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  1. marchant06

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    Played this matchup a few weeks ago, but had crucible instead of calc. Found the exact same things you pointed out. I agree with the point about venin as well. I'd like to leave him on the bench, but his heroic is so important for dmg throughout the game.
  2. marchant06

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hey Ziggy, Any updates on an update? GBkeeper was released today and it made me realize how much I missed GB Scrum on android ❤️
  3. marchant06

    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    Rats! Great work anyhow!
  4. marchant06

    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    Hello! Just downloaded the app and it looks gorgeous. I have it on a work phone, any chance of an android port in the near future?
  5. marchant06

    Alchemist Midas List - Pure Guild - Need Help!

    I played midas-naja-vitriol-compound-mercury-okat against butchers in two games this weekend. Midas and vitriol were constantly pressuring the ball while okay and compound controlled the center. Naja supported where she needed to and mercury was my wing ball retrieval and fire control. Both games went really well.
  6. marchant06

    Reach and def skew?

    Tried decimate in place if Venin today, worked like a charm. Cheers dude.
  7. marchant06

    Reach and def skew?

    I don't have him but I'll give him a shot Sunday, thanks!
  8. marchant06

    Reach and def skew?

    Usually I play Midas with some boys who want to beat face, but looking over the new models and what was available to me I realised I could safely play a whole team with reach (minus cap). So in started with Midas, vitriol and mist, then added naja and compound in. I like compound with Midas as he usually gets no influence. Originally I had kat2 but subbed in venin for better def scores, kicking and 0 reliance on conditions. Ended up with four def 5 models, 3-1 glutinous and 4-2 sac puppet. Won my first game 12-0 against a guy learning hunters ( why I played something new) who had shit dice. I don't think I'd win 12-0 normally, but it did seem strong. Anyone else try a version of a Midas team like this? Pretty excited to have this type of list in the back pocket. I think it might be stronger than how I used to play Midas with the blind nerfs.
  9. marchant06

    Midas Ball?

    Just want to point out that I don't think alchemists are bad at all. I love them, and play mostly a purist list except for the hemlocks for calc swap. The title was in reference to playing a Midas centric stall game.
  10. marchant06

    Top picks for True Replication

    Sorry not that he can take peoples abilities, but the fact his GB* is in column 1. Its not that he can do 21 damage an activation, it'd that he dies it so reliably. Not let me be honest in saying I'm probably not a great player as loading him with seven is my go to style of playing, but when I do get something amazing like scything touch it seems pretty unfun for the other guy.
  11. marchant06

    Top picks for True Replication

    Pretttttty sure for as much as I love this it might be a tad strong. Thoughts?
  12. marchant06

    Southern Ontario Open

    Sorry the posting was just set at a default time. The event begins at one o'clock. I am speaking with a convention coordinator to get a prereg set up on the soo site. You can sign up tentitvely on this facebook page tho https://www.facebook.com/events/192664007753305/
  13. marchant06

    Momentum tracking

    I use glass beards that are coloured red. I store them behind my goal. Throw them off the playing field when spent, works pretty well for me. Can someone link me this Bendy Board Witchcraft?
  14. marchant06

    Southern Ontario Open

    Hey all! The Southern Ontario Open will be taking place in Hamilton between April 15-17th this year. While its predominantly a WmH event, new events are popping up and we've taken the opportunity to run an event for Guild Ball on the Friday. We are capping the event at 32 people (probably) and will be running the event with all standard rules in the organized play booklet. The event is being run in the Sheraton in downtown Hamilton. As long as we hit numbers this event has been given the green light to be sanctioned by Steamforged. Outside of the event the SOO will have a pickup area welcome to anyone who wants play a few games. I and at least one other pundit will be there. I'll have two factions there if you want to try out either one, or bring along a friend who hasn't played the game and wants to give it a try! If you have any questions shoot me a message on here, I check it regularly! Registration for the day of the event ~ http://www.wmh-soo.com/events/friday-registration/ Registration for the whole event (worth it if you play multiple games!) ~ http://www.wmh-soo.com/events/3-day-pass-registration/ Venue information ~ http://www.wmh-soo.com/venue/ Organized play document ~http://guildball.com/downloads/GB-OrganisedPlay-v2.pdf)
  15. marchant06

    Midas Ball?

    I've had pretty bad performances with him but it sounds like I'm using him incorrectly. Time to try him out when my venin ships!