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  1. Interested in your Engineers guild, i will want to pay Black Friday prices depending on condition of models. Regards
  2. BigRed

    Free cities update

    I played my first game in ages last night with brewers beating morticians. Who should is pick? Thanks
  3. BigRed

    W Cheap Tater or Millstone H$

    I have standard Tater, uk.
  4. BigRed

    Various Models - Cheap

    Have: KS Ox - Metal - £40 KS Shark - Metal - £40 KS Ox - Resin Butchers Starter Set - £15 (Part Painted) Siren, Angel £5 each Boiler, Brisket - £5 each KS Goal Marker - £10 LE Tater £25 LE Rage £20 LE Fangtooth £20 Postage will be £3/4 for recorded delivery in the UK depending on whether its a small parcel or not.
  5. BigRed

    Various Models - Cheap

    Hi, they are the standard sculpts from the starter sets.
  6. BigRed

    All done

    Hey, i have Smoke and Venin going cheap if you want them. Regards
  7. Hello. I have a limited edition kickstarter Ox in Metal and Resin. Both Unbuilt, UK Seller.
  8. BigRed

    Pelage Preview

    Love the videos man.
  9. BigRed

    W: Alchemists

    I would sell without smoke and venin as I can punt them on ebay.
  10. BigRed

    W: Alchemists

    Hi, i have: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculas, Vennin, All unbuilt and unpainted. Im in the UK
  11. BigRed

    Cats are better than dogs

    I think i have used Quaff once. If i ever take a team without Friday, which is rare. I still can't even see dropping the cat, i wouldn't drop him if i took Tapper. I definitely can see the benefits of giving a player second Wind. I might give him a run out in my next bounce game. Hopefully Quaff will change my mind.
  12. BigRed

    Lucky feedback

    Hey, Just got my Lucky figure and im thinking about giving him a run out. Can someone advise if the momentous results in the playbook are guild specific. I.e. the blue 2 damage, is thant only momentous for the Masons? and the 3 damage only for the Brewers with a shared KD? Thanks
  13. BigRed

    W: Engineers/Hunters

    I also have a complete hunter team built and undercoated. With the new muse token set for the first box.
  14. BigRed

    [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    Yes, its sold. Thanks for your concern
  15. BigRed

    Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    OK, so thinking about taking the car as the train, probably will be too much of a hassle. Where is best to park? I see there are Car Parks near by, however, im wondering if there is decent street parking fairly close by. Regards
  16. Hi, looking to move on some models Built and painted ks shark in metal £40 Salute 15 Kraken metal uc black Teams Fishermen (undercoated) Shark, salt, tentacles, corsair, sakana, kraken, angel, siren, jac, greyscales, hag, dice and token set from art of war (season 3) £75 Engineers (well painted) Ballista, salvo, mainspring, hoist, ratchet, velocity, pinvice, colossus official season 1 token set £70 Masons (stripped) Honour, harmony, marbles, brick, flint, mallet, hammer, chisel, tower (broken hammer)official dice, season 1 token set £45 All prices include paypal and postage fees within the UK.
  17. BigRed

    W: LE Shark H: Paypal

    Ahoy, I have a metal version, he is attached to base and primed black, i have not yet put his arm on. I am in the UK. Regards
  18. Hi, I have the hunters guild (12 players) in metal. Everyone is uc and only Seenah is completely painted. I have muse on Mini token set for the first 8 players. Looking to sell for £90 posted in the UK.
  19. I have a number of chibi captains, i have A STEAMCON Farmer captain card. UK though
  20. BigRed

    [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    Yes, i have one, hes primed black. im in the UK
  21. BigRed

    Esters lineup advice

    Your plan worked, however, I would not concede goals so easily, its a dangerous game. Friday, is excellent at holding onto the ball within Spigots buff range and when you have the chance, allow her to take shots.
  22. BigRed

    [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    I have one. Uc in black.
  23. BigRed

    [W]KS BH, DH BH [H] cash and spare Union

    Think I might have the alt sculpt salute kraken too.
  24. BigRed

    [W]KS BH, DH BH [H] cash and spare Union

    I have ks shark in metal. Willing to sell.