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  1. How to buff Angel?

    This could get very dark, I like it.
  2. How to buff Angel?

    5/10" Kick Baseline, no Super Shot. Bring it home boys
  3. Let's talk about Stoker

    The word 'Stave' doesn't appear on this page. Which is odd, because Lob Barrel + Magical Brew is the most magical friendship of all.
  4. Couldn't think of a good title. Have some untested wisdom instead. Room was very dark and my phone is very bad, so no live pictures were taken. I have subbed in appropriates images in their place. Short report of a game played yesterday against Mikey T, Australiasia's Most Successful Guild Ball Trainer. Normally I'd have been 12-0ed like a Shark to a Tapper but Mike had been awake almost 21 hours at this point, following work and a plane ride, and was wearing pants instead of his customary stubbies, so his powers were greatly constrained: LINEUPS: Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, Siren1, Sakana, Greyscales Fillet, Truffles, Boar, Shank, Brisket1, vOx I elected to receive, hoping for an end of Turn 1 Sakana goal. Alas I flubbed 2 of my 4 passes (87% odds, baby!) so that went to crap. Instead I repositioned my entire team slowly to my right flank, behind Corsair holding the ball and slowly drove up hitting people. Boar & Brisket remained in the middle, with vOx shifting over. After 3 turns of this, and Jac + Siren combining to fail to push Shank off the pitch no less than 3 times, I managed to get a Fillet takeout, I fluffed a pass from Corsair to Greyscales which scattered 6" off the board. Van Value. This resulted in the ball being thrown right into Boar's waiting arms. Sakana died to Ox/Boar after this, coming back on the left wing next turn. I react to this by charging Boar with Greyscales and getting a Ball's Gone off to space so that Sakana could retrieve and score next turn following his return to the pitch. Greyscales paid for this with his life. Tentacles (who had a fun time blinding vOx all game) followed shortly after. Next turn, Fillet came back on and killed Sakana again, got the ball back to Boar, who Teamworked 4" towards the goal, 12.5" away from Corsair, ready to score next activation. Corsair reacted by dodging off Shank (value 1" dodge on 3 hits), running to Rough Seas Boar and camp the ball, before finally getting taken down by Butchers. Another takeout soon followed, and that was that. Final Score Butchers 12 - 6 Fish Overall, a comedy of errors, a number of bad Butcher dice dragging the game out, and everything slightly luck dependent going against Jac's favour. The usual Jac game. Better playbook please. Arguably one of the worst playbooks in the game. "The Brawler" indeed. Main mistake I made was not being aggressive enough on damage and always looking for that goal scoring opportunity, when my positioning favoured just hitting people with Corsair and Jac. It could have been a solid 4-1 type of game, as the Butchers would have had to commit a lot to getting the ball off Corsair.
  5. For some feedback, I'd like to hear more impressions and controversial yet informed hot takes on things. For example, your report made it sound like the pundit running it not only won the event but elected to play which resulted in an odd number of players. I'm informed that (after speaking to the pundit in question) in this instance, this was not actually the case, but for the sake of discussion, I'm interested in hearing what people from different areas would think about the aforementioned (in this case, hypothetical) situation, where TO not only plays in the event but wins.
  6. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  7. Corsair gets Hammered

    I've found these forums to be very temperamental when linking an image that I've just uploaded on anywhere, including imgur. Is there something special I should be doing or has my account been red-flagged for excessive dank memeing?
  8. Fisherman Discord?

    Here's the link to this magical place: https://discord.gg/Hnjc9S Filled with enough Salt to kill even the most seasoned Fishman.
  9. They should be available on youtube soon (tm)
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Seems like a pretty good summary of GIC to me
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Idea: What if you gave each player the chance to ban 1 of the 3 opposing GICs before the match began? Would help with internal balance issues and make the idea of having 3 cards (over 2 or 1) valuable.
  12. Union in Chains initial rankings

    Typical Butchers - strong out of the gate when things are fresh, but once people figure out how to counter-attack, they'll fall to the bottom of the pack.
  13. How to Graves

    How to Graves Step 1: Find insignificant lackey. Step 2: Knock him over the head. Step 3: ..... Step 4: Free dinner!