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  1. The_Question_NL

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    No there aren't really strong/weak guilds (if you want to play pure balanced go play chess) but you do seem a slight difference between early and new guilds. A lot of new guild have what I call free shenanigans. I'm not saying it's OP or anything but just the Blacksmiths/Falconers "free" attacks from away or free characters plays of within x inch of a model feels a little bit weird to me. Given I haven't played that much against both Guilds so it could just be me
  2. The_Question_NL

    Kickoff Stolen

    I'll also chip in ;). I'll check on it first thing next week as I have to go to bachelor party today. Cheers, Jeroen
  3. The_Question_NL

    Kickoff Stolen

    I might still have a contact in the States via which I can send it with the military this would be seen as internal shipping and wouldn't cost as much. If any of the other guys knows somebody that could be the reciever of the parcel let me know. Cheers,
  4. The_Question_NL

    Kickoff Stolen

    As stated in the DM/PM sending from Europe to USA will be heavy in price. Does somebody work in the US military that might be able to help with the shipping? It's no problem I'd rather give it to somebody that will use it as I already own both teams and a mat. Cheers,
  5. The_Question_NL


    In combination with swift wind and a 4" dodge that's a kneeslider
  6. The_Question_NL

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    so do as I say not as I do are you a manager of some kind? But besides that I believe Priesmal has put it down nicely
  7. The_Question_NL

    Kickoff Stolen

    Where are you located? If you want and can't working something out with the store/postal service, you can have the kick-off set that I got from SFG for hosting demo's as a pundit. As I have both teams in full metal now, don't tell my wife Let me know! Cheers
  8. The_Question_NL


    You actually win something (20mm) in terms of range due to you being closer to the goal while still engaging someone. This could give Bonesaw an advantage in terms of not needing to dodge out of melee range while engaging someone. Also I think Swift Wind is a compensation for his 50mm base as he can "freely" move over other bases which gives you a possibility to move between a "closed gap" (5 models base to base for instance ). Cheers,
  9. The_Question_NL

    Newbie at Tourney

    - As you said yourself kick with Obulus vs 1"melee zone guilds (or mostly 1") - Always try to have 4 inf on Obulus (you don't have to PM but the danger is there) - Be smart with your legendary on Obulus ( use it to either negate a counter/defensive stance when going first or to ensure you have the first turn next round) - Morts are inf heavy try to score early to get that extra inf - As a gameplan go for a 2-2 or a 2-1(casket time) - Also don't be picky on who you use casket time the sooner the better (to have an influence advantage) True just checking what he meant but thnx for the verification For me personally 14 non-momentous damage is not something that I really feel like adds something (unless it's the winning take-out ofcourse )
  10. The_Question_NL

    Newbie at Tourney

    How do see point 3 happening? With TAC 5 and a mon 2 on 3 hits? Or do you take in account a knock-down model with only 1 armour? Cheers, Jeroen
  11. The_Question_NL

    Why the current painting restrictions are stupid

    What priesmal said. As a To if you have a recurring player who keeps bringing unpainted models use the evil eye Just don't bash new players with it!
  12. The_Question_NL

    Help me with my Scalpel team

    Hi, For your list: Scalpel: (auto include) Vileswarm: - (auto include) Vet Graves : - (auto include) - your only KD danger and synergy with Vileswarm - Bleed+Grave Digger Pelage: - Your only real damage in my opinion (Hello gentleman!). - Hidden-striker Skulk: - Very usefull against goal scoring teams - Hidden-striker - Personally I don't like him for my way of playing the game - In my view the only real goalkeeper in the game is Tenderiser Vet Hemlocke: - Good set-up for Bonesaw/Scalpel - Blind is a @!#% - Hidden-striker Bonesaw: - Shenanigan goals - I absolutely love him For you current models I would field: Scalpel, Vileswarm, VGraves, Pelage, VHemlocke, Bonesaw in most games and either switch Pelage for Skulk if you would face a heavy scoring team. You could either go for a 2-2 or a 3-0 but mostly your gameplan without Obulus should be a 2-2 I think if you would add Casket instead of either VGraves or Pelage depending on how many KD's you need you could easily go for a 2-1 (casket time) or combine casket time+gravedigger for a massive 5 VP + 1 Grave Digger take-out and a goal Cheers,
  13. The_Question_NL

    Tormented Agony

    Yeah had some discussion with our local players and just wanted to get it right.
  14. The_Question_NL

    Tormented Agony

    So basically there is no removing of influence possible on a not yet activated model only relocation. They only way you can remove influence and it having effect is to stop/annoy Superior Strategy and Hammer correct?