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  1. Charlie

    pundit woes

    I'd second that. I've run a couple of guild ball events in association with my local gaming store and i have no intention of being a pundit. Getting the game on tables and people in the local area seeing it is helping grow guild ball in my area. Keep at it man. Pundit or not if you want to push the game you can be effective in its growth in your area.
  2. Ultimately people make an event. Getting to meet and play against people you wouldn't normally play against. To date a lot of the people I've met through guild ball I have come to consider friends and look forward to running into them in future events. Touch wood, guild ball is pretty good when it comes to people. Of the things you can affect as a TO I think most have been covered. Having a place to get food close by is important. I would also second ningu on space. I really value having space for all the extra tat off the pitch. Probably my only pet hate with events is walking into a room and finding my pitch is butted right up to the next one. Interesting topic. Well worth hearing people's thoughts on.
  3. Charlie

    Hunter Player Summaries

    Chaska - Good into: low Def targets// Risky into: other range damage dealers Strong counter attacks. Can operate as an inf battery. Good target for Blessings. Traps are a strong tool for denighing likely lines of advance (middle of the pitch Vs turn one goal runs) Boom box is situational but strong Vs low Def high arm targets especially if they are slow. Also good to brake up aura buffs.
  4. Charlie

    Hunter Player Summaries

    Fahad (M) - Good into: anything// Risky into: Smoke, Blister, Esters Potentially vulnerable into teams with range condition damage especially if it can be effected by damage buffs. Free charge is always useful. Damage potential into the set up target is good (aim being to finish a wounded model) Nimble + 40mm base can be used to block charge lanes to more important members of the team or frustrate other furious models. When played with Zarola linked is a strong tool.
  5. Charlie

    Hunter Player Summaries

    Theron (C) - Good into: Almost Everything// Risky into: possibly vet Rage Excellent re-position on playbook. Strong control tech, especially when you have a specific problem on the other team (example being kat in Alchemist teams), decent damage dealer. Range momentum generation is a big deal especially with the game plan cards.
  6. Charlie

    Organized Play Update

    For me the jury is still out on this. I agree if I had the chance to take an 8 player list for more chance of winning the kick roll I'd bite your hand off. That said Ratcatchers look like a goal focus team and it's possible that they struggle to get the ball back quickly or deal with conditions reliably? In my experience when you play into a football team the challenge is often stoping them scoring the last goal. It might be that, in some match ups they struggle to get the ball if it's not kicked to them. Add that to the slow burn problem of condition damage and they may well not have enough turns to get to the ball twice before they have killed themselves? Turn one goal reliance might be part of the balance? It's all speculation I know and will be interesting to see how things work in reality. On another note I can't see a problem with being allowed to put your opponent on the clock if you choose your card first.
  7. It's an older episode and not Brewers specific but the STW guys talked about some ways around this situation. http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-19-make-the-other-player-go-first
  8. Charlie

    Building bigger bases

    Good to hear. Personally I feel the base is about 40% of the model for me. I really like a lot of your work already so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  9. Charlie

    Kdogs completed stuff

    Best thing about having random stuff on the side is that even procrastination ends up getting something done
  10. Charlie

    Building bigger bases

    Cheers. Don't quit. Learn. Add to what you already do. Make something even better.
  11. Charlie

    Building bigger bases

    Thanks guys. All the time there's an interest in "step by steps" I'll keep trying to put them up.
  12. Charlie

    Building bigger bases

    Next project is up and running. This base is for young Theron. He is still getting finishing touches added but as this post is about bases I thought id put this next step by step up now. Mysterious ice pool base. Strait off the bat there are two things that you cant see in this picture. one is that the internal light flickers rather than being static. two the picture doesn't do justice to how much the lighting inside the base increases the felling of real depth in the water. if I can find a way to photograph it better I will. So where do you start with an internally lit 30mm base? really small electrical parts is where This came as a single bag kit from Zinge. they make a lot of useful parts and accessories. this sample pack was only 3 or 4 quid (I've had a couple of them sitting in a draw for a while so cant remember the exact cost) I use a normal pair of clippers from my modelling tools to trim the wires to length. And it fits something like that. I probably could have made things easier for myself by ordering a could solder pen but I'm impatient so muddled through without. And the bulb sits on top like that. as you can see the first problem is that LEDs are really bright. not really helpful when I want "mystical glow" The solution to this is to defuse the light with a latex, plastic cover. (also from Zinge) These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. drill a small hole in the plastic and it fits right over the LED. Now it glows. Next job is to get around the fact that the battery housing is slightly deeper than the plastic base. All I've done is cut two 30mm disks of card. cut a space in them for the housing and attach them to the gaming base. The card I use I get from the local craft shop. I think its intended use is mounting photos. its really good for models as it cuts well and can be sanded to give a smooth finish. Next job is building the basic shape of the base. I use Polly filler for this as its cheep and easy to work with. Two things to remember if you are going to use Polly filler in this way. one is build up in stages. Filler is very soft so too much will slump out of shape. two. once you have a shape and its dry cover the whole thing in a couple of coats of PVA glue. Filler on its own crumbles really easily and in this case we also want to add a water effect that will just soak into the dry filler if its not sealed first. Next add sand for exposed rock areas. I picked out a couple of larger bits of gravel to give a bit of detail to the bottom of the pool. Then added some reeds. These are bristles cut from and old decorating paint brush. Then paint. I've also added a small jewel for more detail in the bottom of the pond. At this point we start to add the water effect resin. I got this bottle from Woodland scenic. its a little more expensive than buying the dry grains and preparing your own but I find its worth the cost for the not having to mess about. also I've hade the same bottle for over a year and its not dried out so it keeps well. The syringe is from a kids cough syrup and is ideal for adding small quantities of resin. when you do this the trick is to add a small amount at a time and let it settle and dry before adding the next layer. If you have never used this stuff before it can do some odd things when used in a small amount like this. it will often dry in a bowl shape, clinging to the side of the space you want to fill. it may also develop holes where air has worked its way out. Don't panic! as Douglas Addams once said. just keep building up the layers and all will be well. About half way full is a good time for extra details like fish. Fill to top. Next we need ice. This is the lid of a plastic take out tub. cut into small parts and glued in with PVA. Add the same tufts and shrubs as used on Hearne for a touch of continuity. Finish with snow
  13. Charlie

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Was a incredibly challenging game. I thank any close game is always going to hinge on one or two key moments and that Theron/ Seenah activation was massive at that moment. I definitely felt we both only ever had tough choices in almost every action. I'm looking forward to the rematch now I've had time to recover. Cheers again man.
  14. Charlie

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Normally I would favour oHearne over vet Hearne myself but I think it massively depends on play style. One of the things I find most interesting with Hunters is how different people favour different players in the same situation and even people who use the same player don't necessarily use them in the same way. They seem to be more affected by player style than most other guilds.
  15. Charlie

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    No vet Hearne in that match but I never leave home without Chaska and almost always play him. We ran the same 5, @ForestRambo ran Minx I ran Chaska