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  1. VonTizzle

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I played brewers last night vs hunters. Graeme took the GiVe that gives a snared out per turn and I took the free heroic option. Both GICs made an impact in the game. I kicked off with tapper, he collected with Chaska and dropped a trap to stop tapper getting to him. Free 'times called' from spigot and tapper is in his grill; pushing him back towards Hooper. Free 'I shoot better after a beer' won me the game and in turn 2, free firebally thing helped me to slow up Skatha and push her about. His snared GiC helped him to land character plays on Scum that potentially could have won him the game. Overall it was ok to include GiF in the game but I am left with he same questions and that is 'do we these in guild Ball?' And 'is this another thing that can never be properly balanced' I still think that a better route is a deck building idea like big league but seeing ad they are coming anyway I am trying to play them as much as possible to get used to them. So far, they haven't inspired me at all and really, if I'm totally honest... just added another level of complexity that for me, just doesnt need to be there.
  2. Last night, I deployed my brand new Blacksmiths against John who was playing Veteran Rage, Strongbox, Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Minx and Mist. game started positively as the Blacksmiths janked there way up the field, Avarisse got a 7 damage smack in the teeth from Sledge but then Rage decided enough was enough and all hell broke loose. Ferrite clinched a quick goal just after Sledge fell to his furiousness and then soon after, Avarisse and Greede sent Ferrite to the apothecaries along with iron. Mist countered with another goal and things were looking bleak! Iron returned and was looking like he might be able to get back up for another goal but Rage spotted a weakened Cinder and that was all she wrote! Sad times but good that Gutter is coming home to the Butchers! The wall started out well!! Avarisse and Greede say... 'Get in the bin!' Mist says... 'I got this' Blacksmiths cry in their cornflakes...
  3. VonTizzle

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    3 games with GIC's now. 1) Butchers (Lifedrinker one) vs. Morts (+VP one) I took Ox and the killing crew and thanks to the GIC.... I lost. On Ox's Legendary turn. I deleted his players that I have careful placed in boiler murder rage, go legendary... go Boiler! takes me to 8vp, he takes his extra free VP for me playing well and goes to 10.... I have the ball in a position to score but its his turn and because of heal 2, I haven't regenerated enough through life drinker to stop him killing meathook for the win. My team generated 13 inf per turn. of that 13, on 3-5 of that was used on character plays and sprints . leaving 8 for lifedrinker. Using momentum 'fills that gap' but not as effectively. Overall thought: made me squishier and I lost the game because I played well. I would never use that GIC again 2) SeaBrisket (+1 momentum) vs. Smoke (+1 condition damage) What is a normally tough match up just got made unbearable. I gained benefit from the +1 momentum once and although that made Luke think twice about deleting Hemlock with Katalyst, the condition damage bonus vs my lowered healing meant it was easier for him to rack up mega death conditions and even with Grace removing AOE's, Hemlock doing her thing and spending a shed load of momentum to clear conditions to try to stay ahead of it, I lost 12-8. And had a thouroughly miserable time. Overall thought: All that GIC did was lower my ability to heal and caused me to have a negative play experience. Also, SeaBrisket is hard enough to play compared to Blackheart and Rage and this GIC just made her even more crap in comparison in my opinion. caused a negative play experience and I won't use that one again. 3) SeaBrisket (+1 initiative roll) vs. Blackheart (+1vp one) At no point did the +1 to the roll make any difference to my initiative roll. Even when i was up on momentum. All thios card did was lower my ability to counter Rage, Decimate and Blackheart harder by gimping my healing. Overall thought: another negative play experience. I'm sorry that I can't be positive about the GIC's but three games where I have a negative play experience is enough. If this was the standard format for Guild Ball then I just wouldn't carry on. In fact, based on the last 3 games using these... If these became a thing I would consider not going to Guild Ball organised play events again and do something else like malifaux. I have said it before and I'll stand by it. The mechanism exists already to balance gameplay and that's guild plot cards. The Big League deck could easily be tweaked to balance teams and create a fun 'deck building' element of 12 cards, deal 7 , keep 5. I just don't see why these need to be a thing. I tried it, I won't be trying it again.
  4. VonTizzle


    Now, I know a lot of the players in our community are scared that it will change and are very anti-formation after trying it out and honestly, I really enjoy the first turn set up and feel that if this was removed and replaced with formations, it would take away a very important part of the game for me. But the thing I come up with this is; why should this replace what is already in place? As far as I can see, some people will be put off by the changes and some people will love it. I would like to see the pitch formations and the original set up added to the Mob football document and this way TO's can do what they feel works best for their meta/players. And players who attend things like nationals, world finals etc will just have to accept whatever ruling that SteamForged puts on their tournament. They are the TO for that after all. Everyone wins? or am I reading this all wrong?
  5. VonTizzle

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    I can't make it to the event now, how can I organise a refund please?
  6. VonTizzle

    An evening of Guild Ball

    Hi guys, A lot last minute I know but Mark (pundit for Hinckley) will be running an evening of Guild Ball tonight at Youngs Hobbies in Coventry, U.K. On the back of a very successful demo day last week, we will be in store from 6-9pm if anyone fancies popping down. I will be doing more with Scott at Youngs in the future, including a campaign league kicking off after we get the game going in store. Youngs address: Unit 8 (above WoW), City Arcade, Coventry, CV13HW.
  7. Had an amazing time today! Great crowd and had 4 ace games. Rich and his epic epic Shark play for his 12-8 win against me was one of highlights. Good times!
  8. VonTizzle

    Counter attack

    Actually, ignore this. I found a clarification in a different thread. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, there's a bit of confusion in our local league about the amount of times you can counter attack in one turn against the same opponent. I know this is probably a noob question but... Here's the description from the rule book Counter-attack When an Attack or Charge is declared the target model can immediately choose to spend [1] MP to react. The target model may only use Counter-attack once against each enemy model per turn. So is this example correct or way off base; 'Boar charges my Shark. I have 3 MP. I can only react to one of Boars attacks. The charge or any one of the following attacks he make. I can't react to multiple attacks from Boar but if Ox came for a pop next activation, I could use MP to counter attack one of his attacks.'
  10. No drama mate, we are hopefully getting a group of us tournament noobs to come down and fight it out for the wooden spoon! Ive run airsoft and larp events for 15 years and sometimes it just doesn't go right. Don't be too hard on yourself as I'm willing to bet that everyone coming to CotG2 will have a great time anyway! ??
  11. Hi guys! Following on from the UK Expo at Birmingham earlier this year, I've been hooked! Butchers/engineers and Union player in Solihull looking for local games. I currently play mostly at Black Dragon Miniatures in Hinkley but if anyone is closer I'd love to get some games in on some week day evenings. Cheers Andy