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  1. Gorbad

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I'm quite excited to see Ghast gain an influence. He was on of the reasons I picked morticians in the first place and he is ever so much fun to use bit the 1/3 influence could make him a tough sell sometimes. And basically made it very unlikely you would ever run both him and Casket. However I'll feel much better about putting him in a bunch of lineups with his new 2/3 influence stat.
  2. Gorbad

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I find Dirge and Cosset's synergy helpful, but accidental. You want Dirge for his speed. A flying 8/10 model can be very practical. A key crowdout or retrieving the ball. He can even ferry the ball between players if you don't fancy trying to kick. And it can do all of that mostly without needing influence ever.
  3. Gorbad

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Ghast at 2/3 would be really nice. I want to use him all the time, but 1/3 means he often doesn't make it into the team. I also think that even if vGraves got a more reliable knockdown there would be reasons to run both of them or either one.
  4. Gorbad

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    Hmm, wouldn't the fact that the gab is small mean it only matters between equally skilled players? If the gap is small and you are a good player you will still beat most bad/average/decent players. However if you are facing someone at the same skill level as you the small gap suddenly matters as you space for outplaying them is much smaller.
  5. Gorbad

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I don't think those changes would make me play VetGraves, but I can see how at least you might consider Vileswarm. The problem is that even a free influence on Vileswarm probably isn't going to go very far in terms of actual in-game effectiveness and frankly I'd just much rather have oGraves than vGraves. If you want to bring vGraves onto the table make his easier to get. A second model that could reliably :KD: would make it worth considering. Vileswarm charging for free at least mean he will get to do something, however I feel he needs a reason for your opponent to consider killing him. Noxious Death is fun, but why would your opponent ever do that? If he was annoying to have around that becomes a completely different thing. Say he had Foul Odour. That could be sufficiently annoying that your opponent might actually have to deal with him.
  6. I certainly hope that we get these as 6 man boxes. At the moment I got all the Morticians players, but one box of Masons, Brewers and Union. I'm waiting to finish off those guilds with the plastic boxes once we know more. However if the only option is going to be 12 man boxes that actually makes it more expensive to finish off those guilds and I end up with half a duplicate team. That just isn't very appealing and probably means I'll buy less. Or at least I'll buy much, much slower.
  7. Gorbad

    Season 3 Statistical Analysis

    That's really cool, thanks for doing that.
  8. So we were told that the Church will be the Unions minor guild and saw some models from their box but that just made everything more confusing, at least to me. So we know that sBrisket and Harry(?) is in the Church box, so does that mean they are gone from the Union roster? And what about Mist and Grace & Benediction? I would assume that Mist is a one of the union models that can play for the church and that G&B are the two church models that can play for the union but I don't think it was said? Really it's terribly confusing and a little clarity would be very welcome.
  9. Gorbad

    Masons Decimate

    I like it, but Decimate is a bit of a weird model. The original model looks like it's escaped from Karneval. This one looks like it's escaped from Warmachine (Khador). I wonder if the brewers one will look like it's from Infinity (Ariana). To be honest I'd kind a prefer a different hat, but aside from that it's a neat model I think.
  10. Gorbad

    Pushes & Straight Lines

    I'm sure I've done this wrong in multiple different games, so it's a really good point. Must remember this and do better!
  11. Gorbad


    If you listen to the most recent episode of Singled Out it's an interview with Sherwin about this and it sounds very much like it will be new versions of those players, effectively fleeing the Union because of what's happening.
  12. It can be tricky to say, as people naturally play and focus differently but a couple of things I've found very helpful to consider (outside of the immediate, how do I hit people this activation). What happens to the ball if I score? Is my opponent set up to immediately counter-score? Is it worth it holding on to the ball instead. Especially if them scoring ends the game. Are any of my players in imminent danger of getting taken out? And if so, can I stop it and is it important to do so? Also goes back to the scoring system again. How much setup is required to accomplish a given play? And is my opponent likely to stand around and let me do that? It's no good having a clever play to take someone out if it takes 4 activations and the board state will have completely changed. You might have to settle for less optimal plays that have fewer failure points. Pay attention to the score, and think about where your points will come from, and what you can afford to give away. You might be planning on playing football but if you get an easy take-out it all helps, or vise-versa.
  13. Gorbad

    How to Graves

    I'm with LeadDiceandBeers. For me he mostly hangs around in the back, hands out Tooled Up, provides a handy 2" melee zone and a point of influence to someone else. The beauty is that he is the also perfectly capable of stepping in and helping with other tasks. He can add damage, just 1 influence does more than you would expect, to finish someone off or soften them up if you don't have time to deal with them right now. He have a decent kick stat so he can move the ball around. With 2" melee and a good tackle he can do some defensive work. Think of him as a really good additional model. He is not the first choice for fighting, or scoring or control or anything like that. But he can help with pretty much anything you want to do.
  14. Gorbad

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    But does it make the game more interesting to play? There is definitely a target audience for quick to play games. But Guildball is already a pretty fast game most of the time. Although you could argue that the fastest games tends to be the more one-sided ones and by making those even faster people can move on to more interesting games quicker? Not sure that's the right way to solve that though.
  15. Gorbad

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    As a new Mortician player I need to play more then, because the Mortician cards to me look really uninteresting. Now I'm aware that there is a difference between interesting and powerful, but they don't seem to fall into either category for me. Situationally useful perhaps but nothing you can hang a game-plan on or that will really change how or who you play. And they also just seem really dull. And not particularly themed to Morticians either. Take Inheritance Tax. It will occasionally do something good for you depending on setup and board position, etc. But it doesn't feel like a Mortician thing. If it took away an influence it would seem to fit both the name of the card and some of the other abilities and themes of Morticians better as there are multiple ways of messing with influence and such things in Morticians. I haven't actually tried any of them yet, but my initial impression of the GIC is that it's a neat concept, but that it's a shame I don't have anything to get excited about in the testing of it(partly why I haven't managed to try them out yet). It will be really interesting to see how this shakes out and to see what impact good cards have on what guilds are played. I do worry that they could form a large part in the choice people make for what's "viable". I also wonder about using them a a balance mechanic. If brewers get better cards than anyone else (and it seems like they did) to help buff up the team because while they are all fine, they are not great does that mean they will never get a "good" player in the future? Or would the GIC be adjusted to take into account they got new a player and are now better? And if so, are you "forced" to play said new player or be back to playing an under-par team?