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  1. Will there be an update on the Amazon app store, ideally I'd want to use the on an older kindle fire I have kicking about rather than my phone.
  2. Clanger

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1216 Now on Longshanks with guesstimated teams! Please update these if I've got it wrong. 8 signed up and space for another 8 more people. Prize pool has the usual pack and a nice spangly new Limited Edition Hearne which wont be available for anyone else until August! As usual we have lots of playing space, terrain designed for guild ball and a nice lunch
  3. Clanger

    WTS: Kickstarter Midas

    I have found a kick-starter Midas. Its been cleaned, assembled and undercoated brown. Please DM offers. Based in the UK.
  4. Clanger

    Stripping Paint?

    Hands down the best stuff for stripping paint off metal miniatures. Much less toxic or smelly than the other methods posted and really efficient. Can generally take paint off in less than an hour. http://www.biostrip.co.uk/biostrip-20-paint-stripper-500ml-tub.html
  5. Clanger

    Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Because some people have been asking. The Exiles/Ratcatchers wont be allowed as they aren't available to most people next Sunday. Please remember that its painted models as well.
  6. Clanger

    Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Please be aware of the new regional cup updates Blog post - http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/gb-opd-changes-march-18 Download - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa95be8165f531655e6872/1521128897779/GB-S3-RegionalCup-11.pdf Any questions just ask on here.
  7. Guild Ballers Episode 5 of the Hub Ball series and as inventively named as the last 4. Come and play toy footballers. Info below. Sunday 8th of April 2018 The Games Hub, 101 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9JB We will be using the standard Guild Ball Tournament Guidelines - Regional Cup whatever is valid at the time and the most up to date card errata We will be using the new Guild Ball Gameplan Decks these are a rather good addition to the game. All models must be painted - please get in touch if you can't get stuff ready in time someone is very likely to be able to help with a painted model/team. Tickets are £8 and payment should be sent to caley.events@gmail.com - please state your name and preferred team (don't worry you can change) on the email, names added to the list below on payment. Sorry won't be able to give refunds after 1/4/18 as any excess will be spent on terrain. Names added to the list on payment, first come first served. Lunch is included in the ticket price Space for 16 players 3 rounds for up to 8 players, 4 rounds for up to 16 players. Approx timings set out below, we will try to make up time as best we can to finish earlier. Any questions please post here or on Twitter @Trevs_Twit Link to the event on Longshanks for stattos 10:15 – Doors Open & registration 10:30 – Game 1 12:30 – Lunch (30 minutes) 13:00 – Game 2 15:00 – Game 3 17:00 – Game 4 (if required) 19:00 – Finish & Awards Player List Trev Moffat Allan Gibb Iain Torrance Martyn Nicol Calum Todd Steven Douglas Fraser McFeteridge Mark Watson Richard McHale Alasdair Johnston Stephen McCormick
  8. Its all about piece trading in this sort of situation. As the Brewers player you could throw in the cat into someone do some damage then either they move into position to kill the cat (potentially putting a model into a bad position) or leave it. You can drag the cat out with Get Over Here from Friday potentially mitigating counter damage and be up momentum to press later in the turn/next turn. There isn't really such a thing as a Mexican Stand Off in guild ball, you just need to think your way around it. Whoever has the ball is at a big advantage for threat distances if their opponent is sitting off. Even super high end players against each other in a well matched game will struggle not to see opportunities/mistakes by their opponents.
  9. Clanger

    Captain pairings and ponderings

    Hes just a great deterrent for models coming in due to the lack of dodges. Good at protecting the squishier set up pieces like Meathook and Ox. Don't get a huge amount of use with Groundpound but its a handy round ender. 5+ shots is a bonus not something I take him for against them as Friday and Mash are generally rolling 4 dice minimum.
  10. Clanger

    Captain pairings and ponderings

    Absolutely don't agree that Fillet is better into Burnish. With a >> on 2 hits, re-inforced plating and reduction he is the last master I want to see in that matchup for Fillet. Ferrite is also pretty horrible for Fillet. I generally prefer Ox as the Legendary turn if popped at the right point is very scary for them, clumped up models and the damage bonus is generally pretty effective. Alchemists - Generally Fillet for the threat range Blacksmiths - Noted above Brewers - Preferably Ox as Fillet has a tough time into Esters. Tenderiser is gold against them too because of the lack of dodges. Butchers - Played the mirror quite a few times. It really depends if I kick or receive. 100% fillet for kicking, but Ox receives the ball quite well Engineers - Probably Fillet again, for the high defence model. Ox isn't bad into them though. Farmers - Not quite found a team I'm happy with yet. Fishermen - Either. Usually seeing Corsair which Ox doesn't mind too much if you can stop his drag (usually with the pup) Hunters - Fillet probably, again for high defence and forcing Theron to shut her down. Masons - Generally Ox as Fillet struggles into the Brick/Marbles bubble a bit more. Morticians - Fillet due to the fragile models that you can isolate and strange momentum generation mechanics. Plus what Ben said about BPM. Ratcatchers - Ox probably. Fillet won't like the disease condition I dont think. Union - Hard to call because of the big differences in captains. Ox is always good though since he doesn't need loaded up in the same way.
  11. Clanger

    Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    He's always been the mascot guy, in the way that most mascots are about as useful as him (some significantly moreso; Mother and Buckwheat esp).
  12. Clanger

    Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    Good day today. Thanks to all who played. Final results up on longshanks http://longshanks.org/events/?event=648 1st Fraser McFeteridge Fish 2nd Steve Douglas Hunters 3rd Mark Watson Blacksmiths Best painted and best goal Iain Torrance Butchers
  13. Clanger

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Noticed bonesaws playbook is missing momentous results towards the end in both the ratcatchers and morts versions.
  14. Clanger

    Tournament Report

    Thanks for writing the report. Butchers are a trickier team to play than most think. Very vulnerable to lots of things, conditions, counter attacks, even raw damage so you usually need to be certain before you commit. Keep trying with Boiler. He's a hidden gem in the Guild, Swift Stance and Marked Target are crazy useful character plays. Don't always think you need the dog to be in as well, mom 2 on 2 hits is a great result when you factor in the Ox aura or the fact you are setting up Fillet or Meathook.
  15. Clanger

    When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    Vileswarm isn't that bad. Charging for 1 with handy pushes and a Rabid Animal. I quite like having it in some quite niche lists usually with free chargers.