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  1. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    I don't understand how Brewers are supposed to outscrum a team that has a good portion of reach, and mostly all have two armour as well (whether natively or through proximity). Lets (for arguments sake) say the team is: Ferrite (C), Hearth, Furnace, Iron, Cinder, and Alloy. It's faster than Brewers, handles better, and hits harder as well as being way tougher. Also every scrum is instantly lost the moment Ferrite activates and disarms 2-3 people, not to mention furnace dropping CoaaT for free and eliminating any potential strength in numbers. At that point brewers have nothing. For reference I was using Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper and Lucky. I feel like saying just take out the apprentices, may as well be saying get gud and just win. It doesn't really appreciate the holistic board state and the fact that smiths synergise way better than brewers do, and a lot more of it is passive. Brewers have to work really hard to make progress on take outs vs Smiths and since smiths have a lot of effective low momentous results its easier for them to undo the headway and make stymie any further progress. Again though - I'm open to any input that explains in a logical way how Brewers out perform in this scenario. Cheers
  2. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    I've been fielding Tapper a lot and had two games this week with him, firstly into Hunters and secondly into Blacksmiths. Perhaps I'm using him incredibly wrong; in the Hunters game I felt completely shut out and probably made some positioning errors. Having scored a goal with Friday though I had Jaecar and ranged attacks murder two players and then I was in no position to even engage after that. I don't see how a 9" threat range 'out threats' anything. Against smiths - I took the feedback from this thread and in spite of my skepticism sent the team as a tight ball into the field. I was able to get an early take out on Cinder, and then from there got completely wrecked in a scrum. This is probably a meta problem rather than a 'Tapper' problem (except that Tapper is very emblematic of the issue) and I feel like smiths out dps, out sustain and out score brewers all at the same time - which is exceptionally frustrating. It's possible that Brewers just aren't a good play style fit except that that seems like a cop out - so I'd rather figure out what they need to do in order to chalk up consistent victory. From what I've seen so far though - being tough is not a win condition and the newer teams out perform Brewers by a far margin. So what are the Brewer players doing to actually rack up wins (particularly with Tapper as Esters has a solid range denial game that doesn't expose her in the way that Tapper needs to be). All thoughts welcome
  3. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Ok so the Fish/Union player pivot off your early engage and then use gutter to lynch the rest of your team - followed up by additional rage attacks or protected by dread gaze respectively. How do Brewers then handle those two scenarios ?
  4. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    What's your general strategy vs. Vet Rage? How are you out fighting him? Also what do you do into Corsair+Gutter?
  5. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Hey that was great thanks, especially as I am looking for evidence to support the use of Tapper and where he excels rather than a comparison of the two Brewer captains.
  6. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Ok so Let's agree that we've all read the card... I'm curious what you mean by influence efficiency though as it seems like he needs to spend three to achieve anything, once CA is up he is also swinging in the breeze with his very mediocre def stats and seems like he's more on farm status than anything? It might be just me and his playbook in a 2018 environment seems entirely underwhelming especially when viewed side by side with newer captains (particularly Grange who seems to eclipse him in every way). Having to hit four successes for momentous damage seems like a lost cause - especially when he's your alpha strike and to get any meaningful work done he needs to wrap off the charge which is very unreliable. I understand the argument that he isn't there to deliver a knock out, but to set up the scrum - which again seems flawed as the model he engaged on then has a chance to react and/or if the opponent has any ranged potential - just leave him there and focus other areas of the pitch. Jakes is great, and if he's just pushed deep to deploy 'his package' then is he in a position to use old jakes effectively, as it seems that if everyone is that close to the opposing line then something has gone wrong given Brewers tend to be slow and have troubles initiating? I also feel it's a long bow to draw in saying that Old Jakes trumps the boos that some legendaries provide. It's possible that I just don't understand how the game plan of dangling Tapper in the breeze ends in a victory against anyone that refuses to collapse on him - or maybe it explains the poor performance of Brewers in general? Possibly a holistic break down of the game plan would give me better insight as to why he would even make the ten let alone the A string. Thanks for expanding on those ideas
  7. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Ok, thanks for that and tying this back to my initial query - what does Tapper bring that justifies putting him on the pitch. In most cases he presents as a liability more than an asset and the things that he brings appear to be of limited value given the proximal restrictions on them. So what is the logic for bringing Tapper. Thanks
  8. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Hi everyone, I know the title might sound provocative and it probably is considering the group think regarding Tapper > Esters. However, I've been playing Brewers for a bit now and I am honestly struggling to find a scenario (Any) that I would actually want Tapper in. So for all of the old guard in here; what is the purpose of bringing Tapper and at what point does he perform in a way that isn't just eclipsed by Ester' tool kit? Thanks
  9. Idea for Thresher Change

    Bushel is also a 3/8" - the other thing to really consider though is that for the family on Grange creates a lot of forgiveness with respect to passing etc. Sure he can barrel in and best case scenario he executes a squishy (top of 2 after winning initiative) then kicks a goal and knee slides back - however, if the stars don't align on that then he's really deep in the creek and has no back up to help him out.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    I have to admit after my first game vs thresher I was ready to flip the table, however, five games in - I'm not even bothered. There is a lot you can do to shut him down and on top of that - thresher is really confined by a few things not least of which is that his whole game plan revolves around committing (the corollary was made to hammer) and if you either stop him from achieving that or make the terms really unfavorable then you come out on top. The biggest problem, for most people is that there is an extremely shallow learning curve to get to 'optimum efficiency' and so people feel like he's easy mode without respecting that whilst he's easy learn and has great acceleration his top speed is pretty low. One trick pony - also, there's no reason to change Thresher.
  11. Dealing with Alchemists

    Harrow, peck and millstone basically only that game for you. Keep Millstone sucking in the conditions and then spend to clear giving you real momentum efficiency. Also Peck giving you cocky and harrow giving the free heals allow you to really mitigate the ranged condition game. Depending on your striker you can probably give them a run for scoring since you definitely out dps them once the game gets up close.
  12. Tater is overrated

    I feel like your line up needs adjusting. Tater isn't a problem and as has been stated is pretty amazing. Also You only really need one reaper and let the ~18 influence do the heavy lifting.
  13. So I did the PV, Ratchet, Hoist thing with GIC

    Kicking with velocity under pin Vice gives you a pocket goal at any time during the turn you wish to take it. There are extremely few areas of the pitch that your opponent will be able to hide the ball that stop her from getting in and scoring. If you have knee slider even better.
  14. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Yet how many gnomes do you think could realistically dual wield arcanists reapers... I think Brewermate look awesome - turned up to 11.
  15. Quick game trying out A/G in engineers. Everythng went smoothly until the big lout decided to go off by himself and completely wreck the plan - what a guy Ended up being a very tense final couple of turn on even momentum and both only needing a few points to win. Brewers took it out though