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  1. Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I'm also in a similar spot in that I don't often see why I'd want Mataagi over Minerva. There's some shenanigans with Hot Shot that can be nice and I think Skatha appreciates more of what he does, but much more often I'm going to want Minerva in the 6. Mataagi often feels redundant enough, as I don't think I'm ever going to want both, but I definitely want to playtest that a little more before I make up my mind.
  2. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    This is 100% correct.
  3. Oh yeah, total brain fart on my end, dunno how that happened. Edited the post for posterity.
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    Not to derail too far, but this is dependent on what the OPD says for building a roster and if it will change when minor guilds exist. I could easily see a future where the roster size goes to 12, so a minor guild roster could then potentially be the 6 players in the minor, the 2 crossover players, and then a captain and 3 players from their major guild, allowing for 2 valid rosters of 6.
  5. Yeah, the full stream archives are up here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6a4HC_6tY1sMawVzMRHMg/videos?disable_polymer=1
  6. The 6 he played in the final were: Skatha Fahad vHearne Ulfr Jaecar Zarola I believe his other 4 were Theron, Egret, Seenah and Minx
  7. What about Bolt?

    Ending an Advance is wording that triggers at the end of any Advance. So if you make an Advance, once you've placed your model and committed to that final location, you check for anything that triggers on the end of an Advance, such as Counter Charge or Shadowlike.
  8. What about Bolt?

    Well, there's the collected clarification above, for starters. In the S3 rulebook, pg 22 lists the three types of Advance under the Advancing header. I believe you're confusing the Standard-Advance on pg 23 (your once per turn movement) with the general term Advance.
  9. What about Bolt?

    Any time a model is sprinting, jogging, or charging, it is Advancing and thus triggers Counter Charge
  10. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Oh, yeah, that would make sense. Reading comprehension is really hard, guys
  11. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    vMinx isn't a Union player, full stop. She's a Hunter player, with the green card and everything.
  12. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    vMinx is going to be a Hunters player, not a Union player. So it doesn't matter if she comes out before or after minor guilds, she's gonna be a Hunter option for life.
  13. Plastic Fisherman's Guild

    If I remember correctly, they said the earliest they could have these ready (assuming sufficient interest form the surveys and whatnot) would be Gencon next year. So if you're interested in playing Fish anytime soon, I probably wouldn't wait for the new plastics.
  14. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    Why do your opponents refuse to clear conditions? Like, aside from us disagreeing on 75% being good or not (75% is very much in the uncomfortable zone for me to rely on it) so much of the plan around the quad box relies on your opponent apparently totally ignoring the threat and letting you do whatever setup you want. There's no way to have Chaska do his thing first activation, which means your opponent always has a chance to do something about it. This is a huge detriment to Chaska and something that shouldn't just be glossed over with "Yeah, I know he needs setup". That's a very, very large detriment in a game with alternating activations and the majority of the reason why people prefer Jaecar over him. Like, you can kinda cut out the majority of the other pros/cons from the initial post, because I think for most players the decision hinges on this question of tactical flexibility. Jaecar with 4 inf can go first to do a bunch of damage and farm momentum or set up a target for another beater or go do ball-related things. Or he can activate after someone else sets up a target for him and murderize it. Or he can go last to set up a target for himself to kill first activation of the following turn. Chaska with 4 inf can boombox people, assuming he has been set up before hand. Or he can use his very mediocre playbook to push someone around a bit and get some momentum. That's about it. His fallback plan for when things go poorly is mostly non-existent, and that's not really what I want out of a player. You focus on Chaska's strengths when everything is going his way, but it's really hard for Jaecar to ever have a totally bad activation while Chaska very much can and will.
  15. Power creep

    Skipping past the rest of your wild speculation, this statement is factually untrue. We had multiple mystery boxes in my area with no Hunters.