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  1. Ideas for Harvest Markers

    https://www.ristulsmarket.com/268-food-supplies-terrains.html https://www.ristulsmarket.com/175-food-supplies-basing-kit.htm Just gonna leave that here....
  2. Obulus playing too careful?

    Hi, A quick question about how people use Obulus. I think that I am being too carefull with him at times he usually is slating at the back and using PM and other skills. I've never really used Obulus to get a first of 2nd goal etc only for a third goal/last take-out/push off the board. How do you guys see his role? Cheers, Jeroen.
  3. Football Focused Morticians

    New to the topic but my morts are pretty goal focused. Normal line-up (full guild can't get myself to take some union ) Obulus Dirge Casket Ghast Bonesaw Brainpan & Memory 3 real goal threats in Obs/Bonesaw/B&M Usually win a game with a 2-1(casket time) maybe thinking of changing Ghast for Cosset/Graves/Silence to get an extra of goal chance also adds some more influence. But I really like Ghast for the momentum game Also I feel Bonesaw has some bad vibes but I really like his pushes to get some puppet mastered of the board take-outs. Cheers,
  4. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Why change the game? It's at the moment fast-paced pretty balanced and just good as is.. I agree with polluxx66 on the mats!
  5. Doing a Guildball Demo

    I always do a 3 man team demo the 6 man just takes too long to make the game fun. How I do my demo's Size: - 3 Man teams - Small pitch Order of: - Discuss the cards/stats - Discuss how kicking works - Discuss how character plays work - Discuss how you can generate/use mp I then let 'm loose and give some pointers/surprises through the game. I find that this keeps the game light and just let's them get used to the basic mechanics. I usually let them switch teams or switch the kicker/reciever if there is time I'd do a 6 man team match. Cheers,
  6. Any guides to making momentum counters?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gemstone-Game-Counters-Plastic-Crystals-Card-Games-MTG-RPG-Tokens-/261583952587 Or any other gems also used in card games. Works great as your opponent can always track easily when you add or remove a gem/token. I agree I find these things really annoying a friend of mine (whom I truly trust gaming wise) use one of these and it's really hard to keep track when momentum is being generated a lot (Brewers)
  7. Page 42: A team will not generate Momentum while a friendly model in possession of the ball-marker is within the area behind their own goal-line. Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by that team’s Controlling Player. So rule-wise I would say yes, but I think this rulling was done to prevent people from killing the ball in an even further away corner than now is possible After adding the below seen link I say no you can still generate momentum. Waiting for the confirmed/plaussible/busted sign from the Lawyers Guild now Cheers, Jeroen Direct quote from TheLieutenant: "If a model is knocked-down while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player."
  8. GOTOW Presents Here Be Dragons #2 4th March 2017

    The tournament was a great succes we had a fun day and afterwards we went together with almost the whole group. Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/jeroen.schoonbrood.3/media_set?set=a.741223762701848.1073741839.100004426934535&type=3&notif_t=like&notif_id=1488724298094654
  9. Brainpan and Memory

    Used them yesterday really fun to use couldn't use them to their fullest potential though some bad dice. Really like them to get MP with some passes (3 max) BP--> Memory-->X-->BP My dice were horrible yesterday though Bonesaw turn 1 last activation goal attempt on open goal 1,1,1... thank god for meditate Bonesaw turn 2 first activation (has the ball due to some luck with the goal kick) with 4 influence charges on Caclulus (only needed a momentous dodge to get in range of goal again) opponent defensive stanced needing 2 5's --> 1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4 had one influence spare to try to score without mediate needing 2 4's --> 1,2,3,4 Then it went down hill
  10. Brainpan and Memory

    Can't wait to start with them arrived yesterday! Looks like a blast though
  11. Inanimate Object vs additional VPs

    My 2 cents Witness Me! If this model inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model, this model may immediately suffer the taken-outcondition and reduce its HP to [0]. The friendly team gains an additional [+2] VP. Gravedigger If target enemy model suffers the taken-outcondition this turn, the friendly team gains an additional [+1] VP. Bear Hug Target enemy model suffers [4] DMG and the bleed condition. If this model inflicts the taken-out condition using this Character Play, the friendly team gains an additional [1] VP vs Inanimate Object This model does not have an activaiton. This model does not generate VP when it suffers the taken-out condition. Why you should get the additional VP - You spend influence/momentum to gain something vs a free character trait seems a little bit off by me - For Witness me it would mean you just let Vkat die for nothing (maybe a good show but stil..) Why you shouldn't get the additional VP - With only 3HP It can be easy to get some extra VP (same as some mascots) - Additional meaning extra so something above the normal gained VP --> you don't gain VP so no additional could be given (more grammar but still could also be me as a Dutch guy) Solution if the additional VP should not be gained: - Instead of suffering the take-out condition let him be broken as he is a puppet.
  12. Shark to strong?

    Depends on your opponent/team you are facing. With Fish vs Engineers/Hunters who are letting the ball die in a corner/out of range I wish you all the best
  13. Morts are still OP?- My first tournament win

    Morticians are still very good in capable hands also I think Obulus is still the swiss army knife of players/captains. Also A+G are just ridiculous in this season.... I try not to take them just because of wanting to play with a full Guild team though (not judging you btw )
  14. Hi All, On the 4th of March we will be hosting another tournament --> https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/here-be-dragons-2-guild-ball/feed FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1774306276164067/?active_tab=about Timetable (open to changes as I took 10 minutes per round to have some breathingroom) Regional Cup 4 Round-Event 09:30-10:00 Arrival 10:00-10:15 Pairing Ronde 1 10:15-12:05: Round 1 12:05-12:35: Break 12:35-14:25 Round 2 14:25-14:35 Break 14:35-16:25 Round 3 16:25-16:35 Break 16:35-18:25 Rounds 4 18:25-18:45 Awards and cleaning, Afterwards there is an option to go for dinner together at an Italian restaurant let me know upfront if I have to make reservations? Cheers, Jeroen