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  1. Next Errata?

    Obviously the recent OPD has messed up the meta and made a handful of players select Shark as their captain again so I reckon we can fully expect the next errata to have further nerfs to Shark to bring his the pick rate versus that of Corsair's back into a desired ratio.
  2. Are we all plastic now?

    So what? It would not be cheaper than two plastic boxes of the current PVC ranges which it will be sold alongside that have more stuff collectively. You should pay less for PVC models because they are not as good a quality as metal ones. I would rather see all the teams just have 2 plastic boxes each so as to make entry to the game with older teams as it is for the starting the newer teams.
  3. Are we all plastic now?

    Not keen on the suggested $100 price point for a 12 model team unless you get the same amount of terrain you would over getting the two $50 farmers or blacksmiths boxes because if not it's paying more for less. Beyond that I do hope they do the conversion to plastic for old team because I would like to buy models for the game in the future at a sensible price.
  4. Musings on Veterans, New teams, and the Future

    I heard a rumour that Salt was actually a noble warrior transformed into an otter by the Lord of the Deep to watch over the Fishermen many years ago and that the Hunters are just jumping onto the bandwagon and over compensating with their werebear malarkey.
  5. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    The ball should in theory be as close to the centre line as possible, I usually re-roll the scatter if the ball is going deep into the opponent's half (assuming the kick roll passed), as long as it goes further towards the wing than to the centre I'm less bothered by the extra distance as my players on the wing can nearly always collect. The worse result to get is usually a direction 2 (or 5) with a 6" extra distance as that usually puts it in easy pick up range for more than one player on the opposite side with only Shark as your main ball threat (the less options they have and the more you have the better). The only player combo you have to really be wary of with this kick technique is Flint and Honour as they can work together to give Flint a 2nd action later in turn 1 with enough Inf for a goal run after he collects the ball. Beyond that you have to be watchful of glass canons setting up a killing run on Shark and ignoring the ball but usually the threat of the Fish being in possession 1 activation after they kick off is enough to stop that. I sometimes start Shark off early after a kickoff if I know I can chain into a Sakana or Greyscales goal at the end of turn 1 but it is very dependent on who is on the other side of the board because as @Mootaz says, Shark is the biggest threat you have to leverage against your opponent.
  6. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    My Shark kick off usually has Shark in the centre with the ball and Greyscales and Siren/Sakana on a wing each. I kick to whatever side my opponent has their best scorer on in a bid to force them to activate first and collect the ball rather than be free to activate later on and score. The kick is set up to end up in the opponents half with a 6 on the kick-scatter (or a 1 depending on which way the kick is going) forcing the ball to run parallel to the halfway line. You need to move Shark slightly left of centre with his move if kicking to the right and slightly right if going to the left wing unless you are happy to play silly buggers and willing to risk the ball going out of bounds going for a kick to extremes of the wings. In theory what you get is a ball just in the opponents half under threat by Shark and one other that will force an over extension of a strong movement/kicking piece on the opponents team.
  7. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    I thought it was said that there would be no other balance errata before season 4.
  8. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    Do we know if there will be a card in effect on Turn 1 when there is no normal determination of Initiative?
  9. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    The issue I see with balancing the power against the bonus to initiative is that teams value mechanics very differently and that makes it hard to balance properly. Lets say that a card said something like "Once this turn a friendly non-captain gets [+1] DMG to playbook damage results until the end of its activation" and has a low initiative bonus because that can be very powerful. Now teams like Brewers, Hunters and Butchers would be all over that because extra damage means something is dead quicker, but Alchemists and Fish are going to hate it for both the effect (they care little for damaging attacks) and get screwed over on the initiative side as well but may end up with no choice but to play the card.
  10. Angel with Corsair

    If you put in Sakana instead of Angel you get a piece that can score almost as well as Angel and as a bonus do damage in the scrum and keep momentum gain up (it may only be a momentous but it can make a difference in the long run).
  11. The despair of a castaway

    Yeah everyone. Stop moaping about just one little thing. Look at all the good things Fish have had in the last 6 months... Umm... We totally got the best nerfs in the last errata. We know that the team's best competitive build is going to be replaced with something completely unknown when the minor guild drops.
  12. How to buff Angel?

    She is already competing with Greyscales and Sakana for a place however and unless she or they undergo fundamental changes she will always be competing with them. As it stands however I don't think her strength can be buffed enough to make her stand out as anything more than filler on a roster for the rare scenario in which a 5/10 kick is needed.
  13. How to buff Angel?

    She rarely has to worry about needing a counter attack to recover a ball stolen off her because she never holds onto it long enough to ever have it stolen. Frankly whilst having a 2" melee is always better than a 1" and make her a threat to 1" ball carriers it would not really change her up as she would still be an Inf hungry one trick pony competing with Greyscales and Sakana for a slot.
  14. Given SFG seem to be building towards 12 man plastic boxes for the original teams that is probably not going to be an issue in the long term. In the short term all they have to do is maximise the milk and minimise the moo they get from the cows, if they foresee a manageable level of fuss being kicked up about cross guild players being split across two guild boxes then it will happen. Personally I'm not sold on the idea of Navigators because their is not a lot of variation to be found to make the guild interesting the majority of the guild will be senior educated person with map reading ability or junior educated member with map reading abilities. Things like Shipwrights and Traders seem more interesting because there are many more roles thematically to have within each guild. Then again the Morts are getting a minor guild of rat catchers which is not exactly a concept steeped in variation.
  15. I think the Fish linked minor guild will be something more working class or everyday than a Navigators Guild. Possibly a Traders Guild ala the East India Company.