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  1. Congrats! Really nice entries!
  2. Yeah, Memory is amazing and disturbing. Very nice!
  3. Winter Painting Contest

    Don't take that serious!
  4. Winter Painting Contest

    I use picload.org. But before posting, open the picture yourself in another tab, right-click the picture and copy the direct link. In this case you avoid advertisements. And yes, my ballmarker is in!
  5. Someone was very nice, didn't know what is in that blue present... Hope you like it! Finished my ballmarker more or less. Not sure if I get it a little bit better tomorrow, so it's a shot, that I'm in for the contest first. A WIP shot is in my thread.
  6. Nearly finished my winter painting contest entry. It's just in time because I'm on Holiday from friday to monday... Have to wait, that the painted model dries until after work. But here is a picture of the handmade parts before priming: The christmas tree balls are made from wood, wire and greenstuff. The present from grey- and greenstuff. The sword is made of plastic card, wrapped with greenstuff. The tree had been cut into a smaller size and "stand" in a "forged tree stand" made of greenstuff.
  7. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Really, really awesome team! And I have to ask, if I could copy Farris more or less...
  8. Insider, I think. Didn't get that. +++++++++++ Yeah, I liked the idea from a friend to paint Skeletor in the background! So it's not too serious business. But unbelievable, I met Players who doesn't know Skeletor... +++++++++++ My Blacksmiths got primed yesterday. I work on them since SteamCon and I like them very much, but sometimes it was really annoying to clean the moldlines. Sledge hit it really hard at his neck, Hearth wasn't easy, too. Anvil got some greenstuff on his trousers to cover it, Furnace needed some work on his hair and needed to cut of his arms to kill moldlines and there was more... OK, in the eyes of some other people it's less bad but I'm a "little bit" pedantic at this and I would prefer, if the new teams won't come glued, to get easier access to all moldlines. During the holidays I prepared the bases for the BS. Because there is wrecker, I liked the idea to place a tiny armadillo anywhere. In the end, jumping Bolt got it. I just realized, that I didn't showed pictures of Ferrite and Iron here. Both got some drastic treatment. Because Twitter is a b****, I only have these teasers for you!
  9. Winter Painting Contest

    Well done @Grenoir! I hope, I get my entry done before deadline...
  10. Yay, we bought a new camera for holidays... and you don't believe it, it can take pictures of miniatures, too! So I took some of my SteamCon entry and something fresh work for my blacksmiths: My tray (smoke and light off) I had to change my goal-marker, because the miniature on it before was from Confrontion. So it wasn't allowed: I changed it vs. a resin casket, made some handles for it, cut an Omega into it and now the lamp in the marker illuminate the guild sign from behind. My ball marker: The flowers are selfmade of green stuff and wire. With the new camera, the pinstripes on the trousers of Avarisse can be seen! Not new, but I like the picture : New, but only a decoration my VetGraves - playing doctor at the sideline: Maybe it's better not to get injured... Aaand a small conversion of my Cinder. In my opinion, her neck was to long. So I padded her breastplate with some greenstuff. In my eyes the proportion is better now: At the moment I get closer for priming my BS. Yesterday I got a laser cut kit for my goal marker and have to scratchbuild some things for it. Will take pictures, when it's done.
  11. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    Hm, doesn't get my design file until today. Mailed my adress to SFG some weeks ago.
  12. It's more or less experience. I paint miniatures since ~25 years (HeroQuest, BattleTech and Revell models with Revell colours), since ~20 with acrylics. I never had the time to get "really on pro level", but with Guildball I claim to get some better results. There are many blogs about colours and painting techniques. My style is based on layering and wet-in-wet parts. Most of the time I use brushes in size 0 and 2. That suits best for me. There are some really good painters, that hold painting education weekends. As I heared, it's most of the time a huge boost of the participants painting skills. For my tray on the SteamCon UK I made a great leap forward with airbrush techniques for the background.
  13. Could be a chart from me! :-D But I own much less miniatures, because I hate a large workload in my hobby... ;-) The ball for the Blacksmiths is great! I want more!
  14. Black Friday Sales

    ...pls ignore...