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  1. The_Question_NL

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I only play Grange while receiving, cause while kicking it's just is mental to not pick Tresher.
  2. The_Question_NL

    For sale masons

    Hi, Also see here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218198005186042/permalink/769247553414415/?sale_post_id=769247553414415 Located in Germany prefer shipping in the EU. All models in metal Ltd Ed Honour Ltd Ed Flint Lucky 10 dice SFG Tokens (S1) Art of War Tokens (S3) All models are based on micro art studios bases with some spares - 1 x 50mm goal base - 1 x 40 mm - 3 x 30 mm See Pic Looking around 120 euro Or make me an offer :). No splits as of yet
  3. The_Question_NL

    Season 4 results

    Let me ask you guys this wat is our gameplan normally as I feel it: - Alchemists 4-1 - Blacksmiths 2-2 - Brewers 2-2 - Butchers 2-2 - Engineers 4-1 - Falconers 4-1/2-2 - Farmers 2-2 - Fisherman 4-1 - Hunters 4-1 - Masons 4-1/2-2 - Morticians 4-1/2-2 - Navigators 4-1 - Order 4-1 - Ratcathcers 4-1 - Union 4-1/2-2
  4. The_Question_NL


    If those Butchers hurt our beloved Quaff there is hell to pay! Time to start a war Lads!
  5. The_Question_NL

    Request for Support (Free Cities Draft)

    The Ferryman will not tolerate this insubordination! We are the ones that made you into what you are today and we are also the ones that can break you back into the rodents that you were. Be advised that we the Morticians are the ones that will have the final laugh!. *Insert evil mort laugh*
  6. Voting for Gaffer is blasphemy we don't need a coach the Ferryman has everything under control!
  7. Edge/Layne are my favourites we have can do enough damage/beating we need to increase our footballgame in my view.
  8. The_Question_NL

    Saving Amber

    Seeing what a returned Decimate did, I'd say Amber is coming home!!
  9. The_Question_NL

    Pushing vs luring over an obstruction

    To stop Rage just kill him dead
  10. The_Question_NL

    What to do about corsair

    I usually play Corsair more as a control piece going for a 2-2 in the following team: - Corsair - Tentacles - Siren - Kraken - Angel/Jac/Hag/oSakana/Greyscales Depending on the Guild the last ones are interchangeable. The normal idea is to get an early goal with Angel with supershot and one leg stance this can be done from 12" 😎 Then either let her snapshot at 12" or score another goal. Then you have 4 pieces (Corsair/Kraken/Siren/Hag)to set-up 2 shove-offs by either: - Kraken - Tentacles - Jac
  11. The_Question_NL

    Pushing vs luring over an obstruction

    Hi, From the Collected Clarifications Thread. Check here before posting new questions! (updated 20/08/18) See Below: Obstruction:- Models may end their movement on top of, or be placed on, an obstruction if there is sufficient room to position the entirety of the model’s base. Models may not finish a move, or be placed, partially on an obstruction. Models do not have to physically balance on an obstacle, proxy bases may be used where this is impractical. If a model attempts to move over an obstruction and ends its move partially on the terrain, use the rule of least disturbance to position the model back along the model’s path of movement in contact with the terrain piece. A model in base contact with but not on top of an obstacle may move away from the terrain piece without counting as moving over it. A model on an obstruction cannot be pushed. A Sprint or Charge cannot move onto an obstruction. Effectively, treat the obstruction as a barrier during any Sprint or Charge movement. In the case of models at different elevations, a model's base may still never overlap another model's base. so too bad no see below....
  12. The_Question_NL

    Tournament Trays

    Use this one myself: http://www.systemagaming.com/products/gb-tournament-bundle Really like it
  13. Also regarding the upcoming WTC do you guys think the curent Collected Clarifications Thread will be updated between now and the 14th of September? Busy getting al my files ready for printing😁 Cheers,
  14. The_Question_NL

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I feel Scalpel's Legendary is very underpowerd compared to others... should add snared or anything like damage etc..
  15. The_Question_NL

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    We are feeling the effects of a little of codex/armybook/guild creep awe are no longer the ones with the most shenanigans, since hot shot etc. The things that we mis atm with morts/are a pain for morts: - not influence effecient (no ranged options to get mp/free attacks etc) - our playbooks are too long ( we don't wrap except for cosset) - we have very specific players (we have no generic playbook that we share) - same to Fishermen if we fail a kick etc we are done ( we are not a forgiving guild ) For Obs the problems are as following: - he generates 5 inf but also mostly needs those 5 inf cause if you don't have a mininum of 4 one him he is ingored almost and people can play freely - his legendary while nice and good is nothing more than a one trick pony (and people playing against Obs can negate it by spening their mp wisely) mostly it's used when activation first to negate an counter-attack and that's it. - It's called the Obulus show and if he fails you're done. But The Ferryman will rise again in season 4 *Evil laugh*