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    Guild Ball, WW2, Flames Of War, Warhammer 9th Age, Whisk(e)y

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  1. The_Question_NL

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    I like it but what about a Herder Guild with all sorts of animals --> same idea as VHonour? This opens up a combination of players with an animals on their base? Also Harrow and VHonour would be a fit. Some ideas for models: - Billy The Kid (Real kid with a goat) ranged scatter of the ball/pushes? - George ( with a goose) --> hotshot attacks? - Herny (with a dog) ranged tackle (retriever dog)? - Mary (with a sheep/lamb) --> healer? - Badger/mole as a mascott with burrow? - Holly (with a horse)/ or a male with an Ox --> plow the fields? - Barry (The insectkeeper) --> long ranged conditions? Cheers
  2. The_Question_NL

    New Player Idea

    Borka much? --> https://warmachineuniversity.com/mw/index.php/Borka_Kegslayer_%26_Keg_Carrier
  3. The_Question_NL

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    I'm growing them myself as a proper wannabe farmer ­čśť
  4. The_Question_NL

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    Where do you buy your veggies?
  5. The_Question_NL

    So this is a thing... --> Epic Dice fail

    I only scored with fish after 30 minutes into the 2nd match :P
  6. The_Question_NL

    So this is a thing... --> Epic Dice fail

    It was the 2nd time this happened only the first time it was with 6 dice.. so still below average
  7. The_Question_NL

    So this is a thing... --> Epic Dice fail

    I laughed my ass off at the tournament. I did win the match with Angel scoring a super shot tap in goal (6-6-6-6-1.....) Cheers
  8. So the set-up: - Angel - Super Shot - One Leg Stance - Bonus Time - Shooting from 12" is cool btw - Open goal. The result: The Reaction ­čśÉ
  9. The_Question_NL

    False Start

    No, Moving 0" is not an advance´╗┐ --> therefore there should be no start
  10. The_Question_NL

    False Start

    For Peck: No. Moving 0" is not an advance For the Benediction part: you started at 0 + 2x 2" --> 4" so you are still within 4" --> so yes Benediction takes the damage. Same example how to get to an Unpredictable movement model --> have a 2" melee model move within bases to base 0 + 2 = 2.
  11. The_Question_NL

    Timing of declaration of rerolls

    I hope this get's an errata or changed in S4 as this will become very unpractical
  12. The_Question_NL

    Clogcon 2018 Dutch 3 man Team Tournament

    bump please let us know when you are coming asap.
  13. The_Question_NL

    What kind of player would you like to see?

    Someone that keeps our harvest markers on the pitch. The usage of them and the potential ease of removing them is really bugging atm with the amount of influence we can produce.
  14. The_Question_NL


    someone that boosts or let us re-roll kicks as we are horrible at it at least with my dice we are..
  15. The_Question_NL


    Shall we make a poll here when it goes live who we want?