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  1. CaerSidis

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I think the rework on vvelo is a one time thing...i dont think sfg wil change the Position of players often... Two Goalies in one team are to much... i think sfg realised this...and changed it. but when the players draft a second goalie at free will....its there fault and not the decission of sfg. ..
  2. CaerSidis

    Alchemists Season 4

    @Lena what do you like on new Midas? i am unsure if i like him more....
  3. CaerSidis

    Vileswarm and pelage proxy

    obident wretch from malfaux for pelage... bud sadly she is in a crew box to (hamelin)
  4. CaerSidis

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    isnt it: 1) Farmer take Amber 2) Blacksmith take Gaffer?
  5. CaerSidis

    Engineers S4

  6. CaerSidis

    Season 4 Discussion

    What i like the most. Now we have real Options for the Captain slot... maybe to much options
  7. CaerSidis

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    And when Amber gets the Animosity : Brewers trait. ..there wil be so much laughing Guilds out there...😂
  8. But Cutlass dont look like a Master. ..and a Apprentice Goalkeeper i would not like..
  9. I would like an option to save several 10 player rooster or 6 players setups. Like it with an option for some notes... The only thing thats better in the tooled up app right now. ..
  10. CaerSidis

    Season 4 Changes

    I like all Changes 😀
  11. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    Hmmmmmmmmm now with VCinder i think about a Master Ferrite Rookie...so difficult to decide
  12. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    No... Same with Ballista and Succer Punch.. You need to hit, while using a char play.. Not Making an attack and use a Charakterplay...
  13. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    Move the KD on 2 combined with the > I think 1/4 Influence is important for most (all?) of the Apprentices... You have so much work to set them up... the greatest weakness of the smiths is, that most of their actions are telegraphed... so you need the reward for all the preparation... and with a 3 Influence cap its more difficult to get the reward...
  14. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    +1 Influence woud be good. Farris need the KD earlier... shes on a Horse Sentinel maybe in melee range? Sledge 1/4 Influence... Iron Arm 3, look at his armor some ideas...
  15. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    I am thinking about Apprentice / Vanguard. So i can take Hearth , Burnish and Furnace..and have great options with Alloy and Ferrite. The last Slot Iron/Cast.. And nice Apprentice move arround... But just theory...stil interested in experiences from other players. ..