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  1. Zealot

    is this mainspring hack legit?

    Seems legit to me and not sure I would agree it is a "glaring loophole," since you are basically paying an influence for a momentum in this situation (as Deletion costs one influence and effectively gives a "free" bonus time"). Also, @Baliw I think the scenario was Velocity was knocked down, not Pin Vice. Velocity was stood up by Pin Vice paying two momentum after some successful legendary passing. I will definitely keep an eye out for using this play, since I have been messing around with Pin Vice in our Big League and having lots of fun with the passing shenanigans. It would be nice to get something out of Mainspring, who basically always sets his team mates on fire (at least one of them) and gives up 2 VP (Mother, where are you???). I nearly always forget about the free bonus time when using Deletion, so maybe I will remember now and again. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I did end up going with one copy of any card per player. This seems to make the most sense, and the player who wanted to buy up all the Don't Touch the Hair cards admitted that it was out of the spirit of the game. I also had misunderstood the rules on first go through, thinking that players were locked in to a plot card deck for the duration of the league. That was obviously wrong, and not nearly as flexible as far as strategy for specific matchups. Anyways just wanted to update the thread in case others go searching for rules on this.
  3. Hey guys, We started the Big League and a few of us have different interpretations on how the rules for plot cards work during the league. I have a couple of related questions. 1. "Coaches begin the campaign with access to any Guild Ball Season 1 or 2 Guild Plot cards from the core game and any of the Common Campaign Plot Cards found in the Guild Ball Season 2 Campaign Cards set." (S2 rulebook, p. 55) Since there are multiple copies of basic cards in the campaign deck, does that mean that you can fill your pool with multiple copies of the same card, to increase your chances of drawing a card? If so, does this extend to S1 or S2 plot cards as well? Can I buy my friend's "Don't Touch the Hair!" and add it to my deck, even if I already have one? Or is there a strict "no more than one copy of a specific card can be in a player's plot deck." 2. Since players are encouraged to sell plot cards to one another, can a player trim down his/her pool, to reduce the random element, or must a player maintain 12 plot cards in the deck at all times? Thanks in advance! The campaign system is really awesome. BT
  4. Help Make Guild Ball Great...Again! June 4, at Flagship Comics and Games, 1049 Queen St., Southington CT Play to 12 vp, 45 min clocks, until a "champion is crowned!" 8-man roster, pick 6 and reveal sheets simultaneously FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1541630236132629/ Please NOTE: This is a rescheduled tournament. The event scheduled for May 21 has been moved to June 4. There will be NO TOURNAMENT on May 21 in Southington. I recommend you head up to The Whiz in Westboro, MA on May 21 for a tournament there: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/the-whiz-may-guild-ball/feed
  5. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we are changing the date on this so we don't conflict with another tournament at The Whiz in Westboro MA on May 21. New event: Saturday June 4, 10am reg, 11am start. Same place! https://www.facebook.com/events/1541630236132629/
  6. Zealot

    Glorious Achievement

    But then the question is whether both players actually get to 12 VP at the same time or if the new timing charts and the rule to let the active player choose which event happens first (at a given step on the chart) means that no game will ever tie.
  7. Hey all, We will be starting up a Figo League here in Southington, CT on Wednesday nights, from 4-9pm (note that league games can also be scheduled for other days if both players can agree on a date/time). Will run for 8 weeks, starting May 11. We have a Figo League Kit, so some nice art prints and a Hunters patch are a part of the prize support. Entry fee will be $10, with all funds divided up into store credit at the end. What we have done for other games is award raffle tickets based on your final score, as well as for other achievements along the way, and have a raffle of all the prizes at the end. That way, winning the league gives you a better chance of winning prizes in the raffle, but everyone has a solid chance of walking away with something. It also lets people have some freedom to choose prizes (when your ticket is called you pull a prize from the remaining pool of prizes). If anyone has serious objections to this method I would love to chat about it, but this will probably be the way we do things for leagues from now on. For the Facebook inclined: https://www.facebook.com/events/213600892353360/
  8. Hey everyone, Finally got the next tournament figured out. I plan to run one every six weeks or so, in our "Make a Game of It!" (also known as "Make Guildball Great Again") series. May 21, 10 am registration, 11 am dice roll. Details: TBA (got an idea, something you want to see in a tournament? let me know!) Flagship Comics and Games 1049 Queen St, Southington, CT 06489 Let me know if you intend on coming, so I have an idea about what the turnout will be. PM here is fine, or join the FB event. For the Facebook inclined: https://www.facebook.com/events/1541630236132629/
  9. It has been said before but these are fantastic articles. Thanks so much for writing them, and I am eager to see the next!
  10. Zealot

    Bourbon Ball Tournament

    Yeah I would like to hear a little more about how exactly you go about it. Do you use Confidence at all?
  11. Zealot

    Tournament, Southington CT, Mar. 26

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to bump this since the event is on Saturday. I have updated the details: 11am registration, 12pm dice roll. I am also leaning toward changing the timers to 55 min per player, to allow for those of us who aren't used to playing on the clock. We will talk about it on Saturday and make sure no one has any objections. $10 entry fee, all of which will be converted into prize support by way of store credit. Exact distribution depends on how many players, but I plan to award the following: First place finisher Second place finisher and Best Goal Token (decided by me based on concept as well as execution) Looking forward to getting the Flagship meta up to speed! BT
  12. Zealot

    Terrain and competitive play

    For what it is worth, our local group has struggled a bit with the terrain rules. At first there was a lot of bad information going around, and new players don't always stop a more "experienced" player and look a rule up, so sometimes mistakes can continue to persist for some time. I don't know that this is a problem that is specific to this game, but when the rules are geared more towards competitive play rather than intuition it does mean that players often have to stop and say "What? How does cover work?" And after that, they tend to believe nearly anything that is said with authority. This seems like a fundamental problem, and a new and growing community just has to work through it if there are problems like this. That being said, I do think that the terrain rules could use a little tweaking. I have been building a custom pitch for my Engineers, and the rules as they exist right now really are constraining from a hobby standpoint. Again, I get why that is the case, but I don't see any reason that the "competitive" environment can't open up a little and include some new ideas/formats. There are lots of interesting suggestions here, but the simplest solution might be to tack on three divisions of rules for terrain that map on to the three "tiers" of competition set up by the Organized Play document. I am looking forward to seeing more ideas, and would be all for some play testing of them.
  13. Zealot

    How can I use Salt?

    Like I said above, he can automatically be in position to retrieve a goal kick. If he is within 10 of your goal and you scatter the ball off of him it cannot go anywhere that he can't get it, for zero influence. I think he really shines on turns you want to score twice, allowing your opponent to score in between. And if your opponent waits until the very end of the turn then Salt can grab the ball and evade almost anyone, delivering it to a scoring threat.
  14. Zealot

    No True Replication Challenge

    I almost always go for a turn 1 TR, and I hardly ever use it late game for all the reasons discussed above. However, having it "in your pocket" in late game can be a game winner. If Midas has seven influence on him he can TR then pay 1 to activate his new ability (or attack and trigger it to gain momentum), then pay one to shoot a goal. So if key character plays like Super Shot, Where'd They Go, etc. are in play I can see situations where a late game TR can surprise an opponent and snatch a win. It has only happened to me once, but that was fairly recently so i may very well have missed such opportunities in the past due to tunnel vision. I guess it all depends...context is everything in this game. I guess my point is that I used to be sad if I didn't get TR off on turn 1, but now I have started to appreciate having it around in case I need it. For the Engineers out there, though, this doesn't really apply with Hoist since he will never have any left over influence the turn after he uses TR. For him it does seem to be a "Turn 1 or bust" scenario. But at least he gets to have 5 influence if he never uses it!
  15. Zealot

    Hello from New Haven, CT

    Welcome to the forums! I am probably the closest Pundit to you, so let me know how I can help stir up some more interest. I would be happy to drive down to Orange and run some demos or play some games. Shoot me a PM to coordinate. And thanks Dazzarno for plugging the tournament. We have a FB Event going and there is also a post in the Events subforum. Let's play a game sometime soon!