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  1. That was my starting assumption, I expect it to work that way. What throws me is that without teamwork, I don't see an actual limitation in the rule.
  2. Snap shot states that a model can't use it and Pass & Move. Pass & Move only states either the kicker or receiver can use it. Is it now possible for the kicker to dodge while the receiver takes a snap shot?
  3. Jecko

    the figures

    Mine have varied pretty widely from model to model. Anvil and Furnace had some pretty bad lines in my first box. The second box seems pretty clean except Bolt with heavy lines in lousy places. Luckily he'll be replaced by metal Bolt.
  4. With the weekend behind us and lost sleep almost accounted for I figured it was time to try to give a run down on Guild Ball at CaptainCon to those folks that couldn't make it. Pictures are floating around out in various Facebook groups, so I'll try to fill in the other gaps. It was a great weekend for Guild Ball. There were games being played from the moment tables were set up until we cleaned up Sunday afternoon except for maybe the wee hours of the morning. We had four well attended open tournaments ranging from 20 to 32 players. The weekend started with our first qualifier, an event that was nearly full before the show even opened at 10. By the time dice rolled we had all 32 seats filled up. All the round by round details can easily be found over on Longshanks. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=801 This was followed almost immediately by the second qualifier tournament which reached a very respectable 20 players. Quite a few folks had just finished playing ht first round and kept right on going. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=802 Saturday morning saw some more light hearted play starting of with the Homelands tournament. 20 folks put together teams from the different regions and threw down to see whose home was the best around. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=808 Saturday night had the return of what might now be a CaptainCon tradition, the Brewer's Cup. It's a special kind of event, and some of those pitches got pretty hard for players and balls to navigate. 20 players started out the event and a solid dozen made it all the way to the end at 5 am. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=812 Sunday morning was the big finals for the convention and the year's circuit of feeder tournament events. Players had been building points for these top seats all through the year since the last convention. Of the top 8 in the circuit 6 were there that morning, the other two were unable to make the show. Two of the alternates were there as well, but one had also qualified during the weekend. Six of the eight qualified tournament players made it to the finals, including both players from the Brewer's cup that had ended only 4 hours prior. All that combined to give us a 13 player championship tournament. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=809 The event played a solid four rounds. The final game came down to a hard match between Frank Kumitis from New Jersey and Mike Klein from New York. Frank's Fishermen ultimately took how the win for the day and with it a CaptainCon Champion points tracker provided by CaptainCon and the SteamCon pass from SteamForged. Our second place finisher was Ian Fite from Mass who took home a very nice team tray donated by Tectonic Craft Studios. As it turns out, all top three players made it into the finals by qualifying in the circuit. All in all it was a great weekend. A huge thank you to the folks at CaptainCon for putting on a great show and letting us be a part of it. Also thank you very much to the pundits that took time out of their weekend play to step up and run a full package of great events.
  5. When applying playbook damage results, all the results are combined into a single instance of damage(pg 35). Based on that both results from the wrap are selected while the model has 16 hp, generating 2 momentum. Next attack, Hale and Hearty applies.
  6. Jecko

    CaptainCon 2018

    Finalized CaptainCon Guild Ball event details are updated at Captaincon.com. Seats are filling up, one left for Friday morning and more added for Saturday. Four chances to get in the Sunday CaptainCon Cup Championship for glory, adulation, and a pass to SteamCon.
  7. Jecko


    CaptainCon weekend long game convention Guild Ball events will be running all weekend Providence, RI, USA For more details see captaincon.com
  8. Jecko

    Minimum Age?

    Last week my seven y/o was asking to play, so I started teaching him the game. Reading comprehension on plays and traits seems like the biggest challenge, but will vary broadly by child, and less of an issue by 10. My take is just to take it like any demo for some one who hasn't played a mini game in general. You explain the concepts as you go, and walk them through the first game pretty closely. If they have an existing interest in board or video games, it should go even easier.
  9. Jecko

    PAX Unplugged vs SteamCon UK

    During the day Saturday there will be a local pundit run tournament. Sized for 32, and hopefully we fill it. There will be open Guild Ball gaming all weekend, and well into the night. Open tables will be open until midnight on Saturday.
  10. Philadelphia, PA 2017-11-18 During the PAX Unplugged convention there will be a Guild Ball tournament for up to 32 players. All experience levels welcome. This event will be played in the Regional Cup format(http://steamforged.com/s/Guild-Ball-Regional-Cup-esjd.pdf). 10 model roster including 1-2 captains and 1-2 mascots. Rounds will be played with 45 minute player clocks and a 110 minute round length. Players are expected to bring models and cards for their team, dice tokens and plot cards. Registration @ 11, Dice roll at noon Admission is covered by PAX attendance Official sign up will be taken the day of the event. Participants will also earn point in the CaptainCon Circuit for participating in this event. Event info can also be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/169371846947792
  11. Jecko

    PAX Unplugged vs SteamCon UK

    Don't know what there wold be in the way of news at PAX, would expect Steamcon to be home for that sort of thing. Steamforged will be there on the expo floor and holding demos across the game lines There will also be open play guild ball running all weekend and a 32 seat tournament being held on Saturday.
  12. Jecko

    CaptainCon 2018

    It's a little ways off, but saw that tickets are selling for next year's CaptainCon and event listings are starting to show up. Very curious to see what Guild Ball will be like there this year since it doesn't line up with LVO this time. Any chance that Steamforged will be supporting events there this year?
  13. When: September 16th, 2017 Where: Showcase Comics & Games -- 631 S Chester Rd, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA 19081 Details: To start off the Fall, we'll be having a special tournament to benefit a local food bank. Food and other donations brought in will be donated to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in Ridley, PA(http://www.delcoloavesandfishes.org/) Admission: $10 + 5 for lunch if you want Registration: 10:00 amDice roll: 11:00 am For this event we'll be playing a version of the Captain, My Captain rules. -Every player should bring a roster of 7 players that play for the same guild. -Roster must include at least 1 mascot and a max of one union model. -No captains can be included in the roster. -Every round you will be assigned a random captain -Plot cards and scoring as normal As a charity event, there is an extra twist.Every player is encouraged to bring food and/or money donations for our charity. For every item or dollar you bring you'll get tickets to use in the games. These will let you bend and break the rules of the game. Re-roll a die, make your opponent re-roll, free bonus time, swap your captain with the opponent; these are just some of the cheats on the table. A full list of the special effects will be put together before the event.Our charity partners have a good list of the types of things the community needs. http://www.delcoloavesandfishes.org/donate.php In addition to the games, we're planning to have a prize raffle entered by the donations as well. The working list of event cheats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11M9CkrdfzWuvaYPetycsTFRT4BWQeexOyy6ZOSTe3RI/edit?usp=sharing Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/160570601157387/
  14. Much like the potential for a knockdown, I'd say this all gets resolved right at the edge of melee. Exit the melee, resolve the attack, place Hearne (assuming that is allowed) then continue moving if desired.
  15. In this case the reposition doesn't trigger until the end of Jaecar's activation. At that point the Parting Blow is well since resolved. Swift Strikes happens at the point of the attack. Thinking the activation trigger makes them distinct in this case.