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  1. Idea for Thresher Change

    Bushel is also a 3/8" - the other thing to really consider though is that for the family on Grange creates a lot of forgiveness with respect to passing etc. Sure he can barrel in and best case scenario he executes a squishy (top of 2 after winning initiative) then kicks a goal and knee slides back - however, if the stars don't align on that then he's really deep in the creek and has no back up to help him out.
  2. Idea for Thresher Change

    I have to admit after my first game vs thresher I was ready to flip the table, however, five games in - I'm not even bothered. There is a lot you can do to shut him down and on top of that - thresher is really confined by a few things not least of which is that his whole game plan revolves around committing (the corollary was made to hammer) and if you either stop him from achieving that or make the terms really unfavorable then you come out on top. The biggest problem, for most people is that there is an extremely shallow learning curve to get to 'optimum efficiency' and so people feel like he's easy mode without respecting that whilst he's easy learn and has great acceleration his top speed is pretty low. One trick pony - also, there's no reason to change Thresher.
  3. Dealing with Alchemists

    Harrow, peck and millstone basically only that game for you. Keep Millstone sucking in the conditions and then spend to clear giving you real momentum efficiency. Also Peck giving you cocky and harrow giving the free heals allow you to really mitigate the ranged condition game. Depending on your striker you can probably give them a run for scoring since you definitely out dps them once the game gets up close.
  4. Tater is overrated

    I feel like your line up needs adjusting. Tater isn't a problem and as has been stated is pretty amazing. Also You only really need one reaper and let the ~18 influence do the heavy lifting.
  5. So I did the PV, Ratchet, Hoist thing with GIC

    Kicking with velocity under pin Vice gives you a pocket goal at any time during the turn you wish to take it. There are extremely few areas of the pitch that your opponent will be able to hide the ball that stop her from getting in and scoring. If you have knee slider even better.
  6. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Yet how many gnomes do you think could realistically dual wield arcanists reapers... I think Brewermate look awesome - turned up to 11.
  7. Quick game trying out A/G in engineers. Everythng went smoothly until the big lout decided to go off by himself and completely wreck the plan - what a guy Ended up being a very tense final couple of turn on even momentum and both only needing a few points to win. Brewers took it out though
  8. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    The sword is very decimate though
  9. Played a game which turned out to be a bit of a wash - unfortunately my opponent was rather green and since we were just typing this was never expressed. Game started well and then just land slid - killing Siren in the maintenance phase of t2 was nice as well. All those lady aoe's. Managed to play Esters very aggressively as Corsair only had three inf. The game ended just as Esters finished off Corsair and then threw a fire bomb at Sakana who was on 2 health. Not a thing of glory to be sure and yet still a match to claim for decimate.
  10. Brewing up a storm!

    Hopefully that fixes it - thanks for the imgur tip - That will be really helpful
  11. Brewers throw popcorn, Butchers through punches Brewers sink beers, Engineers sink to their knees Decimate is cruel, Decimate is pleased!
  12. Brewing up a storm!

    As both teams strode out onto the pitch the crowd sat in a subdued kind of suspense. Most were stretching or absently rubbing sleep from their eyes - wndering why the match had been scheduled for such an unfriendly hour. The Fisherman team had obviously planned for it as they launched into a flurry of goals taking them up to an early lead of 8 points. It wasn't long though before the brewers constitutions kicked in and they were finally able to start getting some traction. Mash clearly was still seeing double as a knocked down Avarisse proved harder to hit than the broadside of a barn! Eventually Stoker fired up and was able to serve up a plate of Calamari taking the otherwise worse for wear Brewers to an undeserved victory and certainly an early lunch! finis ~ Decimate - Homeward bound
  13. Hi everyone, Just in case people are looking - I have a couple of spare bunks for the weekend, which are probably a 5-10 minute walk away on the other side of the river. If you're still looking for accommodation let me know. Cheers
  14. Perception of Butchers

    I think I'm pretty decent at this game and Butchers are one of the few factions that site unseen I will attribute a healthy dose of respect to before the game begins. Even if you can control them etc etc - Butchers can snow ball in a way that most factions can't. They can get consistent one activation take outs and their momentum can just grow in a way that directly aligns with their path and to victory. A lot of factions have to take the long way round if they want momentum and yet Butchers just print it. Trying to fight them is like taking on a land war in Asia.
  15. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    Fix your 'why' and your results will follow. Your 'why' for playing this game is currently out of alignment with your soul.