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    Pipers road to the winter cup

    How did you find disease was with his conditions....or does Miasma solve that?
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    Got what I needed thanks
  3. Mantanza


    Absolutely. I love to read match reports and I feel I gain insight to how others are playing the team.
  4. Mantanza

    When to vet graves?

    Having played Rats a few times now, what I see Vet Graves as bringing is a couple of things. Reach is good, KD and bleed are good, but Gravedigger is HUGE. We need those couple extra VPs IMO. Plus a tooled up rat for 1 Momentum, that he can bring back at full health and retain any influence you put on it is a big deal at times. The line up I am finding myself drawn to these days is Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, vGraves, Skulk. 3, 2" melee is a big deal. For me I am struggling with why I would bring Miasma.....Salve just doesn't feel like enough, and she is too squishy to get involved with her 2" melee, and her ranged plays don't bring enough to the team per inf spent.
  5. Mantanza

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    If that’s your logic then they never should have been mort players, it’s a waste of space. Why not just make them Rat Catcher players from the start?
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    Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Zoom in a touch and you can see his playbook, he is in the middle on the top
  7. Hello I am looking for Skulk, Halloween Obulus, and Halloween Dirge. i have limited tater, the Halloween set with Thresher, Halloween Brewers, Easter gang tooth, Limited Bolt, Limited Theron, KS midas, KS Shark, and others let me know
  8. Im in the US. I think I have a trade lined up but I haven't heard back from the other half. I sent him his model already too so I hope I hear something soon.
  9. And sadly I don't use Facebook.
  10. Hello I am looking for Skulk, Halloween Obulus, and Halloween Dirge. i have limited tater, the Halloween set with Thresher, Halloween Brewers, Easter gang tooth, and others. let me know
  11. Mantanza

    Found my team thanks

    Found my team thanks
  12. Mantanza

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Gratz, look forward to reading about it.
  13. Mantanza

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I would love to hear about your game. I know you said you where not going to write it up but there seems to be a real lack of quality hunter material.
  14. Mantanza

    Dice of DOOM

    My Alch dice seem to be pretty normal, but my brewers dice I swear are made with bubbles inside. They are absolutely horrible....and consistently so.
  15. Mantanza

    W: Alchemists

    Hello I have the full alch team, including KS Midas. Many are painted however and the rest are primed. I am in the US. PM me and we can work out details.
  16. Mantanza

    Selling Hunters, Brewers, and Fishermen

    Im in the USA, and willing to ship where ever you just pay the shipping.
  17. Hunters $125+shipping no paint or primer all are assembled1x Theron1x Fahad1x Zarola1x Hearne1x Egret1x Jaecar1x Chaska1x Seenah1X Skatha1X Snow1X Ulfr1X Veteran Hearne1x Ball Marker3x Chaska Trap Markers1x Pitfall Trap MarkerBrewers $150+shipping, primed lighty in tan no paint all assembledTapperEstersHooperScumStaveStokerFridaySpigotVet SpigotPintpotQuaffMashBrewer Keg Barrel GoalBrewer DiceBeer Cap tokensFishermen $300+shipping this is because of the Kick starter and Limited ed. models, no paint or primerKick Starter SharkReg SharkLimited ed. KrakenCorsairSirenAngelHagVet SirenTenticlesSakanaGreyscalesJacSaltMuse on minis tokens and Aoes
  18. Hello I am looking to sell the following models. KS Midas (metal) $100+shipping KS Shark (metal) and Ltd Kraken (resin) together $150+shipping Located in the US Let me know
  19. Mantanza

    Hello from Western Washington!

    Welcome, hopefully you are able to get in touch with some locals. I am down in Eugene but we all get together for tournaments and fun from Eugene to Vancouver.
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    Link to facebook post?
  21. Mantanza

    Brainpan and Memory

    It's not there right now. got it off gbscrum.
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    Thank you
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    Any chance someone can post the card? I would be very appreciative.
  24. Mantanza

    Beatdown brewers

    Good I'm glad we are on the same page. So onto my next point. Friday with the cat is a better cat, and the cat is the new Friday with Mom 2 damage on 2. Furthermore I feel Brewers do not struggle to beat face, but can struggle to score, with Harry helping, Friday, Spigot, and the cat actually become respectable goal threats. A brewer team that goes 1 score 4 take outs or even 2 scores, 2 take outs I feel is a far more competitive team into a field of teams. Tapper, Pint Pot, Spigot, Harry and even the cat beat face. Friday, Spigot, and even the cat score. Harry just helps makes this better.
  25. Mantanza

    Beatdown brewers

    I feel like many models on the Brewer line up with all those bonuses would do similar damage. He feels like a win more model, it is not often you need to do 30 damage, most other models can do plenty and are just better all around models. Please understand I am not arguing just trying to explain my thoughts why I feel he should not be included in many line ups.