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  1. Fomorian

    Shiny New Section

    Oh that would be so amazing! Can't wait to see new infos about that to :)!
  2. Fomorian

    SFG @ GAMA Trade Show 2o17

    Yes they are, i had contact via FB with someone who have them into his own hands :)!
  3. Fomorian

    SFG @ GAMA Trade Show 2o17

    Find them and they are really awesome!!! They look much better than the Kick Off models with much more crisp details and the bases are already "sanded". So amazing, can't wait to get them into my hands ^^ ...
  4. Hello guys there is currently the GAMA trade show going on in Las Vegas and SFG is also there. Iam wondering if anybody has heared something new for SFG products? Would be nice to get some news tidbits!? On Watch it played twitter you can see a photo were Mat Hart is holding a lecture. Maybe somebody was there and could share some news with us!? ... Best regards =)
  5. Fomorian

    Guild Ball in plastic

    No but i saw the live stream of the mentioned keynote with all the upcoming products and news from SFG. I really wanted to be there, maybe this year :)!
  6. Fomorian

    Guild Ball in plastic

    That sounds great and was the tidbit of information i was really hyped for during the keynote last year. I think cardboard tokens are a good way to introduce new players and that you can get everything you need in a box, to start playing immediately :)! I wonder if they also would offer metal bases within the SFG webstore? Would be nice to get those items as alternatives for the plastic models, to get some extra weight for them on the pitch, so that they don't get out of the place :).
  7. Fomorian

    Guild Ball in plastic

    Thanks for that update, that sounds really good to me and i can't wait what SFG wil be showing us in the future :)! Does anybody know, how SFG will transfer to plastic? I mean when will be the last release of metal minis, before Farmers, or after the new Hunter Expansion pack and the solo models for the existing guilds? Or will the Farmers get an expansion box with plastic minis? There are so many questions at the moment ^^! Iam also curious to see, what will be in the Farmers Box!? The models and their cards of course, but what about possible tokens made from cardboard or preferably plastic :)? ...
  8. Fomorian

    Player Name Suggestions

    ... and Porter, Ale also
  9. Fomorian

    Player Name Suggestions

    Those are really great! Another ones came into my mind, for the possible Blacksmiths: Alloy, Blank (for a Rookie maybe), Sledge, Vice, Bronze, Harness, Adamantine, Nails, Silver, Plate, Tin, Carbon, Coal, Mould, Roller, Cinder, Pour, Grind, Welder, Mauler, Split, Bulge, Bender(!) ^^, Wrinkles, Pierce, Blaze, Cicero (latin word for smith - great name for a captain maybe ^^!) ... Just to name a few ...
  10. Hello Guild Ballers Haves: I have to offer a Butchers and Fishermen team including almost every miniature from Season I & II in metal. Some of them are primed and partly painted. Also i have the Kickstarter exclusive versions of Ox and Shark! Butchers: - Butcher Token set (SFG Season I) Fishermen: - Shark Kickstarter version metal! - sold! - Shark retail version (unassembled) - Corsair (boxed as new) - Tentacles (boxed as new) - Veteran siren (boxed as new) - Greyscales - Sakana - Salt - Siren - Angel - Jac - Kraken - Ball Marker - Fishermen Dice (10) - Fishermen Token set (SFG Season I) Wants: €€€ *** Update with photos: Best regards!
  11. Fomorian

    Guild Ball in plastic

    Iam such kind of a miniatures gamer, for almost 20 years now and have played a couple of different tabletop systems and i definately prefer plastic over metal miniatures! I really would appreciate to see all of the current GB metal miniatures redone in plastic. Furthermore i would actually sell my metal miniatures to get plastic versions of them. In my opinion plastic is so much better then metal miniatures, regarding painting and assembling and i had some issues with assembling GB metal miniatures in the past ;).For the hobby aspect its a "step backward" but for gaming and building a bigger player community its 5 steps forward, as already mentioned in the GB tonight interview. So if SFG is reading this, please make a plastic version of all your metal miniatures sooner then later, but do it! I would purchase all of them again for the second time :)!
  12. Fomorian

    New Steamforged game

    There also was a second one ...
  13. Fomorian

    New Steamforged game

    This would be so epic and i would be instantly buying into this :D! ...
  14. Fomorian

    Existing guilds metal models

    Iam looking forward to the new plastic models and also hope that they will redo the old models in plastic to! Its so much easier to get new players in with one piece (hehe, little word joke ^^) plastic models. Some models were really a pain to assemble and the quality of the kick off plastic models is amazing! Please SFG do all models in plastic, also the old ones :)! ...
  15. Fomorian

    Plastic box contents

    Sorry for lifting this thread up from the grave again, but ... I just wanted to say, that i really like the new plastic models a lot ! After watching the "watch it played" video for the Kick-Off box and seing those high res pics of those plastic miniatures in the web, i must say: That iam really looking forward to see more (existing /new) guildball models in plastic! The quality and sharp details are amazing! It would be reeeeaaaaaaaally awesome(!), to see furthermore complete team packs in plastic, of existing (and possibly new) guilds in the future! On top of that, maybe clampacks with solo players in plastic also, because I really favour high quality plastic miniatures over metal and resin ones! Please steamforged games, make those "complete plastic team boxes" possible; maybe with the help of a kickstarter, for crowdfunding those plastic moulds !? Best regards