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  1. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    OK, so thinking about taking the car as the train, probably will be too much of a hassle. Where is best to park? I see there are Car Parks near by, however, im wondering if there is decent street parking fairly close by. Regards
  2. W: LE Shark H: Paypal

    Ahoy, I have a metal version, he is attached to base and primed black, i have not yet put his arm on. I am in the UK. Regards
  3. Hi, I have the hunters guild (12 players) in metal. Everyone is uc and only Seenah is completely painted. I have muse on Mini token set for the first 8 players. Looking to sell for £90 posted in the UK.
  4. I have a number of chibi captains, i have A STEAMCON Farmer captain card. UK though
  5. Hi, looking to move on some models Built and painted ks shark in metal £40 Salute 15 Kraken metal uc black Teams Fishermen (undercoated) Shark, salt, tentacles, corsair, sakana, kraken, angel, siren, jac, greyscales, hag, dice and token set from art of war (season 3) £75 Engineers (well painted) Ballista, salvo, mainspring, hoist, ratchet, velocity, pinvice, colossus official season 1 token set £70 Masons (stripped) Honour, harmony, marbles, brick, flint, mallet, hammer, chisel, tower (broken hammer)official dice, season 1 token set £45 All prices include paypal and postage fees within the UK.
  6. [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    Yes, i have one, hes primed black. im in the UK
  7. Esters lineup advice

    Your plan worked, however, I would not concede goals so easily, its a dangerous game. Friday, is excellent at holding onto the ball within Spigots buff range and when you have the chance, allow her to take shots.
  8. [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    I have one. Uc in black.
  9. [W]KS BH, DH BH [H] cash and spare Union

    Think I might have the alt sculpt salute kraken too.
  10. [W]KS BH, DH BH [H] cash and spare Union

    I have ks shark in metal. Willing to sell.
  11. Want: KS Shark Have: Paypal

    I have one in metal. UK Seller.
  12. ***Scottish Events Calendar 2017***

    Howlfest 25 November, 10am ko, in Motherwell. Hosted by Hamilton howlers. This will be a beginners tournament. 3 games total. Official prize kit , lunch provided (pizza) Cost £5 Any questions e-mail Hamiltonhowlers@gmail.com
  13. W: Engineers/Hunters

    Hey, I have a built engineers team with token set if interested. Ballista, Pin Vice, Mainspring, Collossus, Salvo, Ratchet, Velocity, Hoist. I am in the UK
  14. [W] union - fish - engineers-butcher [Belgium]

    Hi, i have the alt sculpt post in metal. I.e. the Kick Starter version
  15. [W] LE Tater

    Hi, I have a well painted Lucky if interested. i am in the UK