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  1. FethItAll

    Black Friday

    For those in the UK I know Wayland Games is doing a 10% sale on Guild Ball products
  2. FethItAll

    Superior Strategy

    For some reason I had an impression of a much slower game... As tempting as it is to blame the Battlehammer games for that, it's probably that Warhammer background Thanks for indulging my tangent and clearing that up guys
  3. FethItAll

    Hi Guilders!

    Hi, I'm Feth. I'm from the UK (specifically Nottinghamshire) and I'm looking to pick up Masons as soon as possible when the paycheck comes in. Glad to meet you all, I've already learnt a lot about strategy by lurking and I'm looking forward to talking to even more people. (On a side note; having used Guilders in the title it now occurs to me; is there an established collective noun? That seems important and Ballers seems overly aggressive. )
  4. FethItAll

    Superior Strategy

    How often do plays like that come off with Flint? I've yet to play a game and it seems mind blowing to me, similarly the first activation goal but that seems to be fairly common in the meta, or at least discussed a lot. Is that a false impression or are multi-goal turns and first activation shots and take downs something I should be properly considering in my game plan?
  5. FethItAll

    Assorted Short Stories

    Got to say Yeti this is exactly what I was thinking about when I read the fluff in the rulebook; as a Mason's supporter the description of the Final was particularly awesome. Loved your Little League view! It's inspired me about a similar scenario; have vague thoughts about a Mallet run coaching session which I will try to get up at some point.
  6. FethItAll

    Season 2 advice for new player

    I'm glad you asked this Stonewall, I signed up because I was worried about the same thing! As much as Chisel was a big part of my draw to the Masons I didn't want to fall in love with Mallet and the others only to loose them straight away.. Now I have all the excuses I need to buy up a three man team!