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  1. Thank you for the clarification @LeadDiceandBeers
  2. Howdy, This came up on the weekend and I couldn't find an answer. Who resolves conditions first in the end phase as there is no stipulation in the new rules.4 . End Phase Once all models on both teams have completed all possible activations, the current turn ends. Players then remove all current ongoing effects and sustain effects, but not conditions. Resolve all damage from conditions on models and discard all influence on each model. The scenario; both players are on 10 and will lose a player to conditions in the end phase. So, 1) the game ends a draw 2) Both teams are on 12 and you play sudden death (next point wins) Also Same scenario but one team is on 11 and the other on 10 1) Does the player with 13 points win Thanks in adavance
  3. UciB

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    There's always this little gem by @Cole that springs to mind when I think of Brainpan
  4. UciB

    Kickoff Stolen

    If the delivery required a signature, as for proof of delivery from USPS.
  5. UciB

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    As per the collected clarification thread: Tag Along:- May not be used on the Jog during a kick-off, since this is a once per turn ability and the kick-off does not take place during a turn.
  6. UciB

    Remove Bases From Farmer's

    Thanks @Malritch I was trying to find the thread that @Mako showed this but couldn't remember where it was. Now, get over here Piper!
  7. UciB

    The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    Your work is fantastic. Really like how you painted Fahad (the cat).
  8. UciB

    Winter Painting Contest

    Been meaning to attempt some snow so this works out nicely. I'm in
  9. UciB

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Jaque 12-8 John M Thanks for the game! Superb opponent
  10. UciB

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Great game, great opponent
  11. UciB

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Jaque (Alchs) v Tom W. (Morts) 12-4 to Alchs (3 goals vs 2 takeouts) Turning point was Alchs winning the 3rd turn initiative roll down by 3MP. Great opponent and well played, thanks for the game!