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  1. All details here. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/midgard-salem-nh-captaincon-cup-regular-format-tournament-tickets-36661044170
  2. This was on Facebook, and I'm sure I'll see this soon in our group (I play Brewers and Farmers...so good to know). Sweeping Charge - During a Charge, in addition to one or more playbook damage results, all models within this model's melee zone suffer 3 damage. When this says "in addition to one or more playbook damage results"...does that make it playbook damage? I was at first inclined to say no, Tough HIde doesn't apply, but then it doesn't seem like a trigger, it seems like it is saying it is part of the damage result you choose on your playbook.
  3. Pundit on Vassal?

    I know guuld ball but not vassal...do you teach that too?
  4. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    If we were speaking Latin, this would be true, but errata has been adopted in the English language as a singular noun.
  5. Kicking of Strategies & Tactics

    This is a great convo...going to keep it going. First...I'm a terrible player, but love the game. I had been playing around with Spigot moving up, and had some luck with him beating people down and getting some good disruption. It also helped to have Friday have someone to run up to (with the cat taggin along) and have some better defense. However, I wasn't able to get it to work "right" and by end of game I was struggling. I've gone back to kicking with Friday but I find that it is so slow...and moving her up just leaves me hanging around waiting for the rest of the team. I'd love to seem other ideas for first turn plays...its the part of the game I am struggling with the most (and mid-game, end-game, etc.)
  6. Hey, I didn't see this up here yet...but if you live near Scarborough Maine and are looking to play games...head over to The Complex on Sunday. Check out TieBreak for details...
  7. Hey! I'm not really new, but if any new players are looking to get into the game, we are going to be teaching the game to new players in late August. There should be some fun prizes and an organized event over a few weeks to get you into the game. We will be running games on Tuesday nights. More details to come. Check out Midgard Comics in Salem NH if your interested. Feel free to message me if you have questions.
  8. Esters, Scum, Stoker, Spigot, Friday, Pint Pot I won two goals, two take outs. General strategy was keep my guys apart. I kicked off, laid some heavy smack down on Fillet at range with Esters and Stoker. Made a really bad call with Pint Pot, sending him against too many, 2 points down. Brisket moved in, took a goal. 6 points down. I got a good kick to Spigot, pass to Friday, quick goal back. 2 points down, also took out Fillet, who had moved up a bit far. Even up. Then the game got really interesting...I lost Stoker, 2 behind (8 to 6) but I was able to steal the ball. Time was tight for me at this point, somewhere around here I clocked out before he did. Fillet came back in, and charged right in on Friday who had 5 life left. However...I was within 4" of Spigot, within 1" of a barrier, and I used a Momentum for Defensive Stance. 11 dice, needing 6's...2 hits. Bad luck after that, and I lived. I then bailed out of there and scored with Friday (10 to 9). At this point, I can't remember what his last play was, but mine was to dive in on Fillet with Spigot. I ended up doing it...just barely, but I won. TWO CONSIDERATIONS: Had Fillet charged Spigot, I would have lost...I think... Also, he screwed up by moving in on Scum at one point and forgetting that I had unpredictable movement. It would have only been one point, but still. Anyway, wanted to share, I was pretty psyched about this win.
  9. If your in the Southern NH area, come by Midgard. Looking like 10am to 430.
  10. Hey Folks, We have an event at Midgard Comics and Games in Derry NH coming up March 11. All the details are on EventBrite. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/guild-ball-captaincon-cup-16-player-tournament-tickets-32005311749 It is $20 to play but includes a pizza lunch, soda on site, and a bunch of prizes including Muse on Minis tokens, store credit, and if we get a handful more attendees, it will be a sanctioned event. Love to see you down at the event!!
  11. Brewer vs Filet

    I love Guild Ball...I'm having so much fun, I'm a pundit, I've got all the models for two teams and working on a third (Union...why not, right?). I plan to have two more by the end of the summer. However...playing against Filet has brought me some real frustration. A few points... The other player is good. I am not good. I play for fun, he plays a very tight game (does in most games he plays). I'd also say 75% of my frustration could just be the way he plays...he is very quiet, doesn't really teach me a lot as he is playing me and I feel like I'm just getting crushed. So....as Mat Hart has said, if your getting beat, your probably doing something wrong, so I figured I'd ask the community. What is a viable tactic with Brewers to take against a Filet led Butchers? He also played Boiler, Princess, Shank, Rage and....can't remember. Here is what I am thinking...let me know what you think. Ester - Keep her up front. Use her to burn some influence, soak damage. Fangtooth - Also up front. Shield others, make it a bit tougher to get the combos off Friday - Spigot - Working closely to look for opportunities to take the ball and get out of dodge Scum - do what scum does, be flexible, move where she is needed to gang up or crowd out I'm thinking Hooper, but open to suggestions. I'm thinking Hooper to have a bit of a beat stick for Filet when she does come in, but I'm not sure he has enough to stop her.
  12. We are starting a short six week league tomorrow, April 19th, in Manchester NH. We will have players at two spots...Adler Hobby, a pay to play (nice clean miniature focused store) as well as Stark Brewery (formerly Milly's Tavern) which is open to anyone, a bit noisier but beer and pub food on hand. Come on by for more info. It is our first league and pretty much just an excuse to play. Once we get through this first league we will probably lock down some more rules and structure. For now, bring a team and play some games!
  13. National Teams

    It would be cool for Con events too...some sort of World Cup tournament scene.