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  1. Banjulhu

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    She has been helped out a lot by getting a strong ranged control play on top of oSiren taking a nerf to hers.
  2. Banjulhu

    S4 Captain Choices

    I in no way said she was identical. Just that her changes are not big enough nor in the right places to matter And as said just above you need something that is useful for the whole game not just the end game because you won't get to the end game without solid pieces in place. I would also like to air the simple belief that model being a good choice for a team should not be based on the presence of another non-captain model.
  3. Banjulhu

    S4 Captain Choices

    She is Tac 4 with a 1" melee, she is never going to be a reliable momentum farmer, all the T< enables is better ball recovery from 1" melee models which is not something the team struggled with at all Salt is still corner case mascot pick for the team and when the stars align and someone does pick her she does not need Get Over Here to cover ground. And whilst linked is powerful it sadly requires you to take two squishy strikers which neither captain particularly favours doing because Corsair often needs more tech options rather than multiple dedicated goal scoring and Shark is already a dedicated goal scoring piece and so only really needs one good striker to support him. Linked [Angel] is much better for Navigators because they can really use the 2nd striker in general. Angel's problem however is not that she is weak per se, it's just that she always and will always have to compete for a place on the team against all the other Fish models.
  4. Banjulhu

    S4 Captain Choices

    She has had no impactful change since season 3 and nothing in the general mechanics of the game has changed around her to make her same old limitations go away. If you were benching her all of season 3 you'll continue to do so and for the few people that did not Fathom is now around to make them strongly consider it.
  5. Banjulhu

    S4 Captain Choices

    And she is also your only access to condition removal that does not use up your MP pool.
  6. Banjulhu

    Corsair S4

    For a lot of teams if you send your players to a wing then the opponent will also send models over because they need to be close to you to actually use their abilities. If your opponent has stand off models then on top of you being able to naturally draw them then you also have Corsair, Jac, Hag, Kraken and Tentacles with tech capable of doing some form of positional antics. There are not many if any teams that can win by going nowhere near the other team, even Shark Fish and Scoring Skatha teams will need to approach you to get the ball back in their possession eventually.
  7. Banjulhu

    Corsair S4

    Not necessarily, its very dependent on what models are in the opponents line up. If there is a relatively squishy 12 to 16 wound model I can focus down in a single turn then I will happily use Kraken and Corsair to go to town on them the normal way, Jac is there to open up my options.
  8. Banjulhu

    Corsair S4

    Sorry. I meant 2-2 in my original comment. I'm not exactly a fan of the tactic from a how I think the game should be played level but it is a hell of a lot more resource efficient than trying the damage game which can be a big factor when you are in scenarios that need you know you will need momentum in the pot instantly.
  9. Banjulhu

    Corsair S4

    On her own Fathom is good enough for getting one goal at the least, but although she is the dedicated scorer there is no one with a poor kick on the team so she does not have to be the only ball player. Hag in particular helps her a lot but this set up in particular all but advertises a 2-1 or a 1-4 strategy Jac is in there particularly to enable take outs by ring outs for when the opponent has tough models that Corsair just cant beat through although he is not necessary all the time and is probably the most flexible slot on the team.
  10. Banjulhu

    Corsair S4

    I'm liking Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, Hag, Jac and Fathom. Lots of repositioning and area threat backed up by a strong goal run piece.
  11. So what defects are we expecting in this run of models? Taking all bets.
  12. Banjulhu

    Order help

    The Order are very ball dependent and so have to engage the model carrying it to get work done. With that in mind I would run Corsair, Kraken, Jac and Tentacles plus two speedy/control models of choice (vSiren and oSakana for example). Get the ball onto Tentacles either by receiving or just letting Brisket score if you kick and then move it out onto the wings with Corsair and Kraken. When they start coming over to you start KDing and pushing them out of bounds.
  13. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    I could live with squad tactics. It would actually have a good interaction with Kraken and his S4 role of black hole. We would then be looking at something very akin to vChisel but probably at Def 3+ Arm 1 and Tough Hide because Fish don't get a lot of Armour. Maybe throw in the Knockback trait to make him play a bit more into the Fish control game to set up the scrum Frankly unless they ignore the bio and go for a more control/support themed DM in the vein of Hemlocke rather than the resilient beater Knuckles is billed as being I dont think Shark is going to get much from this.
  14. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Tooled up. All the Corsair setups I've seen play do so on the wings for the chance to do out of bounds pushes rather than invest in damage for a Coup de Grace pay off and I'm not sure if that is how Corsair was envisioned. Put Tooled Up in the mix and you suddenly have a two turn setup in which Corsair, Jac, Kraken or Sakana can more reliably do 3 damage per swing which opens up who they can be a threat to al lot more.
  15. Banjulhu

    Free Cities Draft Results

    It's not the fact we are getting another defensive player for a team that is now meant to be playing more aggressive football, there is a lot of variation between defensive midfielders (oHemlocke and oSiogot are DMs just to give an idea of how different they could be) My lack of optimism is down to the fact that we will get a defensive midfielder player that has to fit a bio which is summed up as "Is basically like Kraken".