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  1. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I've come across an issue whereas the app becomes VERY sluggish, to the point where menus stop opening, if I add too many players to the roster (more than 6). I have fixed it so far by uninstalling/reinstalling which wipes the roster.
  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Anvil has momentous and KD << on his playbook Striker of the year.
  3. Me personally, I play it badly, like everything else. More useful info: - Charges humans for 1 INF, and a 3 long playbook. Not uncommon to wrap. - Has momentous >> on 2 hits. Combined with the aforementioned wrap, you can push people off the pitch if they aren't careful. - Has rabid animal on 3 hits. Strong debuff if a player hasn't activated yet. The above more or less means that you get good value out of 1 INF. - Blows up when he dies. Good against low mobility/scrum teams, sometimes forces choices. The main thing to remember is that Graves2 doesn't need Vileswarm and Vileswarm doesn't need Graves2. The back of Graves2's card is pretty situational and not at all necessary for Vileswarm to do everything it does. Disclaimer: none of this says Dirge is not worth taking either.
  4. You'd have to ask @PaW, he loves explaining things at length. One of the strengths of the team is being able to reposition enemy models with almost any activation. I wouldn't say it's "better" than any other Morts team but it does the job. Graves2 brings good set up that is overlooked as people are blinded by Tooled Up on Graves1. Pro Tip: The back of Graves2's card is mostly irrelevant. Vileswarm just gets you good value for 1 INF due to cheap charges and decent playbook.
  5. GB resolution for –18?

    We got you covered boy
  6. When you want to go 5-1 at a big UK tournament but still lose to T H E R E S H E R: That's Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves2, Ghast, Cosset, Mist every game btw.
  7. Idea for Thresher Change

    I think it's both. Much like Season 2 Obulus or Season 3 Midas, the Thresher Dream Team is a mix of several different things that work really well together and result in a puzzlebox of scything death. You could of course ask the players have have played with and against it, or listen to the HOURS of Strictly the Worst that basically read like a love/hate poem to Thresher Your forgot the 2018 British Championship Qualifier at Steamcon UK, where Henry Kay followed his previous day's exploits by threshering the field to the tune of a cool 5-game winning streak, never letting his opponents score more than 5 pts.
  8. Steamcon USA Keynote

    I was agreeing with you in more detail. We're a team!
  9. Steamcon USA Keynote

    My understanding is that SFG had no plans to stream the Q&A session (which became a keynote) at Steamcon US. Strictly the Worst was not planning to stream it either, but adapted their limited equipment for it on very short notice so at least we got something rather than nothing. It wasn't too bad to follow when paired with the live updates on social media with better resolution photos.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    I don't think anyone can argue against this. @Slothrop played like a beast all weekend, every streamed game he was in was in fact worryingly depressing to watch - even to the point where the German champ conceded the semi-final while being down 0-5 because he could see the writing on the wall. More in line with the thread, Botts had identified that Thresher Farmers were ballbusting from the get go, releases hours of discussion about why Thresher is so good, how his team works around him, how you can possibly beat him - then went out and demonstrated it. The only game he lost all weekend was against another Thresher player (who himself was undefeated outside playing against Thresher). Pete Williamson, Kiwi Wargaming Legend who played vs Botts in the final, only lost 2 games in the SC UK qualifiers - both 0 -12 against Thresher. All Hail our Sun-Tanned Overlord Thresher, Father of Bryce, and His High Priest Alex "Some kind of Opinion Maker" Botts.
  11. Idea for Thresher Change

    Thresher is just a warm safety blanket.
  12. I played my first game with the box, despite the limited experience I would say it's a pretty legit lineup with an emphasis on early scoring (Bolt/ Alloy). Basically give Burnish nothing and feed Alloy everything.
  13. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    I never thought of such a fitting nickname for ol' Bonesaw. Having played a fair number of BS games, I would have thought Morts are one of their worst matchups. They are quite streamlined in what they want to do, so anything that stops them doing their thing is high value. Just remember they are very vulnerable to character plays and the Masters are mostly unkillable.
  14. Catch more sick Guild Ball action at the Momentous Doge channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaK5nh-vD9tJIO4mJvM_a-A/videos
  15. How to fight Ox with Corsair?

    My recommendation would be to play ball control style game on one of the flanks. It keeps Butchers from coming at you from all directions. Butchers aren't great at pushing, while Fish can be (in this list you also have Lure, assuming Siren1). They are also relatively squishy and vulnerable to counters so Corsair can kill a couple and then get a goal or two. I think as long as you get a goal in there you are ok with any combination to TOs and goals. You give Corsair close to max INF if he can reliably activate early each turn (this is how one plays Guild Ball, after all). If you can, watch the Pat Van Value vs Martin Koch game from the WTC (Tapper Brewers vs Corsair Fish). It should be on the SFG Youtube channel sometime in the year 2023 - if you can't wait that long, try Twitch vods.