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    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Rats are fine and play well however having said that Balefirestorm hit the nail on the head. Squeak is for sure my main complaint. His lack of any interaction with disease seems odd. I like the idea of Carrier but doesn't suffer from Disease. The Miasma thing seems good as well and would make it cleaner but it is not a deal breaker. Bonesaw and to a lesser extent Vet Graves both need updated. Bonesaw really needs a buyable dodge, an updated playbook, and permanent defense 5. Vet Graves could really use +1 tac. Just my thoughts from playing them, truthfully I would be happy with just the 2 Morts models getting updates, but I would be ecstatic is Squeak saw a change.
  2. Mantanza

    Seasoned Spigot

    +2 Tac
  3. Mantanza

    Got what I needed thanks

    Got what I needed thanks
  4. I think this was brought up in a Steamforged game, but even then Jaime didn't seem like he knew off the top of his head. I have been playing that Scourge and Miasma start 1 health down as they take the disease damage at the beginning of turn one. Is this correct? Thanks
  5. Mantanza

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    Thanks I figured but thought I better double check.
  6. Heya friends, so I ended up with an extra Blacksmiths team, NIB...this is both boxes. I'm looking for $70+shipping US. Or trade strait across for both farmers boxes
  7. Still available.
  8. Mantanza

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Sadly only squaddies get the bonus, squeak doesn't qualify.
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    Keep his playbook, give him 6 Tac, and Acrobatics and I think we have a striker people might play. His playbook is not that bad, his Tac 4 is what is bad. Make him a high Tac striker. He is very limited on his dodges because of his big base so it is harder to exploit. His momentous damage is high so pretty unlikely, and again not abuse-able. But it would allow him to get that Tackle double dodge off. It would allow him to escape with Acrobatics, or mitigate his 1" reach a little. Basically he plays like Velocity, but her playbook results are lower and better, and she is more survivable.
  10. Mantanza

    Bad blog about the Rats

    Well I guess I am going to do it. I started a blog to keep myself interested in the Rats before they came out and to log some of my games. It was really for myself and my locals, but I have decided to open it to everyone else due to lack of Ratcatcher content out there. Be gentile, I am a poor writer at best, and like I said it is mostly for myself to stay motivated, but I wanted to share in hopes others will write about their Rat conquests as well! https://ratrantz.wordpress.com/
  11. Mantanza

    Who to kick with?

    He means they come back with low health and he hits them twice and kills them as it deals the 6 damage
  12. Heya everyone, so I have come into some extra Guildball models and I am looking at moving them at discounted prices.NIB Blacksmith Team $65+shippingThis is both boxes, both new with plastic still on. PENDING SALE NIB Ratcatchers Team $55+shippingNIB with the Alt piper model all still with plastic on.NIB Kick Off! Box Set 35+shippingThis is NIB still has plastic on. Let me know, I'm located in the US
  13. Mantanza

    Selling Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers, and Kick off

    I sent you a PM a couple of days ago, please check that
  14. Mantanza


    It was very easy....I just used cutters to cut into the base near the model a few places. That usually release the model from the base. Then used an hobby knife to remove the little nub. Then pin the sewer base.
  15. Mantanza

    Pipers road to the winter cup

    How did you find disease was with his conditions....or does Miasma solve that?
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    Got what I needed thanks
  17. Mantanza


    Absolutely. I love to read match reports and I feel I gain insight to how others are playing the team.
  18. Mantanza

    When to vet graves?

    Having played Rats a few times now, what I see Vet Graves as bringing is a couple of things. Reach is good, KD and bleed are good, but Gravedigger is HUGE. We need those couple extra VPs IMO. Plus a tooled up rat for 1 Momentum, that he can bring back at full health and retain any influence you put on it is a big deal at times. The line up I am finding myself drawn to these days is Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, vGraves, Skulk. 3, 2" melee is a big deal. For me I am struggling with why I would bring Miasma.....Salve just doesn't feel like enough, and she is too squishy to get involved with her 2" melee, and her ranged plays don't bring enough to the team per inf spent.
  19. Mantanza

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    If that’s your logic then they never should have been mort players, it’s a waste of space. Why not just make them Rat Catcher players from the start?
  20. Mantanza

    Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Zoom in a touch and you can see his playbook, he is in the middle on the top
  21. Hello I am looking for Skulk, Halloween Obulus, and Halloween Dirge. i have limited tater, the Halloween set with Thresher, Halloween Brewers, Easter gang tooth, Limited Bolt, Limited Theron, KS midas, KS Shark, and others let me know
  22. Im in the US. I think I have a trade lined up but I haven't heard back from the other half. I sent him his model already too so I hope I hear something soon.
  23. And sadly I don't use Facebook.
  24. Hello I am looking for Skulk, Halloween Obulus, and Halloween Dirge. i have limited tater, the Halloween set with Thresher, Halloween Brewers, Easter gang tooth, and others. let me know
  25. Mantanza

    Found my team thanks

    Found my team thanks