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  1. DrillbossD

    Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge? Wait... We do have Ratchet and Hoist though.
  2. PM me and I can give you edit perms to the doc!
  3. DrillbossD

    Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    I had fun with Gutter for snowflake reasons, and she was good in the ways @dtjunkie19 suggests she would be: Singled Out + KD means she can actually hit Scything Blow, and Chain Grab is pretty decent in its new form for setting up Ballista-related murder. That said, Harry brings a ton to the table and is hard to refuse.
  4. DrillbossD

    Non momentous Knockdown for the win

    Rough time with the character plays! Still sounds like a great game though.
  5. DrillbossD

    Theron's Backstory

    Good to see someone asking Theron to be as cool as @Maurice.
  6. DrillbossD

    Shark to strong?

    Killing the ball is part of what is very hard against a good Shark player with the right tools. To paraphrase from Jordan's own recounting, Siren is one of the best models at recovering a ball which is currently held, while Avarisse and Greede are superlative at getting to loose balls. "On a mascot in the corner" might be the best place to put the ball. Also looking to try Compound. To be fair, I haven't played against Fish yet in S3, though I have played as Shark (not very well I should add).
  7. DrillbossD

    Brainpan and Memory

    Huh... So Football Dervish has no "in activation" restriction. That is nuts with I'm Open! (and also just Puppet Master).
  8. DrillbossD

    Brainpan and Memory

    You seem to have used that "enhance" feature we always see in the movies.
  9. DrillbossD

    How have union picks changed?

    They are probably the most potent self-contained non-captain striker in the game.
  10. DrillbossD

    How have union picks changed?

    Avarisse and Greede?
  11. DrillbossD

    Drill's Engineers at the Las Vegas Open

    Glad you enjoyed! Some of the games had key moments. My Mainspring failing to tackle my opponent's Mainspring over 3 attacks (one bonus timed) was a serious bummer, as was Mainspring kicking the ball off the board as I was setting up for a goal. On the flipside though, that moment where Honour failed to generate momentum was very important. Guild Ball can be very explosive with high risk/high reward moments. In Season 2, my Ballista game improved a lot as I moved away from relying on character plays (though I usually still took one of Ratchet or Salvo with Ballista) and started using Colossus, Decimate, and Rage together. The easy knockdown + consistent momentous damage led to smoother play and more options even when I missed a character play or lost the ball. Season 3 Engineers seem balanced around moving the ball and using the ball to move themselves, with the lack of Union making damage a more difficult fallback. That said, the entire meta seems to have shifted to favor more football, so at least we have the tools to keep up?
  12. DrillbossD

    Breach clarification

    It's a typo.
  13. DrillbossD

    Strictly the Worst: Episode 11!

    Great to hear the analysis of matches I only saw from the corner of my eye. Congrats on taking the day! FWIW, I had no issue bringing giant metal Spigot on the plane.
  14. DrillbossD

    Drill's Engineers at the Las Vegas Open

    I believe my opponent in the Mason's games was @Killermonkey. His monkey was indeed a killer (well, Honour was when the monkey was around). Thanks again for two awesome games and sorry about dropping the widget on Marbles! Would love to hear your perspective on either of the games.
  15. DrillbossD

    Drill's Engineers at the Las Vegas Open

    Missed Tooled Up a bit. Not sure about Fixer and Overclocked. Ratchet is so squishy, but could have been nice to bombard from a distance and close out kills. Ratchet, Salvo, Colossus, Gutter could be interesting. Still so few games!