect guild to join the pitch!
  5. Hello... As a pundit I am doing my efforts to spread the good word. So I have put together our first "south-east" Pennsylvania tournament. It will be held on Saturday January 16th 2016 It will be at: Enter the realm 508 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064 We have a facebook group made to track everything. Even waiting on Steamforge to get back to us and give us our sanction.. wink wink nudge nudge Applied into tiebreaker as well, so.day of everyone can keep up. So if you're in the area come by, join if you want.. or like and share to get the word out
  6. As a New Pundit, in the amazing world of guild ball, I am going to try and spread the good word. Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, willing to be available for demos and/or games. With the dawn of a new year shortly upon us; I would like to see who would be intrested in a, hopefully official (depending on attendance), tournament? Hopefully mid January... Would be my local store: Enter The Realm 508 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064 So please let me know: - if anyone would like to demo - if anyone is interested in a January tournament
  7. Greetings from Philadelphia

    It is about timei throw my hat into the ring... I know my self and Kevyn are tring tobecome pundints for the "greater" more suburban philadelphia area. Step 1: get your self out there Step2: (to be determined later) Step 3: profit.. oh wait i mean pundit Hahha Im alex btw As of today. Butchers, union, engineers. Brewers.. and growing