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  1. Building a bigger base

    Latest painting project is done and, unlike my last effort I have remembered to take so work in progress photos as I went along. I don't normally take photos as I'm working but a couple of people of late have asked so here goes. Why build a bigger base at all? In this case because I'm starting to paint a new Hunters team but I also hade one eye on the winter painting contest and that rather left me thinking I need something that really stands out but will still work on a gaming table. Building up gave me more room to decorate but also let me overhang the area normally occupied by a gamming base without getting in the way of measuring aids or other bases. this is what I came up with..... What follows is something of a step by step of how I built this base. Ok the first thing I did was prep Hearne, assemble him and lightly glue him to a 40mm base for when I painted him. I do this first because it gives any glue or green stuff I've used plenty of time to dry . step one. find an other 40mm base and a candle! WTF? answer - it shapes well and has a bit of weight to it. Herne is a big lad and putting him up off of the table is asking for him to fall over. this one also has a shape that is slightly wider at the top than the base so giving me I little more room to work. Wick out. just pulls straight through. Add more weight. Hearne is a big lump after all. this is a fairly dense ball bearing from a washing machine. hole gouged into base of candle before it is then attached to the gaming base. Cut cave shape into wax. PVA and sand for areas of exposed rock. small bits of wire pushed into wax for icicles A few rocks for the top and PVA brushed on to wire to build up the ice. Undercoat by hand after sealing the whole thing with a layer of PVA. Paint ice and snow now because it will be harder to work with once you start on the top. Nothing looks more like trees than small bits of tree. just have to make a couple of adjustments... cut and pin to achieve new shape twig. And the same at the bottom to attach tree to base. Like so. Add climbing plants to break up the large area of grey rock face. This stuff can be picked up at most hobby stores that cater to model railway fans. woodland scenic produce it. I found however that the flower arraigning area in my local hobby craft had the same thing. it was called "moss effect decoration" and for some reason cost less than the same stuff packaged for gamers. go figure. Grass. These are from army painter. Last job. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. this was from GW. I find with snow it works best to build up light layers rather than go to heavy to soon as it can smother other details. Final step was to give the ice a heavy coat of gloss varnish and touch up the highlighting on the rocks in the middle of the ice. And that's how its done. I hope its of interest to some and maybe even helps try something new. there is a lot more space on a model base than some people realise
  2. Building a bigger base

    Before I painted it I sealed the whole thing in PVA glue. So in effect I was panting on to that rather than wax. Took a couple of coats to get an even coverage but nothing more than that. I've not risked spraying over it because I didn't want to risk a reaction between the wax (if there was still some exposed) and the solvent. In theory if the glue seal is good spray would work.
  3. Building a bigger base

    Your welcome guys. Happy someone found it of interest. Thanks
  4. @masterkdog really like the ice effect man.
  5. Winter Painting Contest

    @Mako haha let's hope I paint better than I type
  6. Winter Painting Contest

    cheers for getting back to me. turned out changing brouser fixed it.
  7. Vet Hearne all done. guess i have to do 9 more now
  8. Winter Painting Contest

    I'm having trouble uploading a picture of my entry from Imgur. The URL I'm pasting in is not doing anything. any advice would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  9. Zarola ..... and playing her well

    Sounds like you have a solid understanding of what she does and how to use her. She is, for the most part a walking character play that can normally do what she wants for little or no inf. Being a battery for others is useful in its self. The issue sounds like position rather than role. I play a lot of Theron hunters and almost always with her in the team. She normally sits just left or right of central in my formation. Normally between Theron (central) and Fahard (closer to the wing) and normally behind where Theron is and preferably with cover. For me if she is not involved in a goal run there is little need to have her up as far as your front line just be conscious of range for Blessings so she is not left short. Hope it helps
  10. Vet Zarola

    If you were going to make changes I would be interested to see how a legendary play that could link to any other team member would work. It would have value under both captains and as once per game I don't think it would be OP. However I'm assuming that she still has MO. Without that it's pointless and for me she never gets on the pitch ahead of her current incarnation
  11. The Goal Post Thread

    Thanks for the compliment. It was scratch built, mostly from card and small diameter wooden sticks from a local craft store. The door began life as a table from a dungeon terrain set I had and the round widows are green stuff into some old shields. The scythe I chose to leave on because I couldn't remove it completely without causing a lot of damage to the rest of the pice so I opted not to move it at all. The smaller accessories on the balcony all came from the farmers guild box apart from the bucket that was from an old ww2 model kit I had. The rope holding it is thin picture wire.
  12. Always there to keep my ego in check. Cheers Dom
  13. It's waited inside the base was built around an old paint tester pot (that happened to be exactly 50mm) Not as often as you would think but it's had some close calls. Touch wood it's never gone off the table....... Yet :/ It was nice to get my Alchemists out again. Thanks for the complements
  14. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    GIC feedback game. Brewers Vs Union #2 Matchup background: -Both players have tournament experience in S3. -Both players consider each other their most frequent opponent. -Games involving these teams result in Union win approximately 3/4 games. -Normal margin of victory 6 or 8 VPs -Brewers definitely consider this one of their toughest matchups. -Games normally finished with time on both clocks. Teams: Brewers - Esters, Quaff, Hooper, Stoker, Friday, O'Spigot. Expected path to victory - 3&0 or 2&2 GIC: Another round - once per turn friendly guild model can use a heroic play without spending influence. HR 3. Union - Vet Range, Strongbox, Harry the hat, Minx, Gutter, Decimate. Expected path to victory - 1&4 or 0&6 GIC: Honour amongst thieves - once per turn when an enemy model inflicts the taken out condition on a friendly model, before removing the friendly model from the pitch any influence on the friendly model may be allocated to one other friendly model within 8". HR 2. Game overview. Union win 12 - 7 Union have 1 minute left on the clock, Brewers have 3. Had Brewers won the last initiative roll the game would have been 10-12. Thoughts. Brewers: Healing only 3 made little difference from 4 because Union damage output is so high. Free heroic was used every turn. Once to help Friday score mostly to aid in condition removal. The main strength of the card was it's ability to allow more freedom of activation order for Brewers. Union: Text effect of the card was never used. Healing only 2 ment Union only healed when far enough ahead on Momentum that it was not needed for controlling next turn. Removing conditions became more significant. Felt like a strong team got no extra help. Before playing this game we played with no GICs and results were consistent with the history of this matchup. GICs continue to balance this matchup without totally changing the outcome. To date GIC games feel closer.
  15. Pushes & Straight Lines

    See a lot of models pushed around a base, especially with 1" >. I know I've done it at some point. Excellent diagram.
  16. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Happy it works. Figured some kind of background or control information was useful to help assess when or if cards had an impact. I'll keep with the format until someone comes up with something better.
  17. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    GIC feedback game. Brewers Vs Union Matchup background: -Both players have tournament experience in S3. -Both players consider each other their most frequent opponent. -Games involving these teams result in Union win approximately 3/4 games. -Normal margin of victory 6 or 8 VPs -Brewers definitely consider this one of their toughest matchups. -Games normally finished with time on both clocks. Teams: Brewers - Esters, Quaff, Hooper, Stoker, Friday, Vet Spigot. Expected path to victory - 3&0 or 2&2 GIC: Bring it on - once per turn friendly guild model may remove KD condition during its activation. HR 5. Union - Vet Rage, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Minx, Harry. Expected path to victory - 1&4 or 0&6 GIC: Raise the stakes - Each time a friendly guild model makes a successful tackle during its activation the model may immediately make a pass without spending influence. HR 3. Game overview: Union win 12 - 8 with Union having clocked out and Brewers having missed a 3 dice shot on goal. Game felt a lot closer than is normal for this matchup. Thoughts: Brewers were able to stay in the game longer. The heal 5 definitely helps. The ability to remove a KD combined with other condition removal in the team enabled the team to remain mobile in a game where they are often struggling for momentum. Union had always felt strong in past games and Raise the stakes didn't offer any particular "buff". However heal 3 didn't ever feel under strength with the amount of Momentum the team generate and was still sufficient for recovering crazy or AOE/ condition damage. While only situationally useful the free pass gave Minx even more use for zero inf and created a problem for the opposition. Overall the cards felt like they work well in their intended roll as a balance leaver without changing the way either team approached the game.
  18. Rise of Zarola

    For as long as we have had Hunters Zarola has been highlighted as an example of why they don't work. A rubbish playbook with one situational character play topped of with a poor stat line. But here's the thing....... In the past few months she has started popping up all over the place. Top placing Hunters player at British national championship ran her in most if not all his games. A friend of mine that was until recently the top Hunter in the world swears by her. Now the Canadian champ runs her in every game. Personally I've chopped and changed my starting lineup more times than I can remember trying to get results with Hunters and I've found I do better with her in the team. My most recent tournament I placed 3ed using her in every game and the only tournament I've won with Hunters I ran her. Increasingly I see her as good defensive tech with a character play so strong it's becoming a central part of my play style. My team is built around Theron and midnight offering. Is this all just coincidence? Are other Hunters players still split on her? Is she at least part of the key to the team and Mr. Perkins was right all along? Or is she just enjoying a brief moment in the spotlight because most people don't really get what she does so get court out by her? Is Zarola actually good?
  19. Rise of Zarola

    What i find she does best to advance the victory conditions is let you move something else in the team from a position that the opponent can't threaten to a position to score VPs once they have been forced to waist inf on a sub optimal activation. It's a slow way to play because sometimes it means only one or two models activating and scoring VPs in a turn. However the moment your opponent waists inf because he was out of range you have addressed the issue of Hunters having less inf. They bring 13 you only bring 11 but if they can't use 2 it's all even. MO let's you slow the game down and pay almost like we only get two or three significant activations each. Then it's a balanced fight. Or even in your favour because you control the one powerful activation of the turn and probably win initiative next turn. The problem I have is deciding if the plan is basically flawed or just one that is at the very limit of my ability to play. Sometimes it works every well. Others I get smashed
  20. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    As people have already mentioned the proxy tokens and all rules are free so it's worth playing with them first to see what you enjoy. Also given that you are looking at Brewers and Masons it might be worth looking at the kick off starter box. It has a 6 man line up for both teams along with rules, pitch and measuring aids for the same cost as picking up a single 6 player team box set (only difference is the kick off models are plastic and the others a metal)
  21. Rise of Zarola

    I don't often find I need to allocate her inf unless she is needed early in the turn for something. Normally I find blessings are enough to get MO off (I very rarely use her range attack) As a result I feel she works as a battery rather than neutral. I largely agree with you on linked. It's only viable for a take out otherwise the activation order problems you highlighted are too costly. If I'm using her for threatening a goal it's normally with Egret. Moving her from a safe position out wide to goal scoring range rather than a turn one cat strike. Additionally I find she gets the bear round things that would otherwise block a charge or just extends the bears range. Probably more than I use her for Jecar or Minx. Better yet use her to put Theron into a target that didn't want a fight. Against anyone who can make your models walk out of position she is good for putting them back where you want them. Not to mention that she offers a tool for getting around unpredictable move when we lack reach. I agree she is more like a pice of equipment than a player but I still think she makes the rest of the team work well enough to cover for her not directly affecting the opposition
  22. Rise of Zarola

    @EpicChris I agree her playbook is pointless. However with no inf she is pretty safe and able to hold the ball up. More importantly because she is a walking character play she can operate on just blessing. Let's face it with Hunters inf someone has to have nothing on them. End of the day I'm starting to think MO is good enough to justify a model that doesn't do anything else.
  23. Rise of Zarola

    Definitely. I also think with the Buff to his combat ability it helps close down football focused teams that might otherwise stay out of the teams 9" threats
  24. Rise of Zarola

    I totally agree. The control you gain over when or if models get to engage is massive. Do you think MO has always been this useful and it takes a while with the team to figure out where to use it or do you think it became more significant post the Theron changes?
  25. So in answer to the original question, I normally discuss UPM and counter charge before the game so we are both clear on which models have them. During game I will normally remind somebody who is measuring an advance to a UPM model that it could trigger the move. I look at the situation like this. It's an open information game. My opponents asking a question is no different from them reading a card. UPM and the like are part of my models defensive tech not because I might catch my (normally inexperienced opponent) out but because some models just can't engage me. As for the "threat range" question. Wow! This is a thing for some people? I've never played against anyone who had a problem with the question. I certainly don't. I've only ever understood it to mean move + reach with a side note for Shadow like, where'd they go ect... I guess it's another thing I'll have to ask about pre game from now on. Final thought. When you place a model you do it based on what you know about your team and theirs. Not what you might trick them with. Being honest about the abilities of a model only gives your opponent the information you assumed he/she had when you put a model in place. It doesn't change what you did or plan to do. I'm not suggesting you divulge your plans for the following activation but full disclosure of information your opponent is able to get from a card on their clock is not weakening your chances.