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  1. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    @speedfreek Metal only I'm afraid, and he's available from Willy Miniatures. Heavy piece too!
  2. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    @Gkullring Cheers I think the base colour was Vallejo Parasite Brown, then highlighted up with yellow glazes and shaded down with Vallejo Dark Flesh.
  3. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    Thanks Aybarra! I've been remiss on posting updates. Shame on me. Since the end of September I've managed to finish another Morticians player, Bonesaw. Then I was sidetracked onto painting course to up my game, and wrapped up a couple of NPCs to use on the board ... With a scale shot for comparison to demonstrate the size difference, in case it wasn't apparently from the photographs above And now, somehow, I've been sidetracked onto starting up a Hunters team too ... Catching up on the posts from everyone else, and discovered you're only allowed to like 10 posts in a single day. Crying shame, as there's a few dozen fantastic figures on here since I last looked! Merry Christmas excellent people.
  4. Love your finished display base for the Morticians, wonderfully thematic. I'm so glad I didn't see it completed before finishing mine, or would have tried to make a poor copy of your work!
  5. nerodine

    Kujo Butchers the Butchers.

    Truffles is adorable. Cracking work as usual!
  6. nerodine

    Boyo's Guild Ball Miniatures

    Oh man, that Silence is fantastic - an original take and works so well.
  7. nerodine

    Gkullring guildball goons

    Lovely selection all round, and the skintones on Katalyst are excellent!
  8. nerodine

    Studio Jolly Roger workshop

    They look excellent, the smoothness of the blends is very pleasing. Sidenote: the first link in your post doesn't work.
  9. nerodine

    Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    This guy's adorable! Love the smoothness of the colour changes too.
  10. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    Last one of the regulars is finished, Graves. Primer nightmare gave me an slightly gritty surface but I ploughed on (to my regret - wish I'd stripped) but at least he's now finished up. Strange model this, I didn't like it at the beginning but he's grown on me while painting it up. Colour scheme is a little duller and perfunctory than the others, he strikes me as a man who doesn't have time for anything that gets in the way of his job - so he gets a single purple feather by way of a highlight.
  11. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    Thanks! More progress this week, the all-important ball and Obulus, the captain. Running out of steam now, but still have Graves, Bonesaw and Scalpel to finish up. Nearly there ...
  12. nerodine

    Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    We have another member of the team wrapped up - this time it's Silence. I can't recall where I saw the white robes for him, it was somewhere on here though, but loved the idea and accordingly nicked it and implemented it badly but there you go. He's got a bit of (OTT) OSL and I gloss varnished his little decanter of poison for depth. Beginning to run out of steam now, but Obulus is on the table next so on we go!
  13. Sorry, my vocabulary is all over the place this week - I meant the separation inlays
  14. nerodine

    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Great looking team, and Boar is clearly a man who loves his job!
  15. nerodine

    Fillet- a REAL Blood Dance

    Marvellous work! How did you achieve that effect?