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  1. SwampDonkey

    Talk to me about dat ass

    Now that is some of the fine ass insight that I have been holding out for. It may keep the Bdubs out of the scrum for a while but the denial is huge! No one wants the two cute little horse shoe bruises that would accompany that reliable crows surf. I also think that the channel along the side line would open his goal threat nicely. I am super eager to try that out, thanks!
  2. SwampDonkey

    Talk to me about dat ass

    That is a pretty legitimate perspective IMO. Millstone does a good amount of effective condition management. But is it enough to see the donkey in the Thresher line up?
  3. SwampDonkey

    Talk to me about dat ass

    Now that some of us plebs have finally got our hands on the Christmas version of Buckwheat, how are you fielding him? When the farmers were released, we were all eager to get hour hands on the bigger, firmer mascot choice for the farmers, but now that the dust is finally starting to settle on the full guild release, there is nary a mention of the donkey and how he is played! So much of the farmers discussion out in the wild is centering upon Thresher being the new God king of guild ball and his lists only ever seem to include Peck. I keep looking at the potential for Buckwheat to put points on the board with a Grange team. First off, with some liberally sprinkled harvest markers, the Donkey has a really long goal threat which I feel complements the beater team nicely. Then in combat, Buckwheat is an ass that slaps back. Buckwheat has a butchers playbook and access to free attacks, has anyone gotten any experience using him to dive in on an opponent under honest labour? Grange can supply a tac buff, a damage buff and a harvest marker all by himself! And then just for kicks, he has access to an easy 4"push off of a successful attack, which then even has some serious potential to crowd surf a marauding striker or shove a midfielder back in to the scrum for another tumble. So long story short, which captain do you bring buckwheat with? Where do you play him on the field and to what end?
  4. SwampDonkey

    Are the Farmers just a beadown team?

    So far, all of my games that I have won were 2 and 2 playing the first 6. It is usually the first goal for Bushel and the second is a janky Jackstraw goal. Windle usually gets a take out on a player and sometimes gets a mascot with a snack break somewhere in there. I keep finding that the farmers start the midfield scrum super strong but can be ground out by turn 3 against a beating team. The scrum almost always sours on me against the brewers and I find myself desperate for a goal to seal the game. I find myself vulnerable to control as no one really hits their potential on their own and a sabotaged set up is costly.
  5. SwampDonkey

    Let's talk about Stoker

    If there was one thing that I could change about Stoker, it would be moving his 2 damage up to column number 2. Only being tack 5, I often only ever see 2 net hits and loathe to have to take the 1 damage on the first column. Neither damage result being momentous stings, but needing three hits for a nonmomentous 2 damage plain hurts.
  6. SwampDonkey

    Can Someone Explain "Opportunity Cost" to me?

    Or the curious case of Spigot! Vet Spigot is pretty cool! He is a great scoring piece, he has good range, good dice and can even score with out influence! But.... The opportunity cost here is that you can not take o Spigot. And oSpigs brings tooled up, a speed boosting aura and a great damage potential all his own. All of which are super important in a traditional Brewers line up. So, since you can not take both Spigots in a 6 man team, veteran Spigot is considered to have a very high opportunity cost. In a broader sense opportunity cost in guildball is considered to be what must I remove from my line up to include what I want in my line up.
  7. SwampDonkey

    Brainpan and Memory

    Was the card release a mistake? Was it just corrected? I just downloaded the Mortician cards and dI'd not see Brainpan & Memory in there.
  8. SwampDonkey

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    So far the bacon bomb just gets to park it's chops in the middle of the pitch infront of my goal and some one will always get in range to be smoked by flying hams. So far I have been liking the way it plays with Tenderizer or Boar to keep my defensive half of the pitch contested.
  9. SwampDonkey

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    But what WOULD counter anger pig? Or rather what is worth using to counter anger pig? If someone goes after Truffles instead of some one else I kind of giggle to myself as 11 hit boxes on a critter that resilient for a single point to make me waste single influence is probably going to end up in my favor. He is not quite as efficient as wrecker, but I really think that a source of knock down is a lot scarier in butchers than it is in Masons. The more that I play Truffles, the more I enjoy the model, he is a lot of fun to move around the board.
  10. SwampDonkey

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    That seems like a really hard charging line up, how does it play defense? Do you try to park the ball on Brisket and let her run laps? You are playing a lot of hard hitting players that usually feel like they want to be pushing in to the opponents half of the field. Who fields kick outs if the bad guys score one on you? I usually play Brewers, where I usually have the fight come to me and I get to baby sit my goal a bit and have multiple kick out options and can play for the snap back goal. I am starting to think that the butchers may require a pretty fundamental shift in how I approach the game.
  11. SwampDonkey

    New Union Captain

    Just to fan the flames a bit.... One of the things I did notice on the render was that Uni-cap does have oversized knee pads... if I were recovering from a knee injury like Honor is... And Harmony is suddenly a team player where before she was most certainly not. And now that big sister Honour has left the scene and things with Lucius Bastille and taking the masons in a direction that is decidedly not above board, maybe our blade wielding ball mover moved sides... Maybe Gutter has returned to the game after a vigorous shampooing and the discovery of a fancy new religion that could have even saved a mean old drunk like Spigot... Maybe Princess was actually a lycanthrope and this is her in human form, done with the butchers after not getting enough tummy rubs with that whole civil war business...
  12. SwampDonkey

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    Wow. That line up is full on murder and movement. You seem to like the pig for the same reasons that he caught my eye, so I can't be completely crazy... Right? And Fillet with no wonder boy? I have yet to be brave enough to even consider Fillet with out Boiler!
  13. SwampDonkey

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    OK fair point on Mash. I do adore the model and he is a permanent addition to my active 6. But it is so hard to think of him as a traditional striker! His "Moments" are snap shots or just being a disruptive pusher that often requires more effort than he is worth to shift. He does not play like a striker, he plays like the guy on the hockey team who is too old and squishy to skate properly but still wants the one timer. The dude that is too old to fight but the young'uns stay away from because he plays so dirty that the post game would require a therapist and a doll. I want a roaring run away train. I want a big snarling dude with the ~18 inch threat range of a traditional striker who can go for the big rumble to the goal or come flying in from down town for the tackle. Rather than athletic young woman or dude who would celebrate by fixing his hair, I want the dude who would celebrate with a Rick Flair "Wooooo!" And Ulfr looks to fit that bill wonderfully.
  14. SwampDonkey

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    I have just stumbled in to a new butchers team and I have been looking at rocking some meat heads on the table top. The internet seems to feel that Truffles is generally inferior to Princess. Does anyone here run Truffles over Princess? What does your team comp look like?
  15. SwampDonkey

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    I am super stoked to see a big scary goon striker model. Enough of these prancing dandies, not everyone who steps on the pitch to score goals looks like they put product in their hair. I want to see some one going around instead of through for the deft strike at goal, haha.