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  1. Teach Me To Paint

    Mantic or Repear minis are probably the cheapest option for buying a batch you can practice on. As @ningu said do you have any examples of your work so we can offer advice?
  2. Season 4 Rookies

    Do they need refreshed cards? It's a casual silly format why not leave them as is? It's not like they need a balance pass
  3. Thinking of dabbling in Union

    So I have an event in July that I'm looking at attending but will have limited access to Union models. But I'm thinking of taking them anyway. Any advice or is it suicide? Models I will have are: Captain - SBrisket Mascot - Pride Squaddies - Mist, Benediction, Grace, Harry, Gutter, Decimate, Snakeskin
  4. Image links sometimes work sometimes not?

    Cheers Mako So this is a direct 'Copy Image Address' with 3 spaces input after the https:// bit: https:// scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/31494158_10215796490644374_7037939586835677184_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&_nc_eui2=v1%3AAeGavKwOGHr396fiJL9EVNPUCXJixNyIGptw3-KAbGfM0w58IE0JPw0Hj5yKXqrXE4gqUm_5ShQ0bb7lC1dhJqCsvA_fBuHB32AibpknMR6oJw&oh=9688facc9b19fb62b72d9e564e77da26&oe=5B553D98 Should be a picture of 8 Blacksmiths I've edited the first post to include the same link after the forum embeds it.
  5. Hi Guys So to post in my Display Cabinet thread: I usually just copy and paste from the Facebook Album by right clicking and choosing 'Copy Image Address' which usually works but occasionally does not. In the last couple of days I've been unable to copy a picture across as instead of displaying the picture it just displays a link such as: Any ideas?
  6. 4 pieces of Rough Ground by Solid Ground Studios finished! EDIT: Forum playing up again with image links so will try again later
  7. A bit of silly (and extreme) speculation

    I didn't know I wanted this until I read it! I picture her being a very support/goal scoring focused captain but would love to see her rise to taking over the Guild.
  8. Killing the ball with masons

    I mean she sits behind the frontline she isn't a frontline model herself. Have to be careful if she is that close and baby sitting the ball
  9. Killing the ball with masons

    Someone suggested on the FB Wrecker as a decent ball killer if you aren't looking for a snap back goal immediately. Makes sense as its a tough nut for Strikers to crack and can be fast when wants to be.
  10. Killing the ball with masons

    With Honour - Harmony1 becomes a 5/1 near Brick. Protection from Counter Charge and easy snap back goal potential due to Family and Superior Strategy. With Hammer - Vet Harmony? 5/0 defensive stat line. She doesn't like front line combat anyway so can sit at the back. Lucky has a decent defensive stat line at 4/1 but his counter attacks are arguably worse than Harmony's.
  11. Model distribution needs to change

    My point was at the moment SFG seem to be trying to please everyone and you know what it isn't working. They seem to be flip flopping around which makes me MORE concerned that they let themselves be bullied. Now we have a weird situation where they don't do single blisters but they kind of do in resin. All this time and effort they had to put in appeasing people that could have gone into designing new product.
  12. Model distribution needs to change

    So put yourself in SFG shoes either: 1) They put out lots of single blisters to stores - they don't like the amount of space it eats up OR 2) You sell singles online - stores don't like it because it cuts into their profit margin OR 3) Everything goes to box sets which stores can easily stock and sell. Which of these cuts into their profit margin less...you not wanting to buy a box or a store not buying a box? At the end of the day SFG are a business and they want to make money. If you buy a box and have some models for guilds you don't own it may tempt you to spend more money with them later to acquire that guild. I'm not saying there is some sort of conspiracy here they are a business they have overheads to pay out. TLDR; The company likes to make money and keep FLGS happy. My own personal opinion is I will keep any additional models because they look pretty or I can use them in RPGs or I can donate them to newbies to draw them in or to events to increase their prize pool.
  13. So what's your favourite thing about Guild Ball?

    Smaller model count is my favourite! Enjoy having a tiny case that carries everything. Tight rules set is also a massive draw. Minis and artwork is top notch as well.
  14. Fixed a bunch of links in this topic and posted a picture of the 8 Blacksmiths I took to a Ratcatchers Launch event yesterday.