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  1. In this episode we talk high level Brewers strategy with World Champ 2016 Tim Wischniowski! We talk about Tim's love of Esters and Veteran Decimate, we talk about his enduring hatred of Fish, but most of all we talk high level strategy with the Freakin' Bear himself. Double Dodge!! Get high!! http://www.doubledodge.com.au/
  2. RandomScrub

    Double Dodge Episode 31 - Love in an Elevator

    thanks for the kind words gents. gremlins got us again. high level strategy for everyone (even Andrew)
  3. In this episode we milk Stockport Fast Talk Champion, Jamie Perkins for information about Scourge and Ratcatchers and also touch on Morticians, Season 4 and WTC. We then jump in the car for a Farmers vs Blacksmiths Car Ball. Double Dodge!! Green Milk!! http://www.doubledodge.com.au/
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    Double Dodge Episode 30 - Milking Perkins

    Nothing can be confirmed or denied
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    Double Dodge Episode 17 - The Gavle Goat

    hahaha this is amazing!! thanks for the share.
  6. Episode 17 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this Episode we talk to Swedish National Champ, Rickard Andersson about Fish, arson and Swedish Easter. We then stuff ourselves into the hatchback for another tournament edition Car Ball where Blackheart rides again! Double Dodge!! Let’s all play with matches!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
  7. Episode 24 is live! http://www.doubledodge.com.au/index.php/2-uncategorised/26-double-dodge-episode-24-wtc-2017-mr-december In this episode we chat with victorious German Juggernauts about their WTC win, tournament etiquette and Timmy wrangling. We then jump across the Channel to chat with Mr December himself, Jamie Perkins not as a game designer, but as an actual human being. Double Dodge!! Free Jamie!! to chat with us on twitter @dubdodgecast Dave is @scrub_random Cam is @stubbyholders
  8. Episode 23 is live!! In this episode we double down on Carball in an attempt to get to grips with Blacksmiths and Farmers. We discuss players, matchups and monsoonal amounts of elephant semen in one of our loosest episodes yet! Double Dodge!! It's a steaming pile!! http://www.doubledodge.com.au/index.php/2-uncategorised/25-double-dodge-episode-23-omfgtheworst to chat with us on twitter @dubdodgecast Dave is @scrub_random Cam is @stubbyholders
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    Double Dodge Episode 23 #omfgtheworst

    that is the British way, after all ... Elgin Marbles etc
  10. RandomScrub

    Double Dodge Episode 23 #omfgtheworst

    What's the difference between an ISIS training camp and a preschool? I don't know, man. I just fly the drones. don't you mean 6/7 would shamelessly steal your audio again? nights nights nights ... here's the discord link. you might want to wear something waterproof. https://discord.gg/CsSdpT
  11. RandomScrub

    Double Dodge Episode 23 #omfgtheworst

    we all float down here mate ;P i feel like you might be the only one who truly understands our artistic vision. blackheart legit. why can't dinosaurs clap? because they're dead. xo
  12. RandomScrub

    Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    This covert Jake Paul reference is the sneakiest thing I have seen in a while.
  13. RandomScrub

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Theron can crank out damage now with the playbook readjustment. Last game I played I gave him a full clip and did 17 damage and a takeout to a KD, snared oKat w. one assist and used 5 inf to do it. He then used the last inf to do mom2 + snare to mercury. Could have been a 21 damage activation but I missed TN on the blessing. That activation was a mixed bag with a combination of below average and above average rolls. He is a very efficient melee damage dealer now. The thing I like the most is the flexibility though. You can run him as a battery and help the team or you can go full beast mode with him and get work done. The mom 1 as his first playbook result and the non mom 4 on the sixth column are huge in terms of set up, MP generating and then overall damage output when you start wrapping. Just feels like the whole machine is working smoothly following the changes.
  14. RandomScrub

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I've played a few games of Theron post errata. Sun strike is pretty useful imho. Sure you are going to flub rolls on character plays from time to time but the same thing happens with Ballista's momentous inspiration. I suppose the trade off versus momentous inspiration is that with SS you are afforded mobility so that someone like Egret can maintain a safe distance or get herself into position to strike whilst also being able to generate MP at range. I am finding it makes Theron's first turn a good deal better, particularly in the sense that it turns on BotSF and allows you to apply solid damage, apply control effects in snared/pinned/sniped and generate enough MP to contest initiative/use counter attacks/heal/use heroic plays/bonus time things. Hunters like to play a slippery game and being able to control at range whilst doing damage AND generating MP whilst not having to commit your somewhat fragile damage dealers to disadvantageous melee seems pretty good to me. Combine that with Theron and oHearne's other changes and I am finding they have the grunt they previously did not. Each to their own I guess.
  15. Episode 20 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 It's Errata Day!! We celebrate Episode 20 with the reigning Stockport Fast Talk Champion, Jamie Perkins, and chat about the changes afoot. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll puke. Double Dodge!! Baby you're a firework!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
  16. It's a great story. Cam's is largely an adaptation of some erotic My Little Pony fanfic he has been working on. I wouldn't be too worried mate.
  17. Episode 19 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we vanquish technical gremlins to bring you an extensive chat with Mat Hart in two parts! We also double down on Car Ball Slug F#@k where we test out the new Guild Ball Pitch Formation rules in an epic battle for the ages! Double Dodge!! Throw me the idol!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
  18. Noone outdiggles the Diggler mate. Cheers bloke, thank you for your continued listenership xo Cam was champing at the bit to get that story out of Mat. Congrats on an amputee themed evening too. Thanks BBC4!
  19. The better alternative would be to release the recipe for free and then beg for Patreon money don't you think?
  20. Nah, saying nothing is always an option ;P
  21. No worries mate, glad you liked it. Even more alternate skins would be amazing. I love alt Mist and Rage, different themes for teams would also be a good way to keep the overall model count for the game within reasonable boundaries while still satisfying the god of commerce. For all the shit we give Kev, he seems like a pretty sincere bloke and the Wank Dungeon does have some good content.
  22. RandomScrub

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Dave Scotland v Orange 12-10 to Dave Thank you for the game Charles, you are a true gentleman. Look forward to the next one. Vassal dice ...
  23. The baked dirt of the pitch was a far cry from the fierce steppes of his home. Instead of the healthy smells of grass, animals and uncorrupted air, Shrike could fairly taste the rancid sweat sloughing off the motley gathering of spectators. He hawked and spat in an effort clear his fouled throat. Kneeling on the hard ground he once again checked his tools. Tightly coiled briars bound with cordage sat in barely-constrained wait. Like him, they had travelled from fierce hunting grounds where they choked whole valleys and haplessly snared with their bristling, finger-length thorns. It was the numbing briar-juice that was the greatest danger, though. Many a soul had been slowly snuffed in the briar’s cruel clutches. Frantic attempts at freedom only tore fresh wounds and into those the briar-juice seeped. Man and beast alike had met their miserable ends fully conscious but entirely paralysed to die slowly of hunger, or be consumed alive by nimble predators who stalked the briar’s dark paths with surefooted grace. He knew, as did all the members of his tribe, that the briar-grounds were sacred and place of power where they gave worship to the Sun Father through the savage hunt. They were the life-giving larder of the tribe and the suffocating horror of its enemies. Like his namesake, the fleet and deadly butcherbird, Shrike harried his prey driving it onto the cruel thorns before ending the hunt with a sure, swift thrust of his briar-wood spear. After every kill, blood was ritually spattered upon the briar in thanks to the Sun Father and the life of the prey. The Sun Father himself had lit the path that led Shrike to the Hunter’s Guild. This was not a matter of conjecture, for he had walked that path with Sun Father’s own avatar. On the day it happened, Shrike had ranged the briar-grounds and through persistence and cunning misdirection had snared a young pronghorn against the briar’s cruel wall. As he gutted the beast and made his offering to the Sun Father he heard the low rumble of thunder, as if a freak storm had burst upon the steppes. He quickly bound the pronghorn’s legs and slung it onto his back as the thunder crashed again, this time closer and coming from within the dense briar. He hefted his spear and cautiously loped toward the source of the noise. He had not gone two hundred paces before the noise sounded again, not thunder but the roar of some great beast moving relentlessly through the briar toward where he stood. He watched as tall thickets burst apart and sprayed clouds of thorns, leaves and dust into the air. Even unseen Shrike knew that the beast was prodigious in both size and power. Though the fear rose up in him he calmed himself with the fact that he knew the trapping hollows and twisted byways of the briar were his allies, just as he knew the glory that would be his from such a kill. He ground his foot into the dirt and set his spear before the briar erupted with a spray of vegetation and a bestial roar that echoed an ancient and primal fury. The beast reared upright on its hind legs, its forepaws raised and tipped with wicked scythes. It roared again, the sun behind it, a sacred backdrop blinding Shrike with its brilliance and filling him with a terrible awe. This was no prey-beast. It was a mighty grizzly, one of the Sun Father’s totem animals. It was a messenger of his god and he sank to his knees in reverence. The beast dropped to all fours, its great head level with his own. A voice cracked like lighting within his head. “Shrike”. He looked up in surprise and met the eyes of the bear. They glowed with gentle fire, the colours of a steppe sunset. The great beast took in breath and roared again, spraying Shrike’s face with gobbets of slaver and filling his nostrils with its hot, sour breath. Shrike slowly took the pronghorn from around his next and offered it to the bear before shuffling back, still on his knees. The bear pushed its muzzle into the fresh kill and tore into the meat. The pronghorn was soon devoured. It then raised its bloodied jaws and held the young man with its strange gaze before stepping forward and gently touching its forehead to Shrike’s in the traditional greeting of the steppe tribes. He heard the voice again, this time the agreeable rumble of distant thunder. “Seenah will guide you to my Scion. Take with you my sacred briar-thorns. They shall be the instrument of my will, novitiate.” As commanded Shrike carefully cut and bound lengths of thorn, cocooning it with cord that he twisted from tough briar-vine. Once his labours were complete, Seenah let out a low growl before ambling off in the direction of the great forests that towered at the edge of the steppe-lands. Understanding the beast’s intent, Shrike fell in beside him. They journeyed for nearly a month across the vast steppes and hunted together for sustenance, harrying their prey with unspoken coordination. Shrike would make offering to the Sun Father before bear and man both shared their kill in companionable silence. Seenah led him through the soaring forest for three days and nights before they came to a sun-dappled clearing in which sat a cloaked figure, broad and heavily muscled. He stood as the pair approached. “Welcome, novitiate. I am Hearne, Scion of the Sun Father. By his will I am your mentor”. For the next year Shrike had trained under the Scion’s guidance, adapting the savagery of the hunt to the game of Guild Ball. Seenah trained by his side and together they made cunning use of the cruel briar-thorns to herd, trap and strangle. The Sun Father had wisely bonded these two Hunters. Now, as they waited for the start of Shrike’s first match, he stood, shoulder to shoulder with his ursine brother. He calmly secured the briar coils in a sling on his back and gripped his spear with a steady hand. A clarion blast sounded the start of the match. Shrike and Seenah roared in unison, their fury sounding a savage prayer to the Sun Father. As one, they charged.
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    Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Name: Dave Scotland Skype: randomscrub@internode.on.net Guild: Union Roster: Blackheart vRage Strongbox Coin Harry the Hat A & G Rage Mist Snakeskin Benediction
  25. Episode 18 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we chat with Alex Botts about WTC, the Evil Empire of Chicago, and what it’s like to be part of a nefarious band of roaming trophy hunters. We then jump in the car for the inaugural Car Ball: Slug F#@k where we take a ridiculous matchup suggestion to its logical conclusion. Double Dodge!! Diggle Diggle!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/