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  1. sherlocko


    After vDecimate, the sky is the limit.
  2. sherlocko


    You are so right!
  3. sherlocko

    Keeping the ball safe

    Skulk is pretty Good if you need it.
  4. sherlocko

    Teach Me To Paint

    Those are in a scale that is quite hard to work with. So be kind to yourself when evalueating your work.
  5. sherlocko

    Into Butchers...

    That setup (4inf) is at least 4dmg, 4" push and 4 mom for scalpel. But I didn't play Obulus so I probably miss something.
  6. sherlocko

    Into Butchers...

    I just dont see this. Care to explain?
  7. sherlocko

    Game plan deck revealed

    I used it yesterday. Velocity killed the ball, so I used last activation to farm momentum with Scalpel on Ratchet so I could dodge to Velocity to start the next turn without Velocity in btb.
  8. sherlocko

    Bags and Storage

    Also using KR here. Some friends have battlefoam but I think the foam is to "hard" so Im afraid it will chip models.
  9. sherlocko

    Scalpel or Obulus

    Always Scalpel
  10. sherlocko

    Any guides to making momentum counters?

    I have plastic rings that I hang on my goal. Easy and ....mostly easy.
  11. sherlocko

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    It´s the same lineup I prefer. I feel that since Fillet just turned a little bit more squishy, I can´t overextrend her anyway any more. And if Boiler goes, then Princess is no more mandatory. And Vindictive is awesome.
  12. sherlocko

    The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    Yeah. But if you go hunting anything with gravedigger, that 1 VP from a mascot will actually matter. I do think that the trap is to play them as a pair. I haven´t tried them yet, but I´ll rather try to suicide Vileswarm so that vGraves can get an easy crowded out with his heroic.
  13. sherlocko

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    This is my favourite app. Thanks you so much! Is there an inf total for roster somewhere that I am missing?
  14. sherlocko

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    Always like to read your articels. Thanks.