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  1. Chade

    Which Mascot to buy?

    So Coin it is for now. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Chade

    Which Mascot to buy?

    Hey, I decided to extend my Union players to full team and went to the aggressive side with Veteran Rage. I try to keep my collection small, so I'm probably buying just one Mascot. Out of Coin and Stongbox which you would suggest and why when my other Union models are Veteran Rage, Gutter, Fangtooth, Minx, Mist and Hemlocke? From what I've deduced myself Coin would be useful every round but Strongbox might have bigger impact on that one big turn when you go all in. What do you think?
  3. Chade

    Smoke is here!

    Rejoice, Smoke is here! Thus far only this snip from Steamforged Salute spoiler video, but there was also information that her along with Scalpel, Filet and Hammer will be available to prepurchase next Tuesday. We'll know more soon. From the picture I can at least say that she'll be very different indeed that Midas. What are your first impression on her?
  4. Chade

    Venin Sac puppet wording

    As a follow up, does the damage from Sacrificial Puppet to "target enemy model" count as coming from Venin? Or more exactly does damage to enemy model from Sacrificial Puppet trigger Venomous Strike thus giving said model "Poison" condition.
  5. Chade

    Mist vs Vitriol

    For me it's Vitriol always and Mist rarely, but sometimes. Like said Vitriol can use Influence to beat people very well and also scores goals like a boss. If I feel I don't have much use for some other player like Compound in a particular match up I could submit Mist in for his awesome ability to score. Between Midas, Vitriol and Mist I feel that you are in contest for one of the best scoring teams in entire game.
  6. Chade

    Venin use

    For me personally it's because Calculus does more with 0-1 INF and is harder to take down than Hemlocke. Usually after first turn I find that more often than not I want to fill Midas and Vitriol as much as possible and Venin and/or Compound is more than capable of using what's left. Calculus does just fine with 1 INF throwing around Blind or with even with 0, because her aura works when she is just standing around. I like to Push opposing players to her aura to trigger Poison and then exploit it with Venin. Personally I also think that Smelling Salts is a trap. Sure it's occasionally useful, but more often than not you can reach almost the same level of healing / condition removal by just using that two INF by punching people and generating Momentum. Also with 5+/0 and ten health Hemlocke is a liability that easily gets killed. Calculus is surprisingly more resilient for me, so she it's easier to use her in support role in punching.
  7. Chade

    Midas Ball?

    Excellent advice here! Hylo I agree with most of what you said, but I have to disagree with this: I think Midas' Heroic for +1 Dam is absolutely brilliant. With that he is more than capable of beating weaker players from full to zero in one activation. Sure it costs 6-7 Influence, but with that you can take out most of those 5+/0 players or weaker 4+/1 players, which there are plenty. Sure you don't generate Momentum, but Momentum doesn't win you games, VP does. The key here is that your opponent doesn't have a change to heal when you whallop them at one activation and Midas is a literal king in that. I'm running exactly the same main roster and it's doing well. I'm running Mist and Hemlocke on side, but maybe I should try Katalyst again now that he got the Errata...
  8. Chade

    Living the Dream

    Best moment for me has been Midas singlehandedly winning the game in two subsequent activations. He acted last in the round with full stack and tackled ball to himself, then "Where'd he go?" next to Hemlocke whom he beat for two points and then casual jog and kick to goal for total of 6. Ball scattered far left on the field and said Hemlocke went after the ball after Icy Sponge. I won the initiative and Midas Legendary Played for MP from some Heavy Burden, Heroic Played for speed, then proceeded to charge and beat Hemlocke again, take the ball and "Where'd he go?" within kick distance and scored again. Midas makes right.
  9. Chade

    Alchemists Purchase Tips

    I'd start with all guild models except Katalyst. You can do well without him. After that it's more to the taste in where you want to go from there. I personally prefer Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Compund and now Venin although Mercury is quite good as well. I like to have Mist on the side, but personally don't like Hemlocke at all. I haven't tried other Guild players yet, but I can see value in Decimate.
  10. Chade

    Orders from Black Friday

    Finland, almost next to England and still no Venin. *sadface* Mail service from England to here is for some reason a very random thing. Sometimes the package arrives in half a week, sometimes in over two weeks. A mystery this is. EDIT: Models arrived the next day after posting this. Most excellent that was!
  11. Here in Finland we have always played it as Devilsquid said. You suffer Crowded Out penalties for AOE character plays just like you suffer them to any other character play. However the wordings in rulebook are unfortunately ambiguous. Like quoted in page 51 the rules say: "a) Generate a dice-pool using the cost of the Play; apply any applicable bonuses or penalties." for character plays, but then on page 52 the rules say: "a) Generate a dice-pool using the cost of the Play in Influence." for AOE plays. That could be read also so that you wuold not apply any applicaple modifiers in the case of AOE. Personally I think that is just an oversight and AOE plays should work like any other character play out there. An official ruling would be nice, because there is most definitely two different ways to read the rules as written. Thanks in advance, Lawyers Guild!
  12. Chade

    Top picks for True Replication

    I had surprisingly good results from copying Weak Point from Sakana when Greyscales was too far so I couldn't get Where'd they go?. Many of the Fishermen players have ARM 1 and Weak Point goes just trough that. Shark was much easier to eliminate after that.
  13. Chade


    Also I think it's worth to remember that if your opponent is using Smelling Salts he has allocated at least that 2 INF to Hemlocke which he is not then using to whack your players or score goals. Personally I think Hemlocke is a trap with DEF 5+. She likes to use INF which would be better used with many other players. Also if she is close enough to use Smelling Salts there should be a way for you to get to her with either Midas or Vitriol and that is about the easiest 2 VP you can score. Personally I think it's better to think conditions as resource eaters rather than major damage dealing tools. They set questions to your opponent. "Will I use Momentum/Influence to clear these conditions or shall I take damage instead?" Also when you put both damage and conditions to your opponents players they can't usually easily heal both. To sum I don't think that you are going to win any games with conditions now, but having them gives you that small edge that starts to add up as game goes on. Midas likes nothing more than punching 14 wound guy who has taken some 4-6 damage from random hits/conditions!
  14. Chade

    Spending Momentum

    Hey. There is actually two parts in your question. No. Rules, page 57: "A team may use any number of Momentous actions, at any time, as long as they have MP." However some of the actions have limits on how many times and under what circumstances they can be used. So: No, you may not. You may heal the activated model four points (or remove conditions from him) using "Take a Breather Lad!" Momentous action for one MP, but there is a special restriction on "Take a Breather Lad!" that it can be only used once per turn by the active model. So you could not use it twice for two MP. This can be found from page 58 of the rulebook.