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  1. Driezeke

    Hammer sows the seeds

    So I played against farmers this time and we had to call it early but managed to get 10 point on the board and my oponent sadly only 1 so another victory for harry to join the ranks of the engineers!
  2. Driezeke

    Hammer swings for Harry

    So after running Farmers at the WTC I wanted to run another guild. I had masons standing on my shelves fully painted ( I tomd my wife a bought them for if our baby girl was old enough to play , she is 8 months now ) Since I don't realy care about decimate I was thinking what model do I want to play for my other guilds. And Harry for my engeneers sounds ace. so I made a video of the match with I video hope u enjoy!
  3. Driezeke

    Fanzine looking for submissions

    Well most of them are already playeble, just still working a bit on the mascot and in the progress of adding a second captain and mascot for more diversaty in the team.Also been playing with the idea of the bakers guild but progress on that one is slow
  4. Driezeke

    Fanzine looking for submissions

    Hey Ben I got some fan fiction I wrote during the our first league where I played Butchers ( Ox led) its on our facebook group for the league I'll see if I can group it and mail it. I also created tge Tailors guild during my lunch break in work on a spread sheet, still some WIP but if u want I could mail u what I got on that already aswel. kind regards
  5. Don't know if I am that great help but I'll give u my 9 and why Esters as captain becouse I mpve the model and I love ghe flexability she brings quaff as mascot he is not as agressive as scum but a lot off pushes and bagg of quaffers make him a great support for my team. Mash, u gotta still love mash, his play book got a bit altered but he is still a good ball carrier and striker. stoker, huge dmg output and fire all over the place together with esters they can realy anoy the other team with burn patches and rough ground normal spigot,for extra buffing with tooled up times caled and footbal ledgend, against beaty teams he can be an easy target tough Hooper an extra beaty person might be handy so u don't just put all your trust in stoker harry the hat, extra 2" melee extra burning and inspiring hat is great to have to get that bit extra move. + a free mash snapshot Is amazing the pass momentum becomes your bonus time. Pintpot, he can do stuff without anny inf , and with his heroic he becomes another verry defencive model aswel, and he can bring pain the last model in my 9 variates, I sometimes take tapper to be able to go verry beaty , or veteran spigot in case I wanna go verry footbally. why no stave , friday or scum. Well stave I just haven't found my loce for him back jet, Scum well tbh I love quaff that little bit more and then friday is a good striker who can get a turn 1 goal with Esters but takes a lot of set up. with the team I gave u I usualy go for a 2-2 goal take out stratagy but u can switch it if needed. hope I was a bit of help for u if u want a game I come over for cengeance at the friday around noon . cheers
  6. Driezeke

    Crisis 2016 Belgium?

    Yes steamforged are comming themselves
  7. Driezeke

    Crisis 2016 Belgium?

    There will be a stand with demo's as far as I know (and store)
  8. Driezeke

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Love them, u must be a very patient person love the theme on the alchemists.
  9. Driezeke


    Vitriol looks a bit like Draeni from warcraft, but lovely conversions like your idea LOVE A&G can't wait to see them painted.
  10. Driezeke

    GOTOW Presents Here Be Dragons GB Tournaments

    Sadly I am still on holiday then, but cheers for trowing another tournament ! Keep em comming!
  11. Driezeke


    I use plain dice from the dice shop, the cheapest ones usualy or the steamforged dice ( not the guild specific) and dice with only dots on them no symbols for a 6 couse sometimes they can make that side heavier then.
  12. Driezeke

    (Antwerp-Belgium) Take a Breather Lad! 2e edition

    Just recieved your payment and added u to the tiebreak list
  13. Driezeke

    Corsair Play Experience?

    I decided on running Corsair in last saterdays tournament and it got me to win it, i love his play style, i usualy win the game by scoring 3 times and in that footbal line up u have to have greyscales and sakana they work realy good, the rest is usualy depending on your oponent but u can't march on the field sithout them 2. Also his legendairy don't be afrait to use it when u need it i used it multiple times even if it was just to get a pass out of him.Focus mainly on your other models and think how corsair can make them better ( putting sturdy on sakana is a good thing ) and he is a realy good counter charge trigger and if they don't just harpoon them in to be rid of them.
  14. On The 04th of September I'm organising a tournament in Antwerp Belgium! It will be again in the basement of the Outpost gaming center - Begaardestraat 6 Antwerp- If u want to be part of this awesome event just gift 7,50 euro to driezeke83@gmail.com via PayPal. there will be only 24 spots to this amazing event so be Quick!!! https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/take-a-breather-lad-2e-edition/feed https://www.facebook.com/events/253850511649525/?active_tab=highlights
  15. Driezeke

    Hall Of Legends Painted Guilds

    Looks great love your bases aswel nicely done and love the colour on casket he looks a bit like Zarolas brother now