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  1. W: Engineers H: $$$

    I live in Canada West Coast (pretty much Vancouver BC). I am interested in making a deal. I have the season one team including compound. I do have pin vice. I just checked the GB store for engies I have all models except mother, vet velocity, and hoist. None are painted some are assembled and primed. Please let me know if interested and what price (ballpark is fine.)
  2. Teams for sale

    Do you have some pics of the union and how much do you want for them?
  3. Canadian Championship

    Wow only a one day pass... It's listed as two days on the schedule... Does everyone play on the Sunday or just the finalists.. Or is it one day because you only play on the Saturday or Sunday?
  4. Nice choice.
  5. Not I said the fish, I should be there tomorrow night. I hope you had fun. What team where you?
  6. Really ready to be win one

    I am really ready to win one. Not just one game here and there but a 5 week league. I don't have to win every game nor should I win every game, but I need a win for the Engineers or at least to feel close. Do you think Pin Vice can provide that? It feels sad that in order to win that we need to use a new leader. Well maybe we will have an insane cross over member with the hunters.... Some high tech guy or gal who just opens up like crazy within the Hunters and brings a win home for ballista.
  7. Want KS Sculpt Blackheart

    No longer interested. Please disregard.
  8. A Morticians dance macabre

    They turned out very nice. What's next?
  9. Engineers

    I like how did the wood. Keep going.
  10. Down on the Engineers

    Correct. Strikers are very easily able to Neutralize the character trait Rush Keeper. Not to mention there are so many dodges that allow models to enter into the 6" without being an advance. He is one of my favorite models but again I am going to start thinking of other models to take instead of the big guy.
  11. Down on the Engineers

    I am seriously considering Harry the Hat for Goad, and nothing wrong with mov debuff from molotov. Although so much of our debuff's are already cleared all at once. Also getting the extra MP from Rising Anger. I will not lie I have considered an almost all Union Team from time to time. It may just surprise your opponent. I feel like I am doing so much with blast earth and Salvo and ballista's bolts early to mid early game hearing my opponent lament. But games just seem to drag for a long time and I would run out of time. Most opponents when they are on their game gain (in real life) momentum and push to win. I love Compound but with his 2 inch reach he is pretty easily neutralized by an opponent who is skilled. I wish he was changed to having a one inch reach when not active. 2 inches when active after countercharge is activated. So much love for the engineers.. They are so close which I think adds to the frustration level.. I want to have a chance of winning even close to half the time against a skilled opponent.
  12. SCALE 75 Forum

    I just started to watch some of his videos, He is very humble. I like the way he explains the different brush strokes he uses. All of this has me wanting to paint. But I have a new airbrush on the way and new paints ... I do not want to start something with the old paints and brushes and be all excited to try new stuff.
  13. Yeti's (Agonisingly Slow) WIP

    looking great I am super impressed. I really like what you did with coin! I am eagerly awaiting my Scale paints! I love seeing the progression on Stave and the commentary of what you are thinking. It is helpful for a newish painter like myself.
  14. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I lost this post! There is a bunch of us that play out of Dave's Pop Culture in Ladner. Not sure your location or if that is too far for you to go... We have a Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1651709108437855/ I do not know much about Facebook groups but you maybe able to request to join or something with that link...
  15. Canadian Championship

    Thanks for the information. It seems like an affordable weekend.. ( A bit of a Drive from where I am in BC ) but affordable. Who gets to go to the Worlds event then... is there a World's Event? Do you have to place just 1st? top 4? (Hah goodness knows I am not good enough for that). Not sure how these things work but if you do win.. I am assuming the World Championship is somewhere in the UK.. Do you have to pay all the travel and accommodation expenses yourselves?