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  1. That's bizarre. Did you resume the game after getting a crash or did you start a new game? Was there an internet connection there? Did you both have the latest version?
  2. Were you playing single player or linked? I found a bug today that is affecting some single player games. I should have a patch out tomorrow
  3. I have overriding the phone settings and keeping the screen on high on my development list
  4. Single player mode is offline and is not stored remotely like multiplayer. Adding this backup is on the roadmap.
  5. All the available navigators have been added. The iOS update is waiting for approval. Apple is quite slow. I'll add the order in the next update
  6. Good call. Will add in the next updat
  7. I've been working on it and the dice odds section will be significantly better both in layout and in functionality.
  8. Yeah I'm not happy about the way that area of the app reads either. Working on some solutions to make it better.
  9. I'm extremely pleased to announce that my app Guild Ball Manager is now available for iOS in the app store. It comes with all the cards (up to the exiles, coming soon), game timer, odds calculator and a player finder. Using the player finder you can add yourself to a worldwide map and find/contact other players. Damage tracking/Team building and several other mystery features coming soon. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guild-ball-manager/id1371726340?ls=1&mt=8
  10. Currently there's not an option to play a game with damage tracking. Coming soon though.
  11. Hi everyone, I recently finished rewriting the entire Guild Ball Manager app. It is updated with all of the cards up until Ratcatchers. New features: Completely redesigned from the ground up for performance/interface improvements. All cards graphics now instead of text Chess clock can be set to any time and correctly handles one minute timeouts Odds calculator to see what the chance is of missing that 4 die tap in (less than 1%) Player Map, find and contact other players near you. Coming soon features: iOS Support, it was built in React Native so the transition should be fairly simple. Better quality menu screen (if anyone has a better quality version of this image I'd love to use it) Team Building and Damage Tracking Several other mystery features (bwahahaha) Please let me know any issues you run across or any features you'd like to see. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gbmanager
  12. Come on out to a fun alternative format Guild Ball Tournament. Snake Draft! What's a Snake Draft? Good question. We'll have every captain, mascot and player available. Taking turns the first player will pick two minis, the second will take one and so on, the last player will pick two minis and then everything reverses. The draft will end when you have a team of 1 captain 1 mascot and 4 players. They don't have to be from the same guild. Yes it's madness. YES IT'S FUN! The event is at Grognard Games in Roselle, IL on February 24 at noon. You can sign up at: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=674. Entry will be $10 and there will be a free lucky figure for the first 8 people who don't have one! Message me with any questions.
  13. Just a reminder registration for the American Team Championship tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will close on November 30. The event is on January 13-14. You can find out more information and register at: https://atcwmh.com/atc-information/ This is a two day event with lunch provided with the entry cost. On Saturday we will have a standard regional cup using the current GIC cards. On Sunday we will have a three player team tournament. There is a cap of 8 teams for the team tournament. There are still 3 slots available. Models released to the general public through retail or via the escalation league kit (Lucky) by the date of list lock (January 1) will be legal for the ATC. Based on current release dates the following pre-release models will not be legal: Farmers Box 2, Thresher - Dark Harvest, Tater - Convention Exclusive, Blacksmiths Box 2, Hearth & Buckwheat - A Yuletide Hearth
  14. Elkton

    Pin Vice vs Morts

    Had a really close game against the Morticians ended up losing it but learned a lot about playing Pin Vice. 4 Damage Blast Earths are monstrous.