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  1. GBHL Jamie

    Collected Guild Ball Resources

    for YouTube: www.youtube.com/GBHLPodcast (not solely GB)
  2. GBHL Jamie

    Let's make a Story (Forum Game)

    "Where'd he go?" Blackheart proclaimed.
  3. GBHL Jamie

    Let's make a Story (Forum Game)

    Avarisse and Greede spotted the double hatted monkey and feared for their own headgear.
  4. GBHL Jamie

    Guild Ball Tournament - 4th&5th July in Manchester!

    Hello Everyone, We've just been told by the Venue that we need to finish up the Tournament by 4pm on the Sunday. Which means we've had to restructure the Schedule slightly and add one of the games to the Saturday. Updates Schedule Day 1 9:00 – 10:00 Registration and First Round Draw 10:00 – 11:50 Round 1 - Friendly 11:50 – 13:00 Lunch 13:00 – 14:50 Round 2 - Friendly 15:00 – 16:50 Round 3 17:00 – 18:50 Round 4 Day 2 9:30 Doors Open 10:00 – 11:50 Round 4 11:50 – 13:00 Lunch 13:00 – 14:50 Round 5 We also have ten confirmed players so we'll be running 'It isn't over till it's over' for 4 rounds of competitive play and two round of friendlies. The first two games on Saturday will be the friendlies to get everyone psyched and ready for the weekend. Don't forget the fantastic prizes available: • First Place will receive Team starter set + big guy (resin) • Second Place will receive standard player blister (resin) • Third Place will receive mascot blister (resin) • Final Place will receive free entry to the next tournament and mystery prize • Best Painted Team will receive an alternative sculpt Boiler model • Best Goal will receive an alternative sculpt Boiler model • Most sporting will receive a set of Solid Ground Studios Guild Ball terrain • Spot prizes will also be available throughout the event
  5. GBHL Jamie


    The team I'm running at the moment is Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Kraken, Siren, Jac Jac's Heroic is fantastic and he can really push players around the pitch and open avenues. The combination of Lure and goad can really limit where your opponent can go. Throw a few harpoons around and you can really control the pitch. The other bonus is that everyone, bar kraken and salt, can still put the ball away with relative ease. I know some people swear by Angel but I find her tough to use, she's an easy target for 2VPs and all our players are similar to everyone's strikers in kick dice, so setting up Snap Shots are still viable.
  6. GBHL Jamie

    Who ordered the mystery box and which version?

    Had to be the big one!
  7. GBHL Jamie

    Roll Call!!

    Hello GBHL Jamie here. Where do you play? North West Gaming Centre, Stockport. But more than happy to travel. What do you play? Fishermen (with some Union thrown in for good measure) and Masons (at Yggdrasil Painting at the moment) How are you finding the faction? When I'm in game mode and concentrating they're a tough force, if I'm not then I will tend to let important plays slip right past me. Greyscales is by far my favourite in the team, he's such a wily old dog. What is your Guild Ball community like? Growing steadily, we're located next to Element Games so it's huge help to get newer players involved. Should we have a badger mascot in the future? If we can have a Giant Sea Turtle then sure, let's have a badger as well.
  8. GBHL Jamie

    Generating Momentum with the Fishes

    Been playing more and more, and I now accept that I'm probably not going to be going first so might as well use the momentum I gain to make the 4" dodges/extra time/healing etc. Rather than banking it for the first activation
  9. GBHL Jamie

    Guild Ball Tournament - 4th&5th July in Manchester!

    Hi FearLord, I did consider that as an option however we're going to stick with what's been put out. If people have paid for 6 games then we'd like them to get their 6 games, if others get off early then we'd need standbys for the friendlies. Hope that makes sense and that we'll get to meet up in July, or at a later event we'll be running (with a softer entrace price I hasten to add). Regards, Jamie
  10. GBHL Jamie

    Guild Ball Tournament - 4th&5th July in Manchester!

    Hi Tommm, 6 games will be played irregardless of attendance. We want everyone to get in a full weekend of gaming. Given that the event is unlikely to exceed 33 players we're likely going to be using 'It isn't over, till it's over' from the Organised Play Pack. 8 or fewer players - 3 round event 9-16 players - 4 round event 17 - 32 players - 5 round event What this means is any of the 'excess' games will be friendlies at the start of the weekend. For example: If we have 14 attending we'll play 6 games. Games 1 + 2 will be friendlies, so no bearing on final position. Games 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be ranked. Hope that makes sense. PM me if you need further clarification. Regards, Jamie
  11. GBHL Jamie

    Guild Ball TV

    Hello, Today has been the launch of 'Guild Ball TV' on the GBHL Podcast YouTube channel. We'd hugely appreciate your feedback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7G-sTFpQto What we'll do for the next video: Reduce the transparency of the 'cards' so that they're easier to read Quieten/Remove the into music Include a VP score board Include 'Conditions' on the Character Profile's New content will be released every Tuesday. Huge THANK YOU! to the Guild Ball team for sharing this on their Facebook page! - GBHL Jamie
  12. Hello, If Siren were to Seduce Boar and make him attack would: a) the Fishermen gain Momentum based of the attack and if the attack successfully caused damage could the Seduced Boar then make an additional attack on behalf of the Fishermen through Bezerk. I believe that both cases happen as the model becomes a friendly model and is the active model. However, my opponent disagreed. We checked the rule book and he believed that Bezerk wouldn't happen as it was during Boar's Activation and he wasn't being activated so Beserk wouldn't apply. I claimed that since he was the Active model he was being activated. What are your thoughts on this? GBHL Jamie
  13. GBHL Jamie

    What other Guilds to bring to the Game?

    I've just been reading the fluff for the Masons and it explicitly mentions the Banker's Guild. I could see them being a medium influence team with abilities to remove/use their opponent's influence.
  14. Hello, So over my past few games I've been struggling to wrack up momentum with the fishes. Passing the ball isn't always an option and getting into combat, even if you're dodging straight out, can leave the team in a poor situation for the next turn. Have any of you found a good way of generating a decent amount of momentum reliably each turn? Around 4-5 to add to the initiative roll. Thanks, GBHL Jamie
  15. GBHL Jamie

    berserk off counter attack?

    Isn't 'counter attack' a reaction to an Attack action, surely you can't counter a counter-attack? GBHL Jamie