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  1. Rayuk

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi, I would like to point out a problem with the Wiko Fever, Android Marshmellow 6.0. The Roster does not work, that is, I can not open the cards or reset it. It stops and I have to "restart" the program. Can you solve? Thank you
  2. Ok. Thx for the answer.
  3. You're right, I did not specify well the demand of these two skills. The question, rather the questions are: 1) These two skills are activated, and thus resolve, immediately? 2) In the event that a negative answer to question 1, how does it work? The model becomes "mine", so friendly, and I can turn it on when I want durations his turn or always remains an opponent but I can use the model to Enable whenever I want? I hope that you have specified requests.
  4. Hello everyone, I tried to look between the various threads but could not find anything on what I'm asking. I have a doubt, very important, the two written skills in question: Seduced: Target enemy model either makes a Pass or Attack without spending Influence. The target enemy model is a friendly model During this action. Tidal Surge: Target model may make a [4 "] Dodge target model is an enemy model, it is a friendly model during this action. You could very kindly explain the operation of these skills? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, I am writing with regard to a question that arose yesterday with a friend. Then the scene is: Mist, in possession, attacking a model and close, with the result came out, choose from the Playbook 'action Dodge, gaining the' MP in order to make the goal. Carrying the Dodge, 2 ", to finish 6" Compound and doubt is right here. Rush Keeper says: "While this model Is Within [4"] of a friendly goal-token, When enemy model ends its Advance Within [6 "] of this model and this model is not engaged, this model may immediately make a Charge targeting the enemy model. " The question is: the Dodge, of Mist, is considered Advance, as specified in Rush Keeper, then trigger the skills or, being a Repositioning, does not trigger Thanks for the answers. I tried specific responses but I haven't found.