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  1. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    Working my way through a mountain of scenery now so lets start with this piece
  2. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    I really want to give her a try because she's so nicely painted but unsure how to get the best from her at the moment if I'm honest. Currently the 3 I'd leave at home for a tourney would be Chisel, Granite and Wrecker. I think everyone else is so valuable!
  3. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    Thanks for the compliments I've got a bunch more scenery to do then I think its on to either Farmers or Blacksmiths next!
  4. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    With Granite done I finally have all my Masons finished!
  5. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    Will do, hoping to finish her this weekend
  6. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    Wrecker done leaves me just Granite for my Masons!
  7. What was your first Guild and why?

    To preface I played half a dozen games during the opening of Season 2 and returned recently as we managed to get a new local club started. I play Masons because I wanted to try the middle of the road team that could adapt to anything. I have only played one game with another team of my 20 games. Considering Brewers or Ratcatchers come April. Still loving Masons.
  8. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    I realised I've never posted any of the terrain I've painted! So please find everything I've painted so far. Some bits I saw and purchased, got as Con swag or are the official Steamforged scenery packs. Lucky included for scale with the bits that aren't official. Got 8 of these for our newly formed Guildball club locally:
  9. My Guildball Collection (Masons, Union, Butchers, Brewers, Scenery)

    Managed to get Lucky finished up as well so only Wrecker and Granite left to go
  10. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I wonder if Ratcatchers have more tokens? Maybe it's just SFG undersold the Farmers & Blacksmiths are with their expansion (Godtear and moving to PVC) just need some more cash? Seems like the most logical reason. Also worth mentioning Brexit probably knocked their overseas purchasing and selling power down.
  11. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Apologies we had been discussing metal vs plastic comparison. Although again from what I can see locally it's just over £5 increase from £35 to £40.50 so I'm unsure where the £10 comes in? Is that SFG pricing on their store? I'm going by prices at FLGS which I know I am very lucky to have (only took 5 years of 2 different stores changing hands to get someone who runs 1 of them to support wargames).
  12. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    More contents seems like for like to be cheaper to me. Price point is the same but you get so much more for it
  13. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I totally understand no worries I've been wargaming for 20 years so I can see for some PVC is an issue. Let's engage in some theory and say if PVC is here to stay what do you think the box would need to make it the same value as a metal team box?
  14. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    So the team at my FLGS is £40 pushing to £45 with a Ltd edition model. I'm unsure what would constitute 'good value' to you when for the same price as metal team you are getting: Ltd edition extra model Terrain piece Goal marker Tokens for the team Health dials Alternate themed ball I'm actually interested to know what you feel would make it good value? I get the some people prefer metal argument but I'm struggling to understand your point. I'm not looking to call you out or start an argument just want to understand These PVC boxes allow people to play straight out of the box whilst building up a scenery collection. I know of no other wargame out there that is so accessible to new people.
  15. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I can pick up a metal team for £45 from my FLGS (or from an online retailer plus pnp if I didn't live close enough to physically pick it up) and I am able to collect Ractcatchers with a limited edition model for the same price. If there is a discount there it's the same discount Also to state my position I like metals as much as the next wargamer but PVC is cheaper and will attract more new people. It's the way forward.