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  1. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

  2. The seasons don't fear the reaper! What is UP WITH IT forumites we have a new podcast for you right here: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-31-strictly-the-best The boyz talk about SteamCon US! We go over the competition, the streaming, the atmosphere, and more. Take a listen and hit us up with any comments as always. Thanks for being great You can follow the cast here: Twitter— https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook— facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsontop.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
  3. Idea for Thresher Change

    It must, I haven't done the numbers other than Masons, which start at below 50% and stay there without their best players. Maybe shouldn't have mentioned it at all, I guess my point was more @Warpstoned's, that it simply isn't enough data alone and there's a lot of good reasons why these two SteamCons alone shouldn't be the basis of a huge decision.
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    It was already posted in this thread, but worth mentioning again that if you remove Shane and I from the pool at SCUS, Farmers had a winrate below 50% over the weekend. Even if they need a nerf, the argument that they automatically win an event in anybody's hands is not consistently upheld by evidence. And even if qualitative arguments are persuasive, I really don't think there's enough data yet on them to build something meaningful out of winrate alone.
  5. Folks, I certainly won't stop people from complimenting me, but I promise the disclaimers aren't necessary. As far as I'm concerned, if you are taking a tournament seriously, it's up to you to make what you see as the best decisions, including choosing the guild that will work the best for you specifically and the game generally. In this case I decided that Farmers were both very strong and up my alley in terms of playstyle so it would be stupid for me NOT to play them. I'm proud of how I practiced and how I played and think it's perfectly natural for the winner of a big tournament (especially someone who had to go through a three-day gauntlet) to most likely be playing one of the two or three best guilds. I promise my feelings aren't hurt. Thanks MWWG for the interview!
  6. Idea for Thresher Change

    This isn't meant as an argument for or against Thresher's power level, but 8 models with a single captain is literally the maximum extent of diversity for the minor guilds. We haven't seen them yet, but if SFG is being serious about them being competitively viable (and I'm sure they are) then you're going to see 10 or 11 captains where you have to say what I quoted above. Just a thought.
  7. Idea for Thresher Change

    Haha, I wish I could claim this achievement but Vince and Shane lent me most of the models I needed so I only had to paint two Saturday night. I'm a fraud! On the thread's topic, I hope it came across in the interview that I don't think Thresher is unbeatable, just a bit above the curve. I'd personally hate to see people feeling totally helpless, even if a nerf is coming it is still worth learning to play with and against Thresher in his team's current state. And, as food for thought, Tim W and Chris Metz are both pretty convinced that Grange will be discovered as clearly the better Farmers captain choice at top levels of play after a few months of experience. I'm not sure I agree, but it's worth noting that not all top players are in agreement as to Thresher's team's power level or the requirement of a change. Thanks everybody for the kind words, regardless
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I dunno, card sounds pretty fun to me. Dropping the ball to avoid losing it while going in for momentum is cool. Ditto to the slightly better ability to chase down "killed" balls or recover from a KD depending on scatter. If Morts players figure out good ways to use this to avoid dice penalties and such while passing or shooting I think it'll be very strong, but even without practice the potential increased kick ranges are a nice little buff to the Mort ball game. Also the interaction in a mirror match of Puppet Mastering an opponent Mortician to pass a ball near them is goofy. Not important, but goofy.
  9. He's more #content now than man. His mind is twisted and evil. Hey guys! Over the past week we released two episodes of Strictly the Worst. The first one is on personal improvement, acting on hindsight, and what the three of us have to do to git gud before SteamCon US: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-27-wiki-races And the second one, released today(!), is about Thresher, the upcoming ATC in January, and tacos: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-28-football-episode-1 You all got two episodes chock full of #value, #content, and #opinions because we needed to reset our schedule to alternate weeks with Vince's YouTube channel. We're now back on schedule! Take a listen to both and hit us up with your opinions and responses below. As ever, thanks all of y'all for listening! You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
  10. Hey, if a model is pushed, dodges, or jogs onto a marker that isn't destroyed by that action (e.g. a Harvest Marker), and their movement over said marker ends, do we still use the rule of least disturbance? Someone found this ruling: Which seems to indicate the Rule of Least Disturbance applies. Are we to understand, then, that a Farmer could use a 1" push to push an opposing model ~1.5", by pushing them such that after 1" of movement they are more than halfway across a harvest marker? Or, as another example, can Grange use Huge Tracts of Land to place a harvest marker centered about 4.99" in front of him, and then walk directly toward and across that Harvest Marker, such that the Rule of Least Disturbance makes his total Jog distance ~5.5"? Would appreciate specific answers for both Advances and Repositions, in case they are different, please!
  11. Hey @TimBo thanks for the kind words! Totally forgot about the turn one Mist, damn him! Was a good game for sure. Thanks again and thanks for listening
  12. Strictly the Worst Free-for-Fall Oct. 14th!

    Quick reminder that this is in a week! If you have friends who are waffling, tell em to get on board! Store credit and the standard tournament prize pack prizes will be supplemented by a few extra goodies like Easter Fangtooth models and a WTC ball token, so there's some mildly-exclusive stuff to collect. Also if anybody has questions about the proxy rules or are unclear if their proxies will be tournament legal, message me or post here and I'll get back to you ASAP! Looking forward to seeing folks there
  13. Yeah, what Sam said. And really, there's no way to ensure any committee's total legitimacy without having either the WTC organizers or Steamforged impose a committee. So barring those things happening, the community needs to come up with and agree upon a group of people with arbitrate these things, and then ideally help the nine WTC players with anything else they might need. If the people who want to play for the US for WTC want to oppose the committee, there's nothing anybody can do about it really. In fact, if 9 players just decided to buy the US slots for WTC without consulting anyone else and were quick enough in sending the emails, there's nothing any other USA guild ball players could do about it really. But hopefully an already-established organization would both discourage that and lend a bit of publicly-mandated legitimacy to the players that do end up playing. I'm not claiming the authority to be the only person that decides who is or isn't on the committee; I'm just trying to get the process started and get some idea of who might be interested and available.
  14. Hey everybody-- I'd like to start fishing in the community for people who would be interested in being a part of an organizing team of 3-5 people that arranges, delegates, and assists the USA teams going to 2018 WTC. I'm looking for people who are active in the US GB community and expect to be well into next year, and who are willing to commit time and energy to making sure the USA teams get all the support they need. This can range from helping them figure out travel to making sure the team lineups are such that everybody involved is happy to finding replacement players when first choices are suddenly unable to attend. There's a lot of ways that players could be chosen (qualifying events, Longshanks ranking, personal choice) so I don't wanna guarantee the idea that this committee would choose all 6-9 players, but that will likely be a part of the process as well. If anybody reading this fills the above criteria or knows somebody who does, please message me or post here! I'd like this organization to be active and communicative and helpful to the players all year. To be clear, I'm not expecting or demanding my inclusion on this committee. I'm fine being a part of it, but if there's 3-5 people that the US community is largely happy with then I'll happily abstain. Any final lineup of committee members will be public knowledge and if a great deal of people object to any particular person's inclusion it will be changed. Finally, to steal @Frostmane's nomination, I'd like to tentatively nominate @RedSam! Sam's involvement in the community is obvious and I think he's responsible and conscientious as a person. Plus I know he's personally unlikely to try to go to the WTC himself, so he's basically ideal for the organization. Thanks folks! Let's make the USA WTC presence big and bold!
  15. Sometimes I think we're just a discord highlights show. Thanks @tehlon for the work, you big dweeb