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  1. Fisherman Player Summaries

    So Shark The walking, scoring negative play experience of Guild Ball. So Shark has two jobs on a team. Firstly he is a goal scorer (an extremely good one) and secondly he is a control piece. He like to play in the midfield and deep into the opponents half. His goal scoring and footballing is enabled by a monstrous basic stat line and a Character plays that let him (or his fellow fish) move faster and in non-linear ways. Shark can get to where he wants and his threat range on goal is massive when he gets rolling His control is achieved mostly through Tidal Surge as it can be used to move opponents as well as friendly models around outside of their activation. Boosting his control abilities is his Legendary Play, Caught in a Net. Want to slow a bunch of opponents down to stop them getting to your squishy players or hinder their goal run? Then pop this bad boy and prepare to talk about NPEs for 10 minutes. Shark's weakness is more down to how people play the game and learn rather than any specific about him. His team only ever has one real win condition, score three goals, and once people get to know his range and his tricks he becomes a lot less scary and more readily countered. Shark's best matchup are against slow teams who can not pin him down and other teams that skew towards a football focus as he and his team tend to have the tools to play that game better.
  2. Veteran Sakana

    And also actually good.
  3. Veteran Sakana

    No worries, it was me time wasting trying to get a hi-res photo into the post. I think you need to summon a mod to do some forumaturgy to remove threads.
  4. Veteran Sakana

    One day Angel will become relevant again, but it is not this day. I do like the fact that the only outward change to him becoming a veteran is that he is now wearing a bandanna and his spear has a flag on
  5. Veteran Sakana

    Apparently he is going to be a thing at end of July. http://www.leodisgames.com/shop/guild-ball/the-faithful-new-beginnings/
  6. Pure Guild

    Kraken comes with 1 Inf, can only be given a max of 3 and is a battery for opponents wanting to generate MP. Having a non-momentous 2 damage on the second column does not a useful melee beater make. He's a setup piece, the issue is that without enough potential to resolve a melee a setup piece is moot. To me doing a 1-4 with only Corsair putting out reliable good momentous damage (Kraken only does it at the top end of his book so will pretty much hit it) will rarely work because the lack of MP generation to heal and throw off conditions will become ultimately become too crippling. To my mind without a new damage dealer I would also argue the loss of Gutter is going to be a big problem mostly because although Shark does not care much for the Union slot, Corsair, the captain that people tend to prefer into most teams really does need a friend putting out momentous damage in the scrum with him.
  7. Pure Guild

    Jac is not a bad beater, he is a terrible one. Trying for take outs with non-momentous damage results should not be a go to tactic. Beyond that his momentous KD is too high on the book to be reliable except on a charge and at the low end the only attractive result is his single momentous push. Jac is rarely going to do much of use in a protracted brawl that you are looking to win like Gutter does (or A&G previously did) beyond bring crowding out bonuses. He more or less works as a ramming speed/Trident tested combo to clear out an unfavourable scrum rather than being the tool to win one. That's not to say he can't be dropped into the team slot Gutter fills he just wont ever do the job she does currently and so you will have to change the game plan up a lot to account for that.
  8. Pure Guild

    My thinking so far is: Wait to see what options the Navigators bring. If there is nothing of great use just accept that the a comfortable 2-2 strategy into most teams is now gone. At that point take Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, oSiren, Greyscales and Hag. 3-0 into tough teams, 2-2 into squishy teams and speak wistfully of the times when 1-4 was a thing the team could do. I can honestly see SFG not giving the fish access to any more momentous damage whilst we still have the season 3 rules and players. Season 4 may see a change but I can also see it making some big changes to Corsair. Lets face it, he has went through Season 2 and 3 unchanged and although the competitive meta has changed quite a bit he still seems to come out on top a lot of the time.
  9. A New Brew

    Friday on one of the wings however reduces the odds that the opponent will get good payoff from doing the cheeky kick off where the ball is kicked out to the wing just along the goal line. Also in general on kick off she is one of the few Brewers that can get the ball into the line and generate Momentum doing so.
  10. A New Brew

    I know poor Spigot's short comings well, he used to be who my Shark Fish would pick on for momentum and good dodge setups when going into Brewers. That said he is still one of the best models the Brewers have access to. One of the reasons I want him as a more roaming based tool rather than having a specific role/position to cover is down to the fact that people will pick on him more than anyone else except maybe the cat. The beauty of it all is that vDecimate really frees up the need lean heavily on oSpigot to make the football game work. He really could spend the early game just cruising at the back and passing out a tooled up to Hooper or Scum and then waiting for the right moment to be brought up.
  11. A New Brew

    So after an enjoyable game with a borrowed Brewer team I decided to temporarily betray the Fish and have a drink or two. I have picked up for myself the season 1 line up from a Kick Off box and a vDecimate (because I'm not mad nor drunk enough to want to use Stave) so I'm rolling with the Tapper, Scum, Friday, oSpigot, vDecimate and Hooper. My general Guild Ball go to plan is a 3-0 (because Fish) but the line up feels very much geared for a 2-2 baseline with the option to push quite comfortably to a 3-0 or even a 1-4 (opponent depending). Tapper, Hooper and oSpigot have their usual order of activation issues but the inclusion of vDecimate feels a bit more freeing as she can be used as a setup or a finisher as needed when focusing on brawling (plus the joys of adding Stagger to the Scum missile) and then also provide a fast winger/secondary goal scorer when playing ball. I'm thinking that Friday and vDecimate will play out on a wing each. Tapper, Hooper and Scum will play in the centre whilst oSpigot roams and fills in gaps as needed
  12. Fisherman Player Summaries

    Trust me. Shark is coming.
  13. The Navigator's Guild

    KD has the same benefits as Stagger plus some more, nothing combat focused is likely going to benefit off Shark more than it would Corsair. More to the point Shark really does not need a melee beater because one standard non-captain model is unlikely ever do enough to make switching to a 2-2 game a thing for him.
  14. Veteran Decimate

    She does seem to fix one of the brewers biggest weaknesses and adds in a decent secondary goal option on the side. Tapper, Scum, Hooper, oSpigot, Friday and Decimate feels like a team that could very easily turn it's win condition on a dime as the game progresses.
  15. The Navigator's Guild

    Shark is one dimensional no matter what. He won't pick a brawler type unless they also have football tech Corsair is omni-competent, possibly too much so. The loss of union won't remove his ability to do 3-0 or even 2-2, it will just nix his option for a 1-4 entirely and that might not be a bad thing. The problem is any brawler that is good enough for a Shark team is likely going to be over the top in a Corsair one. Im thinking out of turn movement might be a thing for navigators. One players could drop tokens and others could have abilities that sends another model directly towards it outside of their turn.