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  1. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    No... Same with Ballista and Succer Punch.. You need to hit, while using a char play.. Not Making an attack and use a Charakterplay...
  2. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    Move the KD on 2 combined with the > I think 1/4 Influence is important for most (all?) of the Apprentices... You have so much work to set them up... the greatest weakness of the smiths is, that most of their actions are telegraphed... so you need the reward for all the preparation... and with a 3 Influence cap its more difficult to get the reward...
  3. CaerSidis

    Season 4 wish listing

    +1 Influence woud be good. Farris need the KD earlier... shes on a Horse Sentinel maybe in melee range? Sledge 1/4 Influence... Iron Arm 3, look at his armor some ideas...
  4. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    I am thinking about Apprentice / Vanguard. So i can take Hearth , Burnish and Furnace..and have great options with Alloy and Ferrite. The last Slot Iron/Cast.. And nice Apprentice move arround... But just theory...stil interested in experiences from other players. ..
  5. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    Thats right but the Master starts with 2. So you loose one any way you go...
  6. CaerSidis


    Route one move s brisket or am i wrong...
  7. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    Does nobody played a Rookie League with her? I don't know which way is better. Play her as an apprentice looks fun. ..so more options for masters...But maybe also an disadvantage if one apprentice is allways fix...
  8. CaerSidis

    Clock Questions

    This i know. ...But asked if i can skip a activation so the opponent don't get a VP... and only give him VP for usefull activations. .
  9. CaerSidis

    Clock Questions

    Another question. Do you have to activate all your players? Or can you give up activations and maybe wait for the next Round to make usefull activations then?
  10. So a ratcatcher or morticians mirror is all about man in black against man in black. ..thats silly...
  11. CaerSidis


    Better than Fahad? Fahad is 5/0... Lion is 3/1 so 13 HP is not that much. Fahad does extra Damage against snared target. And Furious... I think the Lion is good and Goalkeeper on a Mascot is sugar...But he is not op.
  12. CaerSidis

    Rookie Ferrite

    Whats your way with her and why, in a Rookie League?
  13. CaerSidis

    Veteran Cinder

    Both. ..
  14. CaerSidis

    Model distribution needs to change

    Exactly my favorit solution for the minor /major Guild Problem. Just one smal aditional box with 4 crossover players. ..So you will find someone to share... Maybe some players have the Same issue as with the exiles boxes. ...But i think a good solution for others. ..
  15. CaerSidis

    Model distribution needs to change

    For me Time is a very limited Ressource to... I have 4 Guilds and thats enough. So "you can play them " is right. Maybe for some players. But not for me...I don't want play them and split up my time more and more. ..So the 4 players are for the trash can! For the extra exiles i can find a buyer for the 4 Ratcatchers. ..Falconers etc. Not. ..thats annoying. ...