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  1. RevGeoff

    Season 2 rules online?

    If you are playing in a sanctioned tourney...my thought would be to play S1 stuff if you don't have the S2 around? I have a sanctioned event on the 1st - I'm not really worried about them posting stuff as I'll just scan the S2 cards and print them off (but then I pre-ordered the book and S2 cards). I'm ok with them letting the people who purchased the books/cards have them first for a couple of days. I hope everything worked out for everyone's weekend events! And please people...don't say the "S" word. He shows up if you say it.
  2. RevGeoff

    BC Tournament

    UPDATE: It is now a Sanctioned 32 person event! We had to change venues...to just down the street to accommodate. I am going to stop accepting players as of Thursday April 14th as I need to make pitches as well as terrain.
  3. RevGeoff

    BC Tournament

    We will be having the first Sanctioned tournament in British Columbia on May 1st at Dave's Pop Culture. We start at 10am and are capping it at 24 players. You can message me here for specific info or join the Guild Ball BC facebook group. Geoff
  4. RevGeoff

    Vancouver League

    We have a league going on in Vancouver BC. It is being held at Dave's Pop Culture. If you want to know more join the "Guild Ball BC" Face Book group.
  5. As the goal is classified as a barrier we are using your "position B" because of Rules As Written.
  6. RevGeoff

    Sask Guild Ball Facebook Group

    Awesome! I'll make sure I join so I can keep up with the goings on of Canadian Guild Ball!
  7. RevGeoff

    Guild Ball League?

    I thought I had seen actual rules for "official" Guild Ball leagues...but now I can't find it. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks! Geoff
  8. Hi everyone, We have just started a pretty good Guild Ball group in British Columbia (mostly the Lower Mainland). If you are in BC join the Guild Ball BC FB group. Geoff