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  1. If it's story-driven we shouldn't be seeing Coin for obvious reasons.
  2. micho

    Farmers and Blacksmiths

    Has anybody played any games against Farmers or Blacksmiths? What players are good in these match ups? I haven't got a chance to play against any of them but my first tournament is approaching and I expect to find some of them there. Farmers look quite good on paper with all those 2" melee players and lots of INF to spare.
  3. No chance for Brisket3? Unpredictable Movement can be very annoying for a mostly 1" melee team. You just need to be careful of vet Ox.
  4. micho

    Hi from Spain!!

    That's really cool!! Do you guys have a forum or something to arrange games?
  5. micho

    Hi from Spain!!

    Welcome @Chapuzas!! Where about in Spain are you based?
  6. micho


    1) You could maybe make it [1-3] players on each line to open up more formations and make it more flexible 2) I liked the idea that was commented before about creating deployment zones instead of deploying the players touching the line. This way there would be 3 zones: 0-6", 6-10" and 10-18" and you have to deploy [x] number of players in each zone. The 2" or 3" exclusion area could remain but there would be more space to deploy the players and less corner cases like we're seeing. It would also be friendlier with terrain placement.
  7. micho

    Vitriol got nerfed too much?

    We still have the "like" buttons, don't we? That heart on the right down corner...
  8. micho


    I'm pretty sure that's the way it worked in the first version of the document.
  9. micho


    I like the idea of deployment bands, instead of touching the lines. It addresses some of the deployment issues reported in a nice way.
  10. micho

    Mist Assembly

    I didn't do anything special and it's holding fine but I agree it looks fragile.
  11. micho

    Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    Which line up are you using with Blackheart?
  12. micho

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    If you want to look at Grace that way, she's got a better goal threat than Rage, Minx or Harry. The fact that those players cannot reliably score doesn't make them bad. They're just specialized players with a different role in the game. Regarding Benediction, Union is full of players with high damage outputs. Getting another one would just deprecate another player. I'd rather get a player who can perform a different role on the team, bringing different options, and 2" melee is not something Union has on abundance nowadays. Just that and his Impart Wisdom ability can be very useful in a team with vRage.
  13. micho

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I think the problem is you're trying to place them into roles they're not designed for. Grace is a great support model which thanks to Impart Faith can channel her buffs far away while staying in a safe place. She's a winger, not a striker. Also, T on 2, good speed and TAC 4 make her good at retrieving the ball. And she's always gonna have 2 INF for a charge. Benediction is a road blocker and he's playbook is good for counterattacks he's almost always guaranteed to be able to do. With those early pushes, he can be very frustrating for players with only 1" melee. 40 mm base + 2" melee takes up a lot of ground.
  14. micho

    Is Harry the "Hat" doing too much?

    That's pretty much what Harry used to be in S2 and never saw the table. I think the limitation of 1 Union player per team is a good balance point. It doesn't allow you to fill your roster with Union picks but still gives you a choice.
  15. micho

    2 captains in a list. Which two?

    Union has plenty of players who can bring the pain: Rage, Gutter, Minx, Decimate, Fangtooth.... pick your poison. The fact that sBrisket is a super striker who does nothing but scoring goals doesn't mean the rest of the team has to be the same. I like Mist with her, ofc, but my other 3 choices are more the punching/control type.