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  1. Clanger

    March Errata

    Big Belly on Stave would be somewhat thematic and help him get around a lot of his problems of being a 1" melee momentum battery for your opponent. I think Brewers are pretty powerful in general but seem to be tied to a few models. Not sure what Tapper needs to be a real choice compared to Esters. Also Decimate is a horrendously scary kick off model.
  2. https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1757 Another tournament on the growing Scottish Guildball scene. 4 round event. 10:00 registration for a 10:30 start. Saturday 26th of January 2019. Common Ground Games (40 Cowane St, Stirling, FK8 1JR). Send £13 as a friends and family payment to caley.events@gmail.com. Includes lunch.
  3. Clanger

    Morticians in Season 4

    These articles have all been good reads, thanks for doing them.
  4. Clanger

    SteamCon UK Last Chance Qualifier

    Can we register for other people at the same time, there are a few of our group coming from the airport that might be cutting it fine.
  5. Clanger

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I'm thinking about who to drop to make a 12 for a tournament this weekend Definitely in without a doubt Shark, Corsair, Tentacles, Siren, Vet Siren, Vet Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, Kraken I think the first grouping is fairly straighforward. All these models offer something different to the team and are generally just good players. Model I think should make it Salt Salt has his moments. Its often just quite handy to have a throw away ball retrieval model. The maligned ones Sakana, Jac, Angel I much prefer Vet Sakana to the original, the speed buff this one has is nice but isn't a patch on having fancy footwork which seems like a much better threat extension. Weak Point has its uses but if he gets to use it often becomes a bit of a victim himself. Jac I have barely used but dropping a player with Goad seems mad, there will be a matchup where I just want to have him on the table. Angel has dropped in and out of favour. I think she offers something handy in a 10" kick but the 1" melee is killer, especially if I want to take Vet Siren in the team. The ramp up in damage in s4 means she isn't quite the safe model sitting on Nimble she once was. The times I have used her the new Salt slingshot has been a thing. Believe it or not my current thinking is Sakana is the one to go, despite being somewhat an auto-include up until this point and having the huge threat I think I can cover what he brings with other models (mostly his Vet Version)
  6. Clanger

    The Edinburgh Snow Ball - 2/12/18

    Very happy to see such a big interest in Scottish Guild Ball. The event is now full (with an extra couple of tables shoved in for good measure). Post here if you want to be added to a waiting list. Running 4 rounds.
  7. Clanger

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Fairly new to Fishermen but played quite a few Season 4 games now and I quite like them. My views on players below. Corsair: Has been good so far, but certainly the lesser played of my two captains. Generally into specific matchups that Shark doesn't like such as Theron, Obulous or if I think I really need the drag. Been handy hitting mascots if you get the opportunity for an easy Coup de Grace. Shark: Still does Sharky things, he's got a few bad matchups but still exerts so much pressure I really like playing him. Salt: The more maligned of our mascots. I still quite like him for just being a pest. Super fast and a goal scorer if you really need him to be. I really like the change to get over here Angel. becomes nice to slingshot him up the pitch into threatening positions if you want to pressure more of the board after a goal attempt with her. Tentacles: Just solid, seems very handy with Corsair for the tag along extra tac. Angel: I like her in some matchups. Especially receiving and I don't want to give up Shark to an really threatening last activation where she can just quite far back on Nimble. Also dragging the otter up the pitch is handy. Can see her being used a lot more with Greyscales: As before, just a solid player a frequent take. Hag: Has been in most lists as a battery and some nice 2" free dodges. Jac: I haven't used him much yet. He seems a bit compromised with battering ram wanting to be near other models for the movement but wanting to be near the edge of the pitch for pushes. Kraken: A good buddy for Corsair, often have them sitting side by side if possible to force opponents placement of models if they want to attack Corsair Sakana: Mini Shark is fast and generally just good vSakana: I've just got my hands on him, seems very useful for getting the ball away from castleing up teams. Siren: Much squishier than her veteran version but with seduced still always has a purpose. vSiren: I originally wrote her off but she has been great. such a huge threat for getting the ball back. The ranged KD has been handy a couple of times too. I haven't used the Navigators yet but some unsupported takes. Fathom: Seems such a good model, I can see me taking her with both Captains on a regular basis. Horizon : More of a corner case player but I can see him coming in against teams who really want to go for take outs and not spread their models around. Went to a tournament 2 weekends ago. Game 1 vs Farmers 12-4 Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Siren, Hag and Greyscales into Thresher. I received which was huge and I managed to squeeze through the 3 goals in pretty quick time. Game 2 vs Masons 8-12 Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Siren, Hag and Greyscales into Honour. I had to kick and it became a job of trying to score as quickly as possible. It was all goals and I couldn't shut down a linked activation last goal. Game 3 vs Brewers 12-4 Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Vet Siren, Hag and Greyscales into Tapper. I received and t1 goal and then a t2 caught in the net should have seen the game finished pretty quickly but I missed the kick. Luckily Vet Siren picked up the pieces shoring up a killed ball and getting another goal. Shark finished when he came back on. Game 4 vs Masons 8-12 Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Vet Siren, Hag and Greyscales into Honour. I made a real mess of this. A missed kick and bad scatter from his ball retrieval let Shark score straight off the bat. I probably should have legendaried to stop shark getting beaten up by Chisel. He scored and killed Shark then I kept the ball safe on Greyscales for a while before putting in another goal. I made a huge mistake where I could have sewn the game up by walking into counter charge range of the Monkey. I should have bounced off things to go get the ball then Net his team down for the turn but chose the wrong options. I find the Fish still really fun to play and still very competitive (opponents made my list choices a bit too similar on the day though). Losses were definitely down to player error rather than power differences. Definitely bringing them to Steam Con UK for a run out.
  8. I'm running a 8-16 person tournament on Sunday the 2nd of December at the Games Hub (Games Hub, 101 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9JB) in Edinburgh. £8 entry which includes a sandwich at lunch. Friends and family payment should be made to caley.events@gmail.com 10:00 registration for a 10:15 kick off. Timings dependent on number of players, if it goes to 4 rounds expect to play until 18:30. Link to the event on longshanks https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1694
  9. Will there be an update on the Amazon app store, ideally I'd want to use the on an older kindle fire I have kicking about rather than my phone.
  10. Clanger

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1216 Now on Longshanks with guesstimated teams! Please update these if I've got it wrong. 8 signed up and space for another 8 more people. Prize pool has the usual pack and a nice spangly new Limited Edition Hearne which wont be available for anyone else until August! As usual we have lots of playing space, terrain designed for guild ball and a nice lunch
  11. Clanger

    WTS: Kickstarter Midas

    I have found a kick-starter Midas. Its been cleaned, assembled and undercoated brown. Please DM offers. Based in the UK.
  12. Clanger

    Stripping Paint?

    Hands down the best stuff for stripping paint off metal miniatures. Much less toxic or smelly than the other methods posted and really efficient. Can generally take paint off in less than an hour. http://www.biostrip.co.uk/biostrip-20-paint-stripper-500ml-tub.html
  13. Clanger

    Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Because some people have been asking. The Exiles/Ratcatchers wont be allowed as they aren't available to most people next Sunday. Please remember that its painted models as well.
  14. Clanger

    Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Please be aware of the new regional cup updates Blog post - http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/gb-opd-changes-march-18 Download - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa95be8165f531655e6872/1521128897779/GB-S3-RegionalCup-11.pdf Any questions just ask on here.
  15. Guild Ballers Episode 5 of the Hub Ball series and as inventively named as the last 4. Come and play toy footballers. Info below. Sunday 8th of April 2018 The Games Hub, 101 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9JB We will be using the standard Guild Ball Tournament Guidelines - Regional Cup whatever is valid at the time and the most up to date card errata We will be using the new Guild Ball Gameplan Decks these are a rather good addition to the game. All models must be painted - please get in touch if you can't get stuff ready in time someone is very likely to be able to help with a painted model/team. Tickets are £8 and payment should be sent to caley.events@gmail.com - please state your name and preferred team (don't worry you can change) on the email, names added to the list below on payment. Sorry won't be able to give refunds after 1/4/18 as any excess will be spent on terrain. Names added to the list on payment, first come first served. Lunch is included in the ticket price Space for 16 players 3 rounds for up to 8 players, 4 rounds for up to 16 players. Approx timings set out below, we will try to make up time as best we can to finish earlier. Any questions please post here or on Twitter @Trevs_Twit Link to the event on Longshanks for stattos 10:15 – Doors Open & registration 10:30 – Game 1 12:30 – Lunch (30 minutes) 13:00 – Game 2 15:00 – Game 3 17:00 – Game 4 (if required) 19:00 – Finish & Awards Player List Trev Moffat Allan Gibb Iain Torrance Martyn Nicol Calum Todd Steven Douglas Fraser McFeteridge Mark Watson Richard McHale Alasdair Johnston Stephen McCormick