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  1. Rookie Tournament?

    Just Listen to singled out Podcast ans you will receive answers!
  2. Hey there. I did some voice recordings during the British Championships and loaded them up to Youtube. Had a really great time at the Element Games Gaming Center. Lots of nice and wonderfull people there. Cheers to all who i met and talked to or played with I will be back for Steamcon.
  3. Hey there! Just want to share this awesome activation i had in a tournament yesterday. Was a mirror against Butchers and i was lucky to get this last activation due to my opponent not killing vBrisket. At this point i was 5:10 behind an my only chance to get this game was a 7 point activation. Fillet had the ball sitting on 6 Inf and Princess and Harry had lined up in front of the goal. I laid down pain circle and hit both of them, walked over and kicked Princess out of the game. 3 Inf to win the game. Dodged into Harry, my opponent announced "Counter attack". Harry was also knifed out of the game. Okay, i used the dodge and my granted dodge due to bleed to get into 4" of the goal. Used 2 Momentum for "Bonus time" and the Goalkick and rolled 1-2-2-6! Yeah, what a great fight in the end and a wonderful tournament.
  4. Which Mascot

    I would tend to take Naja with Midas. You are so dodgy with a gang made up with two Minis with DEF 5+ and UnpMov. The 2" melee is always a big thing, as you can engage other Models from afar Just my thoughts.
  5. Back from Steamcon and areally great Game with D.C., thank you a lot. I had a really great time and was surprised by the interaction in the game. Now I am totally hyped to play this again
  6. Anyone else there from Thursday on? Where is the Pub to be?
  7. German Live Stream Record Thing

    Thanks for your feedback! I think it would be much better with better microphones attached to our shirts? So you can follow the game. See you in Leeds?
  8. Hey there! Just streamed a litte match in our local gaming club. Warning: Rude german language
  9. Thats what I did. Everything is fine, more news from Steamforged will follow!
  10. Hello from Denmark!

    As for the Rules, you only need Season II. ...but you will miss the Fluff! Greetings from northern Germany.
  11. Nothing?? It would be nice to get some Feedback!
  12. Maybe i am just to stupid on this one... I bought a Ticket in pre-release and got an E-Mail with confrimation of a late pledge. Will i receive my Ticket via E-Mail or is there something to do for me right now?
  13. Smoke Cloud Jumper

    The placing is a reposition, so you don't get a parting blow!
  14. Alchemists in to fishermen

    Played exactly the same list last week vs Corsair Fishies. It went down 12:0 to my favor. Keep most models back and "offer" charges on Venin or Katalyst. This List does a lot of damage and Smoke herself is such a fantastic goalscoring model. Only downside in this list is the missing of 2" melee-range.
  15. Hello...?

    But sounds 4/8" so out of order?