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  1. Heya Given these two threads: I think I know how this should work but I wanted a clarification. If Skatha puts Blessing of the Moon Goddess on herself and successfully makes an attack against Compound, who still has Resilience active, does Skatha lose Blessing, and if so does Skatha get to dodge on that attack that is otherwise negated? Thanks!
  2. Slothrop

    Blog post on Fillet

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ben. I'm in the process of writing a Butchers guide for intermediate players since I've focused on them the most by far in Season Four. FWIW I agree Fillet should be played in some situations, I just happened to not run into any of those at Second Wind.
  3. Slothrop

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Wish we could release early, but them's the rules. I think Butchers players will be happy with the S4 situation though.
  4. Slothrop

    Second Wind Chicago 64 Man Tournament.

    And we are at 32/64 people confirmed! So excited!
  5. Slothrop

    Newish butchers player.

    I have to play with Truffles more, but one of the things I like Princess best for is to engage countercharge models, and I think Boiler is important both for his insane damage output and because he brings more Bleed, which is crucial for Fillet being able to fight Farmers properly midgame since they have Millstone and Peck. So it seems like a tough sell to me.
  6. Slothrop

    Newish butchers player.

    Pretty standard Fillet lineup with boiler meathook boar decimate. Might actually try to fit Gutter in there for 2" melee but Boar feels like money in that matchup so not sure.
  7. Slothrop

    Newish butchers player.

    I've been running this lineup: Fillet Ox Princess Meathook Boiler Boar vGutter oBrisket Tenderizer Decimate I play Fillet in all matchups when kicking off, and play Ox receiving versus Masons, Union, and Blacksmiths. Meathook and Boiler are in all of my lineups currently with the POSSIBLE exception of an Ox lineup occasionally dropping Boiler. Decimate is in every Fillet lineup and an occasional Ox lineup, vGutter is in every Ox lineup and an occasional Fillet lineup, and Boar typically fills the last Fillet slot unless he feels like he'll be a huge liability. oBrisket is in most Ox lineups as a ballholder and beater and is in my Fillet lineup versus Shark as a ballholder, and Tenderizer is only played versus Shark.
  8. Slothrop

    Question from a new player

    So far they've been released resins of Major Guilds when their respective Minor Guilds come out. With that in mind, I'd expect resin Butchers around November or December since Cooks look like they'll be out in November
  9. Slothrop

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Unless the back of his card is completely blank, Roast should no question be in all Cooks lists and probably be in all Butchers lists too. Dude's a monster. If you're right that Roast and Cinnamon are the crossovers, I'd say that's ample payment for losing Decimate/Second Wind from Butchers. The two Cooks' character plays make Fillet's turn one much more oppressive. Given that you also get Momentum turn one as the kicker in Season 4, pretty sure once Cooks are out I'll be choosing to kick in most matchups
  10. Slothrop

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Thanks for typing this all out, had managed to make out most of the same and was considering posting it. These guys look really good to me based on the fronts of their cards. Obviously it's incomplete info but it's a strong start, lots of damage potential and the format of their aura plays is great. Tons of activation-to-activation optimization to do with those, especially Roast's play. Cool stuff, hyped for the guild.
  11. Slothrop

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    I'm a huge fan of most of the models, only Spice doesn't look quite right to me. Roast and Wellington look hilarious, Sugar and the other two look fine, style is great. Been hoping for a goofier guild for a while. Just to reinforce what Mako said, some people do like them
  12. Slothrop

    vGutter card shown

    Just as an alternate perspective, vGutter is fun for me cause she makes me feel like Ox is a viable captain at top level play, and Ox is one of my favorite captains. She's fun cause she lets me have fun
  13. I'm at the con right now so can't type too much on my phone, but I appreciate the shout-out. FWIW I agree with everything that Niclas @Warpstoned said. I still don't think Butchers are top of the pile by any means, but they're not nearly so bad that you can't win with them. I think they reward good understanding of fighting in GB, particularly the knowledge of what specific kills will stop you from getting killed immediately afterwards. About the idea of Butchers as the prime fighting team, I think most of my Fillet wins have 2 goals and all of them have at least 1. It's not so much because Fillet or her team are god-tier strikers (they're good but not great) so much as I think a good Fillet gameplan involves splitting opponents' models across the map and forcing them to chase Fillet into the back field, where she and her team often end up getting opportunistic goals. Fillet's 5+/0 defenses with Swift Stance available is also a huge deal for the team and players often misallocate attacks trying to kill Fillet inefficiently. I think Butchers' biggest weakness is kicking off versus control-y teams like Alchemists or Engineers. Not unwinnable but damnably hard for sure. I'm still learning with the team so I don't have a great answer atm.
  14. I don't intend to invalidate your feelings on the game here, but your example situation isn't really the whole story. A player can spend momentum to clear conditions on themselves if they haven't already done so or healed themselves on their own activation, so if Obulus gets that 3.1% knockdown counterattack, in most cases all he's done is spend one momentum to make his opponent spend one momentum. It's barely an impact on the game at all most of the times that roll goes off. Obulus is, no question, one of the most difficult models in the game to pin down and attack, and for your opponents I'd recommend just avoiding attacking him until they feel more confident in larger strategies to bait and kill him, but the KD result he has has almost nothing to do with how slippery he is. I'd also disagree that GB necessarily lends itself to sloppy play, but that's mostly down to my personal experience, and most of the people in this thread talking about sloppy play issues are people playing in communities I'm not a part of, so I wouldn't be surprised if their experiences and interpretation of social contracts differ. I DO agree though that the high level of counterplay and call-and-response play in Guild Ball, which I consider one of its best design strengths, also lends itself to aggressive clock clicking unfortunately. Just thoughts. I'd stick to it for a bit longer if your main issue with the game is being screwed over by dice. Most things in the game have lots of counterplay options both at macro/strategical and a micro/tactical levels.
  15. I don't think anyone here is really disagreeing that the tournament scene for Guild Ball is great when you're "in it," or saying that competitive players are a bunch of super-serious assholes. Pretty much everybody who's ever been to a tournament has great things to say about the community, and that seems to only get stronger as you go deeper into the scene, eventually making it to Worlds or WTC or whatever. The issue that this thread started with seems to be the part about GETTING there. I'd say that Guild Ball is an incredibly interesting, inviting, and satisfying ecosystem for a player at the top 40-50% of the curve in terms of investment and/or skill. But everybody pretty much starts at 0%, so... that's not a great look for the game's longevity. I don't really think that telling these players to "stick with it and git gud" is useful; new players don't want to be told to keep playing for some reward a year down the line, they want a reason to continue playing NOW. This is a hobby, for god's sake. How to get new players into Guild Ball and keep new players dedicated to Guild Ball long enough to see the parts of the community that are best is a crucially important question, but it's tough. Huggy has good ideas above, but not every community can be blessed with a great teacher/demo-er for new players. I try to avoid playing new players too, because it's hard for me to "turn off" when it comes to Guild Ball, and I think that's a problem shared by most top players. Casual formats do help with that in my opinion, and I think a lot more of those types of events should be run; it's a lot easier to shrug off the competitive drive and fuck around when you're playing doubles. A problem with that solution, though, is that some of the alt formats just flat suck in my opinion. Does anybody REALLY enjoy Homelands? I sort of like thinking about it until I remember that the Skaldic team is just flat, no-question the best team in the format, and then I forget about it again. More action-packed, fast-paced formats would be welcome, but how much the dev team can and should dedicate to that is an open question. Different regions have different problems in this case too. The UK has typically had dramatically more events than any section of the USA of similar size, so I think for the UK more casual events where top players are encouraged to play but relax is a good direction. But in the USA, we struggle to have enough events (and big enough events) to satisfy the dedicated players. More casual events would still be useful, but as a competitive player I'd be pretty frustrated if my already-inconsistent tournament selection got overrun by Dodge Ball. Other than, again, the arrival of a super energetic and patient teacher, I'm struggling to come up with a direct solution I can help implement that satisfies the community AND grows it, while also (hopefully) being at least sort of fun for me. I think Steamforged is to blame here as well. About a year ago everybody was hyped for the Season 3 changes, trying out new stuff, finding good plays and bad plays, and generally the established community was gushing about the game. I don't really think the game has gotten worse—in fact I think it's better than it was then—but it's hard to get hyped with such a dramatic change to the game notably missing. I think Season 4 happening sometime around now would have been good, or at least a patch involving buffs to most guilds' least-played models like Venin, Bonesaw, VetSpigot, Locus, etc. Compound that lack of excitement with the weird uncertain place metal teams are in right now regarding their sale and relation to the plastic teams, and the fact that of the four currently available plastic teams, one might get you shamed for playing them and another is considered maybe the most complicated guild to play in the game, and it's pretty hard to figure out exactly where to point a new player's money. The wiki idea is a great one and if one starts getting built up I'd happily help add some tactica/tips for parts of the game or specific models. Maybe a more honest and direct pitch for Guild Ball would be good too. Is there something so bad about being THE competitive miniatures game? If you want fair fights, rewards for skill, and a deep tournament scene, come to us.