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  1. I have the following team I need to let go to make room for other models. SkathaTheronYoung TheronFahad SnowChaska EgretHearne Vet HearneVet MinxSeenahRookie SeenahUlferZarolaRookie Zarola6 Traps1 Large trapFull plastic Falconiers teamRookie Ikaros$125+shipping
  2. Mantanza

    March Errata for Rats

    Well with the announcement that an errata is coming what are Rats needing? I'll admit I haven't been playing them much right now, and I have to ask myself why? What are they lacking? If I had to take a stab it feels like they are missing a good way to get the ball. If SF wants to them to be a largely scorey team, then they need a solid option to retrieve the ball. It also feels like Disease as a condition just isn't working well. Finally I would really like more of these "damned if you do, damn if you don't" mechanics across the team. Ball Retrieval How do we get the ball that the butcher/hunter/etc player has in the corner? Perhaps some character play "Field Rats" that would allow a free ball to be kicked 8" in a direction? Perhaps Pelage could pick up lure or something along these lines. Just spit balling here. Disease I also feel Disease is still not right....it is a condition most other teams just don't really care about...sure they can't heal as well, but they are usually killing Rats faster then we kill them. OK KD+Disease is sweet but it just doesn't have as much impact as fire does. Maybe if it didn't give the detriments to the Rats players as well. Make Miasma, Scourge, and Squeak not effected by disease? Maybe make Rats get bonuses Vs a diseased model...+1 Tac or something? As it stands it is usually just strait up worse for the Rat players models then the opponents. Choice Mechanic I would love for them to carry this out a bit more. This is an interesting and unique mechanic. Pipers feels interesting and solid, Pelage's feels good as well. Miasma's feels poor a best...people just pick the same one so it has almost no impact. The rest of the team doesn't have anything.....Just feels like a big missed opportunity here. Models Ok I just want to add one more thing to my rambling. What models I think need a bump up to be a more interesting choice in your team picks. I think the changes to Vet Graves and Bonesaw are fantastic and both are now very compelling choice in a Rat lineup. I would love to see the following models receive similar treatment. Pealage.....Oh my sweet Pealage, I love her on paper, but in the game she just doesn't get it done, and often she just dies to a single action from many squadies. I understand models need weaknesses and that is fine but hers is more then that. She often just gets left off the team because she is just a liability. Maybe if she only gave 1 VP, or if she picked up any ability that would make ball retrieval easier, maybe if she double crowded out like Vet Velocity. Maybe just more health would be enough. IDK, but as it stands Morts NEVER take her in their lineup much less in their 12, and Rats rarely put her on the table as she is just not good enough to make the cut. Squeak....he is much better now with Vet graves, but that means Vet graves is almost mandatory. I would really like to see him get a buff if he is diseased...or if your opponent is diseased. A defense raise to 4 doesn't seem out of question either. He often feels trivially removed and often just a liability. Miasma is my final model I want to address....she just feel incomplete. I get she is almost mandatory to deal with disease on your own models, which feels bad, but she again just dies to a breeze. I would love to see some defensive mechanic around disease on her. Maybe she gets +1 def if the model attacking her is diseased? IDK just something. All in all I love my rats but reall want the disease condition to be meaningful and not hurt the Rats team more then it hurts your opponent. I would love it if they where made to use the disease throughout the game as an advantage. Sort of a mini-game in the game...if I can keep the opponents team diseased the Rats will perform better! Sorry if I rambled on....just my 2 cents
  3. Mantanza

    WTB: Vet Gutter

    PM Sent
  4. Fish are SOLDFull Brewers team (not painted, metal) with Rookie Mash, Vet Decimate, dice, tokens, and barrel Goal. $120NIB Falconers $35 with Falconers release cards, and extra Falconers ballsFangtooth $10Easter Fangtooth $20Alt Mist $25Alt Tater metal $20Vet Gutter $15
  5. Mantanza

    WTB Fish

    I have the full team including vet Sakana, limited ed greyscales, Rookie jac and Kick Starter shark. I have some season 3 tokens I think as well. No paint or primer on them. Kick starter base inserts on many models. I’m looking for $165+shipping
  6. Mantanza

    Looking for Rookie Seenah

    Hello everybody, So I am looking for a rookie Seenah model, I have many models or cash I can offer. I have: LE bolt LE Piper LE Tater Lucky kick off box nib full alch team LE Thresher box KS Shark Falconers box nib Black Smith Forged from steel box nib Full Brewers team with Lucky and Rookie Mash Easter Bunny Fangtooth Minx Vet Gutter Well Painted full Engineers teams Let me know
  7. Mantanza

    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    For me the standard team is as follows and I’m not sure when/if I would change it. Piper Squeak vet Graves Scourge Miasma Skulk an argument could be made for bonesaw Vs Skulk but I just don’t think he bring enough to justify it.
  8. Mantanza

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Nope, she is basically an Allstar support model....she even brings 2” melee and a reasonable goal threat!!!!
  9. Mantanza

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Was meant to be a PM sorry
  10. Well season 4 is just about out and wow some great new updates for all the teams. I have found myself with too many teams, and I am looking to downsize. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in the US Full Engineers team and Harry the Hat painted to high standard with Rookie Salvo (not painted), and Vet Harriet (not painted). $150Full Fishermen team (not painted) with Vet Sakana with Kickstarter Shark, Alt Greyscales, Rookie Jac. $165Full Brewers team (not painted) with Rookie Mash, Vet Decimate, and barrel Goal. $140Full Alchs team with Vet Calculus most painted to average degree. $120NIB Falconers with Alt Matagi, Alt Vet Herne, Alt Egret, Alt Minerva $150Full Hunters team, and Minx most painted average with Alt Theron, Vet Minx, Rookie Zerola $110Fangtooth $10Easter Fangtooth $20Alt Mist $25Alt Tater metal $25Vet Gutter $15Kick off Box Never been opened still in shrink wrap $25 let me know
  11. Mantanza

    Alchemists Season 4

    Thank you a ton!!!
  12. Mantanza

    Alchemists Season 4

    Anyone repost the cards not on Facebook??
  13. Mantanza

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Rats are fine and play well however having said that Balefirestorm hit the nail on the head. Squeak is for sure my main complaint. His lack of any interaction with disease seems odd. I like the idea of Carrier but doesn't suffer from Disease. The Miasma thing seems good as well and would make it cleaner but it is not a deal breaker. Bonesaw and to a lesser extent Vet Graves both need updated. Bonesaw really needs a buyable dodge, an updated playbook, and permanent defense 5. Vet Graves could really use +1 tac. Just my thoughts from playing them, truthfully I would be happy with just the 2 Morts models getting updates, but I would be ecstatic is Squeak saw a change.