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    Guild Ball, Malifaux, The orher Side, Warmachine/Hordes, Roleplaying Games, LARP, Boardgames
  1. The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Both Bonesaw and VGraves feels better in Ratcatchers...and thats. ....weird.
  2. Morticians post rat catchers

    Sad but True....hear some Metallica sound in my Ear
  3. Morticians post rat catchers

    Thats a fake...and after Silence Nerf they did nothing to make it happen again. When you go with Scalpel. ..you play often with less influence than your opponent. .or dont play your big guys..
  4. Proxy catchers

    malifaux obedient wretch for pelage or female piper
  5. The Casual Mortician

    Does this makes sense? You gain one Die via Bonus Time and loose one Die via Crowded out... Or did i miss something? edit: okey i got it... you stay on one Die after the Crowding out
  6. Game plan deck revealed

    I am happy with these new Cards. Makes 1-2 Momentum more worth for Iniative, with Card modifier instead of a 1D6.
  7. GIC for Hunters weak?

    First, i don`t play Hunters, most of the time Engineers, sometimes other Guilds. We startet to play with the GIC and when we look together throu the Fischers, Engineers and Alchis Cards (and some other Guilds) its seems most of them fit perfect, and are good to play and grant verry different Options to play. But when we look togehter throu Hunters cards its seems they are weaker then all the others... So what the Hunters Players think about them?
  8. Morticians post rat catchers

    And this make me think. ..why we get this Player? Why we dont get something new. ..no guild need simple Player substitudes
  9. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    ...after the Errata. ..
  10. Union 101

    ...Wrong topic...
  11. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    I hope for gutter. ...so the sell of this Pack make sense...otherwise...not
  12. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    Whats about solthecian style modells gutter and coin? Its verry confusing
  13. Alternate Sculpts

  14. Alternate Sculpts

    Pictures please