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  1. Scapegoat_Stephen

    At Home Ball Episode 2 - Navigators vs Morticians

    Thanks @Malritch I found this quite easy to put together to likely the format I will go with moving forwards Got another I'm editing hoping to be up this weekend.
  2. Scapegoat_Stephen

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    Listen to the Singled Out podcast where Bryce discusses the Season 4 Masons. There are reasons for those changes that ultimately are for the best. In my opinion they made the right choices based on what Bryce said and I prefer this version of Chisel.
  3. Scapegoat_Stephen

    S4 Masons - what's your 12, what's your 6es

    My current drops are Lucky, Tower and Mallet. My Union slot is usually Snakeskin but I'm also trying Avarice & Greede as well. My 6s at the moment are: Honour, Wrecker, oChisel, Granite, Flint/oHarmony and Flex/Union. Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Vet Chisel, Granite and Vet Harmony/Flex. Currently considering dropping oHarmony for Tower to add some more beating to the Honour team.
  4. So this was my first attempt at a Guild Ball battle report. Already thinking about some more in depth narration on the next one including draft discussion prior to the game, a quick recap at the end and a display showing the score or at least updating it as points are scored. Other constructive comments very much invited and appreciated https://youtu.be/iFpc1PH5-UQ
  5. So a bunch of friends and I started a podcast. We realised we discussed Guild Ball a lot during our journeys to and from work so decided why not put that time to good use? Uploaded to YouTube at the moment whilst we explore hosting options for Podcasts. Link to YouTube
  6. Scapegoat_Stephen

    A Ratty Swedish Adventure (1st place @ Swedish Nationals)

    Firstly congrats on the win! I have found this above to be my feelings after 8 games with Ratcatchers. My flex is Pelage or Skulk in most match ups so nice to see a top players saying the same
  7. Bases4War are reliable, fast and well priced. Based pretty much 2 entire Warmachine factions using them
  8. Scapegoat_Stephen

    Rookie Scourge

    He looks SO good!
  9. Scapegoat_Stephen


    We're not voting on stats though we're voting on flavour right? We will know some back story and a playing position so no real need to worry about the stats etc. Personally I think another dedicated striker would be good in Masons for when we lose Mist. Otherwise maybe a goal keeper?
  10. Scapegoat_Stephen


    Are we ever all going to agree?
  11. Scapegoat_Stephen

    Hammer Masons

    If it looks like granny will survive then CA Hammer's final attack to knock him down and set him up for an apprentice could work. Failing that giving him a def 3 arm 3 furnace will make him a sad panda.
  12. Scapegoat_Stephen


    Maybe it's because Bolt can go really far but none of it is dodges. So he can score if your opponent lets you by leaving a path open to their goal. Goalies make him sad Maybe I'm doing something wrong
  13. Scapegoat_Stephen


    I think we now potentially have a 9? My 10 was dropping Anvil and Sledge but Vet Cinder seems like a swap for Bolt and Farris/Anvil are both pretty similar in that I may not ever use them. I'm definitely interested to see what other people play!