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  1. Crucible

    Link to facebook post?
  2. Brainpan and Memory

    It's not there right now. got it off gbscrum.
  3. Hag

    Thank you
  4. Hag

    Any chance someone can post the card? I would be very appreciative.
  5. Beatdown brewers

    Good I'm glad we are on the same page. So onto my next point. Friday with the cat is a better cat, and the cat is the new Friday with Mom 2 damage on 2. Furthermore I feel Brewers do not struggle to beat face, but can struggle to score, with Harry helping, Friday, Spigot, and the cat actually become respectable goal threats. A brewer team that goes 1 score 4 take outs or even 2 scores, 2 take outs I feel is a far more competitive team into a field of teams. Tapper, Pint Pot, Spigot, Harry and even the cat beat face. Friday, Spigot, and even the cat score. Harry just helps makes this better.
  6. Beatdown brewers

    I feel like many models on the Brewer line up with all those bonuses would do similar damage. He feels like a win more model, it is not often you need to do 30 damage, most other models can do plenty and are just better all around models. Please understand I am not arguing just trying to explain my thoughts why I feel he should not be included in many line ups.
  7. Beatdown brewers

    IMO Hoopers playbook is pretty poor, his only momentous damage is 3 on 5 HITS!!! His playbook is also long because of his heroic, so he does not get to benefit from the typical Brewer shorter playbook advantage, furthermore he maxes out on 3 inf, and has a 4" jog. He should probably be in your 9 to play Vs condition heavy teams as his heroic is very good Vs them, but I would not typically start him.
  8. Beatdown brewers

    Trade Hooper for Harry, and Stoker for Friday and you have basically the best Tapper team Brewers can bring.
  9. So I have found myself with some extra teams, and I don't think I need them....my loss your gain...I have the full hunters team and the full fishermen team with Kickstarter modelsHUNTERS (all models assembled no paint, or primer):TheronFahadChaska with trapsEgretHearneJaecar with trapSeenahZarolaMinxWant $100+shippingFishermen (assembled no paint, or primer):SharkKS SharkCorsairSaltTentaclesAngelGreyscalesJacLtd Ed KrakenSakanaSirenVet Siren$190 +shippingLocated in the US, Let me know
  10. Not really interested in splitting at this time. It makes more sense for me to hang onto the whole team and play them then keep half of the team. Thank you for your interest though
  11. Pintpot

    Yup, please share.
  12. So was looking for some ideas people may have playing Alchs into engineers......it feels like smoke would have a better match up, but I am more comfortable with Midas. And that spider......
  13. Katalyst Vs Vet Katalyst

    My fish player says Vet Siren is not that great either...
  14. Portland, Oregon

    I know there are a couple of people at least that play in Portland, but I couldnt tell you where. We do have a nice group in Salem though, and down in Eugene we have about 6+ regulars. I would check at Red castle games, or at Gaurdian Games, those are the two game stores that seem to have the most player base. Cog Collective is the forum that a lot of the guys use in Portland and Salem. Damekshop is what we use in Eugene. Good luck and hope to see you at some tournies.
  15. Spoilers!

    Beat by a long ways!!
  16. Living the Dream

    Nope you are correct, you can choose 0". It is as good as it sounds.
  17. Good alchemist 8 man lineups

    I think Hemlock should be in your 8. She is huge Vs Brewers, other alchs, sometimes even butcher if you can get them to nickle and dime you on damage. She brings blind, and poison like Calculus, but has the healing as well!!!
  18. Alchemists Purchase Tips

    Cover gives -1TAC, Vit gains +2 so it is a net +1 and +1 damage to playbook damage results.
  19. Easy as Guildball is the best by far!!!! Done.
  20. Want KS Midas Have $$$

    Hello everyone, so I missed out on the kickstarter and it makes me sad. I play the alchemists and love them, I would really love to get my hands on a KS Midas to really compliment my team. So if anyone has one please let me know. I have tons of WM/Hordes, Star Wars X-Wing, malifaux...and cash. let me know
  21. Want KS Midas Have $$$

    Got one thanks!!!
  22. Want KS Midas Have $$$

    Yes sir I am, Eugene OR.