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  1. hydraphobe

    What other Guilds to bring to the Game?

    I'd love to see any and/or all of the below. Seamstress Guild Thieves Guild Circus Guild (please include a bearded lady!) Explorers Guild (with elephant guns, exotic wares,etc) Pit Fighters (maybe as an extension of the Union?) Seafarers/Whalers/Pirates (they would do just about anything to make sure they score some coin) Could even just be more ammo for hte Fishmongers I dont mind. Anway I love he ideas going around, would love to see most of them become playable. I think we can all agree that there is plenty more ammo still left.
  2. hydraphobe

    Hello from the southern hemisphere!

    Your a true addict, I love it! Hey find us on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Outpost-Gaming-Club/100461413342357 ) to see when the next meeting is and come on down and meet the gang. We are getting into just about anything really, so Guild ball is just the tip of the iceberg really. I guess we need something productive to to until the end of year delivery. If it wasn't for the fact I have kickstarters backings coming of of my ears I would probably be in the same boat.
  3. hydraphobe

    Hello from the southern hemisphere!

    I'm down in the South East - I game at Outpost Gaming Club and there are three of us there backed with min 2 teams each.
  4. hydraphobe

    Hello from the southern hemisphere!

    FACBOOK GROUP That would be great to have you over Mat, maybe you can do a demo sessions and stand at Pax here in Melb in the near future. I'm sure there would be a great group of melbourne (and I'm sure other willing to travel) guildballers willing to come along and help out.
  5. Ok believe it or not there are a few of us below the equator keen to get into some hardcore Guildball play. I'm based in Victoria, Australia. And would love to catch up with as many guild ball players as I can find. I have 2 teams and a close mate has another 2. We plan on running some recruitment sessions at our LGC and would love to invite any willing to make the trip to come and visit (that includes you too Rich and Matt ) I've also created a Facebook group Guild Ball - Australia. So that we can get players from all around the country in touch with each other. Anyway, hello and let get our game on!