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  1. Arcnode

    Estus match-ups

    Great advice, thanks you :). I haven't given up on her yet, I'll keep trying her in casual and friendly games until I get the hang of her!
  2. Arcnode

    Estus match-ups

    Hunters and Alchemists are actually the two I would still plan on running her into, glad to see someone agrees! I love her condition removal and glut mass to slow down the condition game. I have found turn 1 with stokerat her side you can really shut down the pitch with the mass of AoE's, its just after turn 1 it all seems to go down hill for me! Thanks for the tip
  3. Arcnode

    Estus match-ups

    Hi guys, hoping for a little Estus advice. What match ups do you like her into? I'm finding in most games I end up thinking Tapper would have been the better choice. I like Estus into alchemists for the condition removal and to play them at their own game a little but other than that I struggle to place her. I expected to like her vs farmers and masons but in recent games I really struggled to get anything good out of her past turn 1 denial with fire blasts. I often get some good work out of her but I just feel my boii tapper is the heart of the brewers team and makes the team play the way they should. Any help/advice would be appreciated
  4. Arcnode

    Stave, new teams same problems?

    In my last game vs farmers Stave was the MPV, the Chairman of the board. pushing them all over the place and setting up the rest of the team. He even managed to score me the winning goal, which has now lead to his name being changed to Stavid Beckham I've been playing with Stave a lot lately because I've been facing lots of farmers, blacksmiths and masons. against any other team he probably wouldn't see the table, but with plenty of def 3 players around he can be great. I occasionally use him against hunters or butchers as anti bear/boar tech. for me he rarely sees past the half way line, you have to play it safe with him. I often find I'm lobbing barrels then moving back to safety. A turn one strategy I love to use if my opponent has over extended (or possibly if stave kicked out) is throwing the barrel so its just behind your target, pushing them towards you so you can get the tapper and a few beaters in range for an easy turn one take out. His momentus KD on 1 hit with tac 6 makes him decent if he does find himself in the middle of the masons or smiths because the armor makes things tricky for you to get the KD you want with your other players. basically Stave is great as long as you play him into the right match up and you're careful with him.
  5. Some amazing work here guys! maybe I'll just keep mine unpainted to avoid embarrassment!
  6. Time for another union in chains game. this time its the Alchemists (playing for harry) and the butchers (playing on behalf of the brewers for decimate) Butchers- fillet, princess, boiler, boar, meathook, vet ox Alchmists- midas, naja,vet kat, harry, crucible, compound the game begins with a kick off from boar that scatters right into the alchemist line. a successful pass from naja to midas sees the alcs get an early goal. midas used his legendary to snare every butcher other than meathook and vet ox! midas knee slides away with a vengeance token placed on his head. the ball is kicked out and snaps to vet ox on the wing, the butchers plan for early violence is ruined by the snare. the only way to get any momentum is to run fillet into the fray, putting her in a dangerous spot surrounded by alchemists. she generates the momentum boar needs to free himself of his snares and charge midas, taking the smug captain out. the alchemists pile of fillet, taking out the butchers captain. meathook throws herself into the fray, locking up vet kat with a heroic play and a push into the rough ground. crucible and vet kat attempt to take out meathook but just fall short. meanwhile, princess makes an impressive charge on harry, weakening him for boiler to finish off the hat. midas had returned and positioned himself to take the ball from ox with a little help from naja. but ox kicked the ball away, he had no interest in playing football. with meathook on deaths door, fillet returns to the pitch and takes down vet kat and further wounds crucible (who had taken damage previously from her conditions), allowing meathook to catch her breath. harry also returned to the pitch, he scooped up to loose ball then smashed ox into the ground before passing to midas. ox gets to his feet and tries to push away the hat and the snake so he can charge midas. the dice were not kind so ox was forced to knock harry to the ground then advance to apply pressure to midas. midas made a legendary dodge, sprinted down the pitch and blasted in a second goal. things looked bad for the butchers. the score was 4-10. the ball kicked out just behind the block of butchers. seeing the snapshot risk, boar charged into midas, knocking him to the ground, almost taking him out for a second time. crucible, attempted to seize the ball which sat behind meathook. meathook had failed to take out crucible moments before, but had crippled her movement. an attack to build some momentum missed horribly, meathook countered and took crucible out before she could escape. boiler picked up the ball and dropped it at fillets feet. this goal was make or break. ox was pretty badly hurt, if he was taken out it was game over. the butchers acted first, the momentum of the game was on their side even though the game was surely in favor of the alchemists 10-8 crucible and vet kat had returned to face down ox. in an unexpected move, ox moved towards them, engaging compound to lock up the goal keeper along with kat and crucible. the prisoner lashed out at compound ignored the attack, he then hit vet kat and things got rowdy. ox was used to an unfair fight. with a final swing he whipped his chains around, dragging everyone to him. he felt a rush of life in him as he healed himself and then healed because of the thrill of the fight! crucible desperately attempted to take ox down but didnt come close, although he did light him on fire an poison him. this was it. ox had held up half the team to allow fillet a shot. she sprinted towards the goal and tapped in the winning shot! 12-10 to the butchers! yet again aiding the brewers in their quest to recruit decimate! myself and my opponet are still pretty new to these teams and i think we learned a lot from this game. so much fun, it was a nail biter, the butchers had to fight tooth and claw to pull it back. my man of the match has to be vet ox. he will be making in into most of my fillet line ups from now on for sure!
  7. I posted this a similar question on the fb guild ball supporters group and that link was posted. Very interesting in bright colours, didn't think it would work but it really does! 😂 that poor striker never saw tenderiser coming! Very nice work. I like them a lot more than the studio ones. A deep blood red and lots of it fits very nicely!
  8. Hey all, I am hoping some of you could share your butchers colour schemes with me? I'm am wondering how they look in alternative colours. Hoping for a bit of inspiration to get painting the team! Thanks 😁
  9. For this game me and my buddy tried out teams builds we've never used before. Estus, Scum, Firday, VSpigot, Mash and stoker. I went for the most football brewers I could! He picked a morticians line up that stunk out the pitch. Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Bonesaw, Casket and Fangtooth. the brewers, usually known for playing a more violent game, decided to try and lure in decimate by showing off their footballing ability in an exhibition game against the morticians. upon arriving on match day they noticed the crowd on the morticians side was much smaller that usual... then the smell hit and it all because clear. Fangtooth and Casket. the pair reeked. Mash had instant regrets coming to the game with a hangover. The Brewers received the ball from Obulus. they had hoped to pass it down the line and get an early goal with spigot. Obulus had other plans. he forced the ball to be passed back over to the morticians. the ball was then passed to bonesaw who glided up the pitch with ball in toe, passing to graves who passed back. the brewers advanced up the pitch, ready to block the striker and muscle their way to the goal. estus let out a blast of fire, which caught obulus. Stoker pat flames onto dirge and bonesaw. graves moved in to try and clear bonesaw a path and build some momentum. the players formed a huge scrum in the middle of the pitch ad it turned into a brawl. graves tried to cut mash in half, but with a little protection from his wife and some cover he managed to escape with only a few scratches. bonesaw, was still in flames. before he could make a break for the goal. stoker piled into him and removed the striker from the game. the ball found its way into possession of casket. mash held his breath and attacked the foul smelling creature. he took the ball and knocked casket away. he then passed to friday. fangtooth swept in from the flank, along with obulus to tie up stoker, trying to lock up the main damage player on the brewers team. estus threw fire onto gaves and dirge. the flames took the bird out. Bonesaw returned to the pitch and attempted to play goal keeper. friday charged into him, bounced from him with incredible success to take a shot on the morticians goal. she tapped in the goal, no problem. a strong early lead from the brewers. the morticians kicked the ball to the flank with no brewers players. stoker gave obulus a few good punches before fangtooth began to beat on stoker with obulus. fangtooth let out a roar, loosing control. he hit obulus hard, but hit stoker harder. taking the pyromaniac out of the game. obulus then made a break from the ball. scooping it up, hoping for a goal in the near future. Casket, no back on his feet, grabbed hold of spigot and began to beat down on him. after scoring her goal, friday threw herself back into the scrum, charging into graves. along with scum. she managed to weaken graves, but he retaliated and took Friday off the pitch. estus landed some big hits into graves, knocking him down and finishing him off, she shouted to mash to hurry and move to the outside of the pitch. her voice was empowering, and mash sprinted towards the other flank. he knew there was no chance of catching obulus so he positioned to receive the ball after the goal. just as obulus was about to take his shot, esutus got within range and blasted the mortician captain with fire. obulus dropped to the ground and the ball scattered in between estus and the returning friday. stoker had followed friday onto the pitch but was too slow to have any real impact so he just jogged up towards to goal. spigot was along, now engaged by casket, and dirge. fangtooth came over and the two big men began to bully spigot, knocking him to the ground. spigot was more likely to pass out from the stench than the punches. Estus scooped up the balland passed to mash. mash planned on running down the flank to score the game winning goal. he was met by graves behind some crates and the two began to fight over the ball. obulus returned and charged into spigot. he hit his several times, but left the final blow for casket. casket scooped up the unconscious spigot and put in im the box he carries on his back. the morticians were back in the game. the score was 11 - 8 to the brewers. with no way to get mash to the goal the brewers turned their heads to a brawl. the cluster of players that had all surrounded sigot was too hard to pass up. estus unleashed a blast of fire. dirge, bonesaw and obulus were all set alight. the fire would kill dirge soon which would end the game. the bird flew away and managed to put out the flames. it was scums time to show what a real mascot can do. the vicious cat dived on the flaming bonesaw. a barrage of vicious slashes from the cats claws took the striker out of the game. the whistle blew. a victory to the brewers and another reason decimate should join them! another great game of guild ball. not sure I would run all 3 strikers again though!
  10. the engineers came to the pitch with the intent on a foot balling strategy. the hammer lead masons had a different strategy in mind. try to keep the ball out of the equation and break some mechanica. after arranging a successful deal with the butchers to smash the masons, the brewers had approached ballista and brokered a deal to further reduce the masons guilds chances of attaining decimate. behind the scenes a bidding war had erupted over the player, the one think tapper and estus could agree on was it would be decided on the pitch. (this game too a long time so my memory of events are not perfect, apologies for that). Ballista began the game kicking the ball across to the masons. he tried to keep the ball in open space, knowing he had the technology on his side to retrieve the ball. the masons took the ball, passed it among themselves before allowing it to rest in position of tower, who stood at the back behind the wall of masons. the engineers advanced up the pitch, locus, hoist and salvo formed a gun line with ballista, who had placed mines at his feet. the masons were going to make it difficult for the engineers to play the sport so they open fired in an attempt to weaken the opponent. as hammer prepared to charge into hoist (and probably smash the mechanica to pieces), he found that a shot from locus strange technology has pushed the monkey under his feet, forcing him to stumble around the monkey and force his march to the line of engineers. hammer felt small explosions at his feet but pressed on to his target. it had clearly thrown hammer off because his hammer barely connected with hoist. (My opponent, had appalling dice rolls here. tooled up hammer with a 4 inf to buy attacks with only caused about 4 damage). while hammer attacked, salvo saw an opportunity and unleashed a flurry into a trio of mason player which took down marbles. hammer, enraged by his ineffective assault on hoist, turned his attention so salvo. before he could react hammer was on the young lad, knocking him out cold. colossus swept in from the flank and stripped the ball from the masons. he passed it to his captain and tried to keep tower and chisel busy. ballista took a shot at brick, the force knocking the big man down. he then took a jog up the pitch before shouting at the top of his lungs "BREACH!". with a mighty kick he thundered the ball into the masons goal (only just thanks to a bonus time!). the masons fans kicked the ball way out to the side of the pitch. it was clear they hand no interest watching sports after the beloved marbles had been shot off the pitch. hammer looked across to ballista, he would take vengeance on the engineer captain! in the middle of the pitch a brawl broke out between hammer, chisel, mallet, hoist colossus and locus. the masons underestimated the toughness of the engineers tech and found themselves on the loosing end of the scuffle. salvo and marbles reentered the pitch. salvo stuck to the edge, trying to retrieve the ball with his gadgets. marbles moved up, waiting for brick to signal a counter charge. hammer stomped towards ballista, bringing his huge hammer down on the engineer. using all his might and rage he brought the engineers captain down. in the mean time colossus and hoist brought down chisel and brought tower to his knees. brick grabbed hold of mother and almost pulled her apart. she managed to leap to a nest near the goal, where she waited for the ball to move past a nest. salvo desperately tried to retrieve the ball. he could not get close enough to any of his team for a pass without brick charging into him. he took the ball and waited for an opening. hammer wasn't willing to let the ball be brought back into this game. he piled into salvo, knocking the kid out cold again and taking the ball for himself. colossus finished off tower while locus kept mallet busy. ballista had jogged back into play. he saw the threat of hammer with the ball and unleashed a bolt that knocked he huge mason down. the ball span away. it hit a nest and mother used her webbing to take control. before she could pass the ball or take a shot she found herself being crushed by brick. the ball scattered into open space. chisel and tower had limped back onto the pitch only to find the engineers waiting for them. the might of the mechanica dealt with them once more. hoist jogged to engage brick. the score was 11-5. realizing it would only take salvo or ballista to take a shot on the monkey to end the game, marbles ran for his life. locus used his remote control to pass to hoist who took a risky snapshot on the goal, the big man brick trying desperately to grab hoist. but it was too little too late. the tap in snapshot hit home. 15-5 to the engineers! the brewers are 1 step closer to signing decimate! this was a very enjoyable and surprising game. the masons made it so hard for me to play the footballing game I had planned with the engineers. a combination of tough hide, stoic and sturdy really saved me in this game! .
  11. It was supposed to be a 'friendly' pre-season game. the masons arrived at the pitch expecting pulled punches and blunted blades. a chance to test out their football technique against the butchers. they had been told the butchers had been working towards a new goal scoring approach, leaving some of their violent tenancies in the locker room... however the butchers had shared a pint or two with the brewers before the game. It didn't take much persuading to make the butchers sharpen their blades. The masons needed to back off, decimate was going to be a brewer, like it or not! the game began with Flint kicking the ball to the Butchers. Shank took the ball with the plan of passing it down the line... but shank had been slacking off at practice as usual and failed to pass to brisket. fortunately she was able to intercept the stray ball. the masons probably thought the game was going to be a quick one if shanks poor effort was anything to go by. they advanced up the pitch and began to push around the butchers who had moved up the pitch to mark the mason players, hoping to prevent them from gaining position. Ox game a stern no to brisket. she passed the ball over to boar as he stomped up the pitch. before the masons knew it the sharpest blades were being thrust at them, finding the weak points in their armor. hacking down on them, boar, ox, shank and boiler decimated the masons trying to find their way through to the ball. mallet, Brick and marbles were cut down, while honor heavily wounded and harmony had a terrible bleeding wound across her stomach. honors eyes burned with rage. frustrated that the team had let their guard down, how could she have been so naive to think a game against butchers could be friendly?! Flint, saw an opportunity. while the butchers were in a bloody frenzy, flint slid into brisket, taking her by surprise. the two strikers tussled over the ball. both an even match for the other. the ball went back and forth. in the mean time boar ran down harmony. honor attempted to knock out shank but the cutthroat was swift and narrowly avoided her punishing blows. ox thundered into honor and took the captain down. hearing triumphant crys from butchers distracted brisket for just a moment and flint managed to get the better of her. he took the ball, slipped away and slammed the ball into the goal. now the masons had some points on the board they have a glimpse of hope if they pulled it together. although they had come off worst in the fight, several butchers were considerably hurt. the score was 11 to 4. the ball was kicked out and landed near briskets feat. the crowd held their breath, surely this was game. brisket had a clear run to the goal. she ran forward, flicked the ball into the air and unleaded a super shot... the shot did not connect! brisket pulled her hair in frustration. boar laughed, it suited him just fine to keep pounding on the masons. Honor has run back on to the pitch with her sister. she took a deep breath and piled into the butchers scrum along with marbles and brick. she took a swing at princess. the dog yelped as her hammer hit her hard in the side. boiler felt his blood boil. he let out a roar and he lept on honor, knocking her to the ground, he held his blade in both hands and brought it down on her twice. honor cried out it pain. as boiler went to bring it down on his helpless target, ox grabbed his arm. "that's enough lad, they are finished." the sawbones rushed onto the pitch. flint was the only mason to come away unscathed. he shook his head as he walked past ox. "business is business lad" ox called to him "if you know whats good for you, you'll give up on our new recruit. make sure you tell honor that when she wakes up." A brutal game. 13-4 to the butchers!
  12. Arcnode

    Player advice.

    Depends on the situation and where else influence is needed. Generally I'll give him 1, he's usually last on my list when allocating unless he's in a good position to put some pain out there. I also give him a couple if i want him to single out and KD, then just hang around for crowding out. I play against alchemists a lot so I sometimes just use him to force a 'clone' or 'unpredictable movement' so another player can get stuck in without the target dodging away.
  13. Arcnode

    Player advice.

    I recently got A&G, only used them a few times but they are pretty fun. I still haven't worked out how to use greede very well, he just seems to get dived on as soon as he's on the pitch and taken out. But Avarisse is great for putting singled out on the player you really want to die that turn and maybe knocking them down and putting a bit of damage on them. I generally just use them for fun. I play engineers and it's hard to justify finding a space for them. Snakeskin I have no experience with, but I recently decided to start a union team and I really want to try her out. Doesn't seem the best player but she looks like a lot of fun. She is pretty influence greedy by the looks of it.
  14. Arcnode

    My first 6 players

    That's the plan eventually :).
  15. Arcnode

    My first 6 players

    Looks like it might have to be mist then! Thanks all Would I be better off swapping out gutter or rage for snakeskin or minx? Union just has too many cool lookingmodels!