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  1. WWJonnyD

    New Home Field!

    Is he up for sharing it out for a price?
  2. WWJonnyD

    New Home Field!

    I can't find it on their website.... I really, really want this mat with a customization option for the middle.
  3. WWJonnyD

    Fish 10.

    I regularly have success with: Shark, Corsair, Salt, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, Angel, Siren1, Siren2. And I only play Shark. Corsair is just there for the matchup bluffs. Play angel, hag, the sirens, and the mascots back as defenders to move the ball up the field, while shark goes down the middle and sakana and greyscale score from the wings. So far in the last 3 tournaments I've gone 8-2 (2 of those tournaments without conceding more than 2 victory points except on the losses), one loss to brand new blacksmiths right after their release, the other being to engineers that kept killing the damn ball. Try it out!
  4. WWJonnyD

    How do I Siren?

    vet Siren is a goal scorer that has a nice side benefit of when she generated that momentous result (probably 2 with that wrap) to score a goal, she also made retailating against her team harder. She's also great as a back sweeper, picking up dead balls in the back field and moving them upfield.
  5. WWJonnyD

    Big League Player Loans

    Not like him. He's closer to Sakana than Angel. And people love Sakana.
  6. WWJonnyD

    Big League Player Loans

    Why not go for vet spigot? Man can he score and he's perfect playing up a flank for a goal and surviving through it.
  7. I love playing shark, And in the fluff he's a reluctant captain who just was pushed there because he was the best on the team. Why did he just disappear when corsair became captain? Seems like he's a perfect candidate for a rookie or veteran player treatment. Any homebrew or ideas on how that could be pulled off? I LOVE the thought of him getting some plays like "I'm open" Or a way to score extra vp when he scores.
  8. WWJonnyD

    How to retrieve dead balls?

    I'm going to preface this post with my roster which will put why I do stuff in context. Shark Salt Sakana Greyscale Hag Siren2 Angel Kraken I have 3 players in my roster for this specific reason, and it differs between where they are burying the ball. First and foremost fish are wicked fast Especially with this list set up. My list is designed to saturate threats. With this in mind, Shark, Siren2, and Greyscale can all retrieve the ball from behind my opponents goal line and either score or get the ball back into scoring position. Their speed and dodges making this possible. Keeping either Shark or Greyscale within 10 - 12 inches of the board edge on either side help with this, while Siren2 can retrieve more central balls. Where they go, shadowlike, and tidal surge being the operative bits here. I find that opponents after trying to bury the ball behind their goal line refrain from doing so after I pick it up and dunk it easily. From there, the issue is picking up the balls they boot down field and put behind your goal line. This is where Salt, Siren2, and Angel come in. When that starts happening, Salt and either Siren or angel play sweeper. Angel is my preferred option for this. They all have the speed and kicking range/dodging range to get the ball back upfield. Angel dies easily? keep her back and use that amazing kick skill to drop balls into coverage so you can dodge the player out of the scrum. Try it out and let me know if you find similar results occur!
  9. WWJonnyD

    Which fish?

    This is super similar to the line-up I run with one small change. Kraken instead of Jac. With this line up, I ran it as Shark and sakana on one flank, greyscale on the other, with Kraken straight down the middle. Angel provides a wonderful defender, allowing you to momentously tackle opponents trying to make a break on goal and provide laser guided passes into players that are being crowded out, to spring them loose with a team work move. Kraken is needed to hold the fort in the middle, pulling opponents into his knockdown range and threatening attacks of opportunity. You've got a scary looking scoring team all ready to go!
  10. WWJonnyD

    Snakeskin OK?

    So is she capable of joining a footballing team? Where does she fit in?
  11. WWJonnyD

    Shark-nado Storm Surge

    AHHHHH I get it. Oh well. That would have been Lebron levels of dunkage happening.
  12. WWJonnyD

    Shark-nado Storm Surge

    So tidal surge no longer says once per turn. So on the charge say i get a nice little wrap, surge the model out of the way, then surge myself forward with 3 influence and pot a shot on goal? This is amazing. I'm loving Shark, always have, and can't wait to dunk on some chum.
  13. WWJonnyD

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I really think your app is the best one out there, but I got to ask, will there be a season 3 update?
  14. WWJonnyD

    Season 3 Tournament 9

    I'm really liking the looks of this Tournament 9 thing. Just couldn't dream of benching Shark, so: Shark Salt Siren Vet. Greyscales Sakana Kraken Bench: Tentacles Jac Angel I'm super excited for the new format! Got to try the salt downtown goals!!!
  15. I feel like there needs to be better clarification between round and turn.