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  1. Also will now have Luckys to give away!
  2. Ah, damn, yep! You're right. Our bad for getting that wrong on air Makes me extra sad cause I liked that plan lol, even if it was a bit silly
  3. Hey man! Thanks so much for this comment, really appreciate it. Honestly definitely the best review from a new player we've gotten---I agree that we are not super clear to those not already initiated. Glad you're digging the cast anyway. To everyone else, we released a second episode for this week this morning! This one is on Blacksmiths. I'm adding it to the OP up there, but it's also here: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-232-im-a-lead-farmer-ers
  4. Nông trại của bạn ở đâu? Woop woop! How's it going, friends? We got part one of a two-part episode for you this week. We talk, finally, about FARMERS! We (mostly Vince and I) draw from experience for this episodes as we go through the Farmers models and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Then we talk about where we think the Farmers will end up in the competitive metagame whenever they actually become a full guild! Take a gander--- http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-231-what-kind-of-farmer-are-you EDIT: PART DEUX. This week we also talked about all six of the currently revealed Blacksmiths! Check that good stuff out right here: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-232-im-a-lead-farmer-ers You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
  5. Mystery box!

    They definitely have second 6x boxes chosen, they are in all the recent newsletters (the October newsletter has The Punishing March for Masons and Sing While You're Winning for Brewers). If they aren't in the shop I assume they will be soon (in the next few months as the case may be). I think that was Rich? That could certainly be a solid compromise, have a few models released in two different boxes but at least they have unique models. That said, I'd be surprised if they made new metal molds for old models without swapping to plastic, since everything else is becoming plastic.
  6. Mystery box!

    Hmm, yeah, she's another orphan in the box transfer. That I couldn't tell ya. Future box of 6 with three other solthecian models (one a mascot)? If that's so it's gotta be pretty far down the line, so dunno what the deal with her is until then.
  7. Mystery box!

    It's clear now that they're switching almost exclusively to 6-model boxes for all teams—even Farmers, which have ten players, it seems like those two "scouting report" models that they hinted at last week are likely 2 new Farmers to round out Thresher's box into a 6x box. I'm pretty sure the days of individual model sales are in the past for SFG, and the plan is to have guilds be packaged effectively in expansion packs—the Solthecian duo are probably still there cause those guys didn't fit into either of the 6x model boxes for Union and they were released so recently that they have a ton of stock. Hunters I'm not as sure about, excess stock maybe? But they fit into the second Hunters 6box so seems odd.
  8. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Thanks guys! You nailed the lineup I played, though if I ran into Brewers or a Farmers mirror I would likely have taken Peck. There would be other situations I would take Peck as well if I could choose mascot after the initiative roll, but no dice. C'est la vie. FWIW I don't really think Thresher needs a nerf, I think I've just been playing against people who are inexperienced in the matchup. Farmers are a weird guild so I think they take weird tactics to beat. For instance, a focus on destroying key Harvest Markers is important, and not always a waste of INF since charges are more likely to wrap against Farmers than any other guild. Holding certain fast players' activations till late in the turn to make sure Jackstraw has to compromise on where to put Thresher's DFT Harvest Markers is a great idea for turn one. Also, I kicked off in 3 of my 4 games, and nobody committed to KDing Thresher—Millstone only stops that if Thresher's counter is gonna save him, and if you can get base-to-base his counterattack won't do much but make you spend Momentum. Finally, 2" melee with a KD (Corsair, Colossus, Tapper, Blackheart) is a good choice against the Farmers in basically any situation. My opponents were all good opponents and caught on to these ideas after the fact I think, but inexperience in a matchup is always rough. I'd be pretty sad if Thresher got nerfed before he even got to see real tournament tabletime, by the way. Especially since I consider Grange a bad gamble with a huge downside in the current OPD—Thresher is the guild's only good kickoff model! I would play Grange when receiving in most matchups if I could choose captain after initiative, but we can't, so I always play the "initiative-agnostic" Thresher. EDIT: Also I'm a lucky duck—I played against Hunters before the errata, and Fish after.
  9. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex won 12-0 vs Valorci (Farmers v Engineers). Cheers for the game man! Farmers can be rooough the first time you play them. GG
  10. Immediate thoughts is that Thresher doesn't really have room in his lineup for a Union model, but Grange probably does. Grange, Buckwheat, Tater, Benediction, Millstone, Harrow seems pretty solid if you receive, suddenly the team is a lot better at holding the ball and you get up to 13 INF pre-Harvest so Tater and Buckwheat can pop those things like candy. Good look, makes Buckwheat way faster and Tater way healthier if you can gobble them all up. Also like Benediction for pushing people into Honest Labor if he doesn't have to babysit the ball.
  11. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Woah neat!
  12. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    I sort of assumed not given you can't straight up buy him, but worth asking: Is Lucky tournament legal, and will he ever become so if he isn't initially? (Hopefully the SFG guys see this)
  13. Thoughts on new Ox

    This seems completely wrong to me. Assuming both players can tell when the scrum will start (they should be able to!), if VRage is gonna win initiative and can get even 2 damage + an engaging model on Ox before the turn starts he should kill Ox with LP at the top of the turn, but VRage isn't threatened by a one-round from Ox unless VRage is within 6" at the start of the turn for Ox to walk up. So VRage has 2" more to play with positioning before the fight starts. If Ox buys a Counter-Attack with his starting momentum so VRage has to KD him on the charge, and VRage doesn't kill him cause he's full health, he probably still does 16 damage (4 damage 4 times) to Ox after the charge, and can push Ox out of engagement with himself. So Ox is KD'd, at 3 HP, has no momentum, and is presumably engaged by a 2" melee model and near VRage with his LP up. Ox can do literally nothing but cast character plays, so someone else on the Butchers team activates. That model can either make Ox a 2+/1 7-HP model or a 3+/1 3-HP model. Trivially removed by most of the Union team under Rage's LP, and if Ox dies before facilitating the death of 3+ models that matchup is completely over IMO. VRage eats Butchers alive right now I think, even more so since Harry is worse and Harry was absolutely the best thing Butchers had to change the engagement combos Union want to set up (especially in Ox since vOx isn't an option).
  14. A screaming came across the sky. Ahoy, m80s! Our latest episode is pipin' hot and ready for your consumption. This episode is, of course, dedicated to the errata that dropped last week!! We hope to make up our lateness with high quality takes. Check it out: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-22-errata-oxpocalypse Let us know what you think about the errata! Who lost, who won, where is the game going, and how is it getting there?? Thanks as always for listening, you guys are the BEST You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
  15. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex (Farmers) won vs John M (Fish) 12-6, 7 T.O.s vs 3 T.O.s Fun game man! Lots of people getting swatted off the pitch lol.