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  1. Banjulhu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    Looking over their cards I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that if the game gets into turn three then I will very likely be up shit creek without a paddle.
  2. Banjulhu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    Is it worth investing some resources into sprinting over harvest markers to remove them or do I just have to expect abd play around the Farmers having a lot more Inf than me?
  3. Banjulhu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    So standard Shark tactics of "Dont let turn three happen". I might go with oSakana for this given his ability to buff his own speed just using Inf but vSakana could also be a thing given the low def and scrum focused nature of the Farmers
  4. Banjulhu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    So something along the lines of missiling Shark or Sakana up to score an early goal and then keeping them in kicking range of the goal to threaten the snap shot and/or draw flak, drop in Greyscales and/or oSiren as dedicated ball recovery and possibly have Hag at the back to clear scrums and set up better field position?
  5. Banjulhu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    So the near future now holds for me another team I have yet to face, the Farmers. What should be my starting point? Do I go for a typical Corsair 2-2 team and pick on one of the low def no armour models to get take outs or would I be better off running a Shark team with multiple fast 2" melee range goal threats to force the farmers to spread out? Also much in the same way people have to be aware that oSiren is on the pitch when playing against Fish, is there any particular model(s) I should be watchful of that could ruin my day?
  6. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    The odd way Fancy Footwork does its thing reminds me a lot like oSiren and Seduced. Positioning and setup is going to be key from turning it from a strong play to a game changing one and I can see another strong footballing unit being based around Hag, vSakana and oSiren. Actually thinking about it. Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Hag, vSakana and oSiren feels like it would be an absolute bitch for a lot of teams to kick off into.
  7. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    I'm just not seeing it. With a Mov of 4"/6" it will take a lot of additional resources and set up just to get him up the pitch that it would any normal player that is used to threaten the goal. I suspect his intended roll is to be able to constantly clear lanes with unexpected arrival to enable clear shots/passes as the Navigators' lower number of dice when kicking is going to be hit harder by negatives than other teams would, even with their re-rolls. We'll have to wait and see but I'm more in camp "Someone needs to be dropped for oSiren" than "Horizon looks useful so far".
  8. So last night I got to live the dream and chained together an oSiren charge into one model, allowing her to trigger Seduced off the attack which I threw at an enemy model holding the ball, who successfully made a pass to Shark who in turn made a snap shot and scored. However, in the process of her charge, oSiren wrapped her playbook and I wanted to check that I resolved things properly: So oSiren declared a charge at Boar who was also engaged by Jac . Boar declared a counter attack and Siren made her move. She made an attack with 8 dice and got 4 net-hits. I selected her and and generated 2mp as there was nothing to cancel them. I elected to do the triggered seduce first and the dodge second. Siren seduced Meathook who was within 6" of her and chose to have Meathook pass to Shark. The pass was fine and as Shark was within shooting range and I had enough MP so I declared a Snap Shot. Shark scored. After this is where I got a little less clear on correct procedure. I know normally an activation ends as soon as a goal is resolved however there are things that can interrupt that (Second Wind and Run the Length etc) and on top of that there were already things that had been triggered that needed to be resolved (the counter attack and the dodge). As the rules for wrapping on page 35 say "The Controlling Player must resolve all results generated but may do so in any order." I played it out as follows: Shark elected not make a Run the Length. oSiren resolved the rest of her attack result and dodged back 1". Boar's counter attack then resolved but as Siren was now 3" away from him no attack was made. oSiren's activation ended. The goal kick was then resolved. Did I play that out correctly?
  9. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    So I went for the Shark team. Going to possibly try Corsair and vSakana into the farmers next week. I was wrong, more ways to non-directly strip the ball is golden and creates oppertunites and difficult order of activation options for the opponent. oSiren and vSakana were able to set Shark up for back to back snap shots in turn two. Bag of Coffers was mostly neutral and the initial inf shortfall at the start of turn was not felt overly much.
  10. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    Bag of Coffers would be dropped onto Tentacles to help make Blind a lot more efficient. I'm expecting to be facing off against Fillet so a Corsair 2-2 setup ready to swing to 3-0 would likely do okay, but just Shark feels like the natural counter to most of Butchers' preferred strategies.
  11. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    So I'm going to give vSakana a run out this evening against the Butchers. So far I'm settled on having him, Greyscales and oSiren as they feel like a strong footballing unit that can spread across the midfield but the rest is up in the air. Corsair, Tentacles and Gutter feel like the strong scumming unit that could really benefit from Bag of Coffers and Raise the Black Flag, but there is always the worry that the Butchers will just out scrum them. My other thoughts drop in Shark, Salt and Jac and go all goals all the time whilst Jac sits back and breaks up scrums with his heroic.
  12. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    We have oSiren since season 1 for that scenario, I was holding outfor some tech to help retrieve balls that had been dropped and killed.
  13. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    They could have made a veteran of a model we dont typically use however. Change the word Sakana to Kraken on that card and I would be all over it.
  14. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    Eh, the playbook can only be activated via attacking and the GB result you want is on column three of a Tac 5 model. That means you will need charges or help to make it reliable. 3 non-momentous damage on column 5 is nothing special, Jac packs it on 4 for example and we actually have quite a bit low result 2 kicking around. The issue with Fish and damage is not generating momentum when doing damage, because not having MP generation screws the game up.
  15. Banjulhu

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/5-6-2018-veteran-sakana-the-faithful-new-begginings Well there they are folks. Not 100% sold on him. I like him but I dont think he is good enough to replace his original version in most of my team setups. Bag of Coffers makes up in a way for the drop in inf. Later allocation of an inf can be very very good especially given Fish are a team that has less activation order issues than most, but the short range limitation and the capacity for an opponent to take him out or move him to a poor position gives me pause for though. Another way to get the ball back without a tackle result is always welcome but I would have much preferred a way to get a hold of a killed loose ball. Needs some game time me thinks.