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  1. So what defects are we expecting in this run of models? Taking all bets.
  2. Banjulhu

    Order help

    The Order are very ball dependent and so have to engage the model carrying it to get work done. With that in mind I would run Corsair, Kraken, Jac and Tentacles plus two speedy/control models of choice (vSiren and oSakana for example). Get the ball onto Tentacles either by receiving or just letting Brisket score if you kick and then move it out onto the wings with Corsair and Kraken. When they start coming over to you start KDing and pushing them out of bounds.
  3. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    I could live with squad tactics. It would actually have a good interaction with Kraken and his S4 role of black hole. We would then be looking at something very akin to vChisel but probably at Def 3+ Arm 1 and Tough Hide because Fish don't get a lot of Armour. Maybe throw in the Knockback trait to make him play a bit more into the Fish control game to set up the scrum Frankly unless they ignore the bio and go for a more control/support themed DM in the vein of Hemlocke rather than the resilient beater Knuckles is billed as being I dont think Shark is going to get much from this.
  4. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Tooled up. All the Corsair setups I've seen play do so on the wings for the chance to do out of bounds pushes rather than invest in damage for a Coup de Grace pay off and I'm not sure if that is how Corsair was envisioned. Put Tooled Up in the mix and you suddenly have a two turn setup in which Corsair, Jac, Kraken or Sakana can more reliably do 3 damage per swing which opens up who they can be a threat to al lot more.
  5. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    It's not the fact we are getting another defensive player for a team that is now meant to be playing more aggressive football, there is a lot of variation between defensive midfielders (oHemlocke and oSiogot are DMs just to give an idea of how different they could be) My lack of optimism is down to the fact that we will get a defensive midfielder player that has to fit a bio which is summed up as "Is basically like Kraken".
  6. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Defensive Midfielder is a bit of a loose term although in the non-captain versions there tends to be variations around the theme of beefy beater with control/support utility. Average moves, low defence but some sort of resistance built in (higher than normal Arm, tough hide etc). There are a couple of oddities such as oSpigot who is a damage dealer, but for the most part you get models that move very linearly and either enable/protect nearby friends or knock down/reposition enemy models after getting into melee range.
  7. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    We competed for a name, fluff and a position. The first two really don't matter, but the last one has a level of mechanical impact by informing rule design (ie the model will have rules made to produce a defensive midfielder rather than rules written that are then used to work out role). I can see us getting another push tool that will feed into Corsair's ring out on the wings game plan which I dont think is how the team was intended to be played (I may be wrong here).
  8. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Kraken being good for Corsair does not inherently make him a poor choice for Shark. With Gravity Well, Protective Instinct and a 3/6" Kick, Kraken is perfect for a lot of Shark teams because he stops Shark and his other squishy friends being hit as much and still plays ball. The design space for defensive models is wide open but once the caveats of fits fish paradigm, does not fill roll of existing model and provides something of use to team victory conditions are applied that space becomes very tight It's not the end of the world but its a duff place to be starting from.
  9. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    We ended up with Knuckles. Because obviously we needed a defensive piece on the team to compete for a slot with Kraken and Hag.
  10. Banjulhu

    Explain Ebb to me

    This is meant to be about Ebb not Angel's well known shortcomings.
  11. Banjulhu

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I dont think there is any combination of players that goes well into Alchemists or Hunters at the moment. They are just resilient enough to stop Corsair taking them out and drop enough damage and control abilities to keep Shark and company in check.
  12. Banjulhu

    Brewer's Roster Advice

    To take a break from Fish for a little while I'm thinking of running Brewers at a local tournament at the week end. What would people advise for the roster? So far I'm thinking: Tapper Esters Scum Quaff vDecimate Friday Hooper Mash Pintpot oSpigot vSpigot Lucky Esters will likely be my go to captain into most teams as I think I can respond to opponents choices more readily when drafting her. Start with herself and Quaff followed by Mash then Decimate leaving me with two flexible slots that could potentially be Friday and vSpigot for a 3-0/2-2 game or maybe oSpigot and Hooper which would be a 2-2 pushing 1-4 game plan. Tapper is there as a backup although I'm not sure whom I would use him into. I'm also mulling over having Gutter in the team instead of Lucky to add in an extra 2" melee option that can do low momentous damage and take on high Arm comfortably.
  13. Quick question which I suspect I know what the intent is but would like clarification. Is Open Ground considered a type of terrain in season 4 given that it is defined in the part of the rules that defines terrain?
  14. Banjulhu

    Escaping Fate: Order of Effects

    That was mostly my thinking, the wording supports it and it is on theme for what the ability does but it was still one of those things that I felt clarification was needed.