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  1. Where does it say the player with the active model must do the scatter though? When a model is KD'ed and holding the ball a standard scatter must be preformed but it does not say it must be done by the player with the active model.
  2. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think they will be better at receiving rather than kicking because that makes a turn 1 goal more likely but at the same time they are they are one of the few teams that I think does not really care which way round the game starts They do have an obvious weakness in that they need charges to work so models good at engaging quickly and those with KDs will have a good time against them, but boy with oSiren kicking about life is going to be hard for most opponents. So there is probably another Siren nerf on the way
  3. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    They are not quite as squishy as I was expecting them to be from when they were spoiled in May where they were described as having "Low Resilience".
  4. Banjulhu

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    A too narrow of a focus would lead to problems with making viable rules for each model in guild. If the team only does one thing well and all models are geared to that end you quickly get a situation where there are clearly superior choices.
  5. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    So Ebb is going to be hilarious into teams that like to spike damage (What's that Sledge momentous 7 damage? Nah i think I'll just take 2) but he has limits and I can see myself dropping him to have Angel every now and then. Horizon is the only Navigator I'm not a fan of, but that's not a worry as I needed to drop someone to fit in oSiren anyway. I think my go to team will be Windfinder, Wander, oSiren, Fathom, Azimuth and Ebb. Also can we just have Kraken's card ripped up and replaced by Azimuth in season 4?
  6. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    The post where I copied the images from on facebook has just been taken down so they may also vanish from here soon as well.
  7. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    Fresh from the interwebs
  8. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    So Windfinder is now officially spoiled. There is nothing particularly new in the blog beyond a bit of game design chat saying eye spy opening up wraps being "...why a lot of the Navigators don't have 1 damage on column 1." Now ignoring the fact that one third of the team (Horizon and Windfinder herself) is not in exactly "a lot" of the team it seems that one of the big departures from the Fish is that SFG want the Navigators want to do their heavy lifting at the top end of the playbook and for them not to be able to add too much on from wraps (Fish generally dont care about wrapping and tend to look for a low momentous result to get work done). However with oSiren on loan from the Fish there could be some serious non-momentous damage pumped out from Eye Spy and Full Speed Ahead with Siren rolling 10 dice on a free the charge against a KD model followed up by three 5 dice attacks only ever looking for two successes each time. Actually oSiren and Full Speed Ahead just brings back the good old Inf 2/4 days of oSiren sprinting into space, Seducing the ball to her and then passing it back to the line except now its an 11" sprint.
  9. Banjulhu

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    So knowing what Fathom's and Horizon's rules are going to be what is in Corsair's future? If he stays as is I can see him having a very rocky future given that his big thing his is ability to changed his focus from a decent 2-2 to a decent 3-0 and even a tricky 0-6 as the game progresses. Without a 2nd reliable damage dealer though his 2-2 game becomes very tricky meaning he will have to focus down onto a 3-0 plan almost exclusively into a lot of teams at which point counter play becomes a hell of a lot more straight forward for an opponent.
  10. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    That is one very fish like captain. Tac buff is big for the team especially given that applying it causes a KD as well. The speed buff seals the deal on the balls to the wall attacking football. I can see her team playing a bit like Shark where you use one or two enemy models to bounce around and generate momentum.
  11. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    I'm liking the looks of her rules, verry much an attacking footballer and capable of the turn one goal run to boot. Im always a bit iffy with major traits that require one specific model to work as it limits line ups. So the next hope is that Angel gets a small update, just a 2" melee and something halfway decent to replace Tactical Advice (give her Linked Fathom) and she would be set. Definitely a new toy for Shark. Corsair's line up has definitely been gutted though.
  12. Banjulhu


    Personally I think we should be on the look out for a Mov 6"/8", Kick 3/6", 2" Melee model (very Fish core stats). Combat wise I would say we want a Def 4+ Arm 1 Tac 5 model with a 5 column playbook. So far so fish. Next we break away from the usual fish mold. So go for no dodges and have the tackle higher up the playbook than normal and say maybe momentous 1 damage on one and momentous 2 on three. Throw in a couple of character plays, maybe one that can reposition opposing models and maybe something that does mid level damage to all models in the melee zone but stick it at the end of the book to make it hard to attain without resource investment. Depending on how the combat potential needs to be tweeked to balance the model out we can look to add a passive trait to affect some opposing modelsbut not all, say Sakana's Anatomical Precision for example as the Fish could use a second source of Arm mitigation when going up against lists that skew towards high Arm. Roll it all together and I think you would have a model that could sit very nicely in a Fish line up.
  13. Banjulhu

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    So season 4 brings a roster size boost for competitive games. Going up to 12 models from 10. [Sarcasm Mode] So drop Kraken, vSiren and Horizon and jobs a good 'un? [/Sarcasm Mode]
  14. Banjulhu

    Season 4 Changes

    It feels like a bit of future proofing. In season 4 most major guilds are going to end up with 15 players to choose from (6 from the season 1 team, 6 from the season 2-3 team, 1 Exile/Faithful and t 2 from the minor guild) so picking 12 has that minor list construction element. The minor guilds will always have their 8 and what ever bonus they get in the tournament rules to balance the reduced selection pool.
  15. Banjulhu

    The Navigator's Guild

    We still need to see what the rest of his team look like and what changes are coming to the Fish in season 4. There may very well be something on the way that makes him click.