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  1. owniscool1993

    Playing vs masons

    though i haven't played much into masons myself, id say some things you need to look out for would be: defensively speaking, masons rely more on having a higher armor stat than having a higher defensive stat, so boiler is a really reliable damage dealer against them due to anatomical precision, and ox's legendary can also help with that higher armor. be aware of their goal threat. though they can't universally threaten the goal the way fishermen can, masons can nonetheless still threaten an early goal. flint has one of(if not) the longest goal threats in the game, and its even further if they're running honor. If they are also running mist, they have another very credible goal threat. However, the masons aren't particularly great at getting the ball back from you depending on where you kick off to after they've scored a goal, so you can use that to an advantage. finally, though they aren't as hitty as butcher are, you still need to be aware of chisel/honor/possibly brick coming in and doing a lot of damage after the buffs are handed out so as a whole, my main lineup if i had to play into the masons would look something like this (currently): ox princess boiler brisket shank tendereizer Ox an Princess are obvious things(currently only captain/mascot available). Boiler helps deal with some of their really high ARM players(honor, brick, mallet) with anatomical precision and can get a huge amount of damage out if he's attacking something engaged by princess. Brisket gives you a very credible goal threat to try and help keep things from going into a onesided goal run as you try to beat down on their players. Shank is one of our fastest models, and can really help tie down the likes of flint and/or mist if he's given the chance, plus he loves to pray on anybody who has just come back in from being taken out. Tenderizer is there to help protect against goals if flint or mist get in range to try and score on you, and can also act as a slight influence battery depending on whether or not he needs to just sit back and prevent scoring, but can also get a bit of work done if he needs to come out and into the mess of things himself
  2. owniscool1993


    vileswarm has noxious death ala compound(when taken out by an attack, all other models in 3" take 3 damage and poison) and vindictive[humans](charges against humans cost 1 less influence) so all in all, not bad, sorta weird but vet graves and vileswarm are really good together
  3. owniscool1993

    Veteran Katalyst and new Mascot

    maybe do something regarding martel?
  4. owniscool1993

    Gentlemen...Our Veteran Player

    i really like the +1/+0 influence for when she scores, and 1 influence charges if you start near an edge is pretty sweet plus momentous balls gone or 3 damage balls gone is pretty sweet
  5. owniscool1993

    Captain Hammer

    they come out on april 12th(ish)
  6. owniscool1993


    normally ya, but tenderizer has a rule that says while he's within 4" of a friendly goal token(soon to be post) enemies suffer +1TN on shot attempts
  7. owniscool1993

    Timing on Overheat

    This came up in a tournament i played in yesterday and neither me nor my opponent how this works i was at 10 points, and my opponent was at 8, i had 2 models withing 3" of flask each at less than 3 health, how would the game be resolved if i killed flask
  8. owniscool1993

    Future Mascots

    it was a giant turtle with a chest strapped to its back
  9. owniscool1993

    Future Mascots

    i remember seeing on Jamie P's twitter a picture he had holding a notepad with some names of models on it(all at least 2 of which were mascots) and had something on there called something like vileswarm or verminswarm, so morts getting a swarm of rats?
  10. owniscool1993

    Furious as a free sprint

    yes it does not say you have to move towards the model, but as was said here: you must still move in such a way that you will end your move engaging the enemy if able, charging at a 90 or even 180 degree angle to them would not allow you to end with them in your melee range thus would be an illegal charge
  11. owniscool1993

    Furious as a free sprint

    i did, and the second point in TimW's post, along with his conclusion is also what i said, that your charge must be in a direction that you would be able to end your charge move with your charge target in your melee range
  12. owniscool1993

    Furious as a free sprint

    pg 37 of the rulebook states that when a model declares a charge it must, if able, move to be in melee range of its charge target this comes down to, assuming your model has infinite movement, and there is nothing blocking a charge lane, it must move such that it would be able to get its charge target into it's melee range so no, you cannot use furious to declare a charge and then move your max move in a completely different direction from your charge target
  13. owniscool1993

    new guy looking for suggestions

    still don't fully understand why you would take rage when we've got boar who is better at putting out damage and we have meathook for tooled up, and both can be affected by the owner/get em lads but anyway, iv got my first tournament coming up tomorrow, so what kind of tips we you guys give, we've got a couple fishermen, another butcher player, an alchemist, a union, a brewer and a mortician
  14. owniscool1993

    new guy looking for suggestions

    rage is one that i never really understood in butchers, can i ask why people like taking him?
  15. owniscool1993

    new guy looking for suggestions

    hey all, a group of us in my local meta have all started up guild ball and i decided to go with the butchers so far iv gotten enough to play a few full games but am wondering what you guys would suggest to do in order to expand currently i have ox princess brisket boiler shank and meathook also im a bit tight on funds right now so id like to know what you guys would consider the "essentials" to pick up next would be