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  1. UTasteSoSo

    Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    I will be working them into a lineup or two over the next few weeks. Ive all but committed to Smiths this year so I need to explore all 12 players... I feel like they can do work but seem to get over shadowed rather than be just bad choices.
  2. UTasteSoSo

    Dice of DOOM

    My smiths dice are strangely on point. More than once I've commanded a good roll and they have obliged. My problem is I cant read the damn things easily... stupid old eyeballs. Also when a group of dice go bad I will often take a single one and maim it horribly... melt it some, gouge it a bit, etc... then I place it back as an example to the others... seems to work.
  3. UTasteSoSo

    Thoughts of a new guildballer

    welcome to the game and welcome to the Blacksmiths. Being a new guild is a blessing and a curse for you I would think. There is no 'must play' tech out there yet and no 'that models trash' talk either so not a lot to bend you to the meta I suppose but you are learning with the rest of us so there isn't a ton of great insight out there just yet either. There are some good threads here and a blog or two out there. For what its worth let me go through your points. 1) I'm quite convinced blacksmiths are better at playing ball than fighting. Usually aiming for 3 goals or 2/2. I think that is the consensus amongst us at this point as well. We play in the middle of the road as we can fight and ball but maybe not at the top level in either. 1a) That's because the masters all don't have much damage, w the exception of burnish captain for a triple aoe, but that's not generating momentum for 4 INf spent. Our fighting game requires set up or it wont get there often. I think we need to fight to set up the goals and need to ball to set up teh fighting. 1b) unassisted the apprentices usually gets momentous 2 results. With tooled up that makes 3 but that's still not super impressive as main damage outputs. That's barring maximised set ups but we don't get that all the time. We need set up but try to avoid going too far... Sledge doesn't need a KD target, with Singled Out, and Tutelage and ... 1c) Iron might seem the most impressive combatant on paper, but I often find myself spending 1 influence buffing speed n 2 influence charging just to get into combat. So that leaves only 1 more attack for a total of 2. He is so mobile but I find its hard to want to charge and impetus in same go... I try to use get over here to get him into a scrum and let him go to work. 2) low Def is a big issue against character plays as I find my Def 2 iron blinded by hemlocke the whole game. It can be but it something you can work around. Burnish into those matchups can be useful to negate Character Plays. Otherwise If they want to spend Influence (and an activation) to use blind, etc... move your influence somewhere else. I kinda feel like we have a ton of options to get good use out of INF. 3) low overall mobility of blacksmiths also mean we get out maneuvered easily. I lost a game to skatha cos opponent spread out his army, and I reacted the same way and I found my forces out of position to help each other. Skatha is fast and we aren't the fastest but with Ferrites legendary, Irons mobility, and Alloy Ive not found it to be a liability. Something you need to work though but not necessarily a hindrance. 3a) because of low mobility I find the scrum usually happening on my half of the pitch, which is very bad when I'm trying to win by scoring. I recently posted a picture of an opening that has you threatening the entirety of your opponents side of the pitch. I think like I said above our mobility is what you make of it. I find much of my scrum to be board center or on their side of the pitch. 4) I know a lot of people had written off anvil n sledge. I had too, but I have recently looked at them again n might consider trying them out again. 4a) Because of (3a), anvil's while the iron is hot might be valuable for turn 1 n possibly turn 2 to slide my army up 2-4" to hopefully bring the scrum to the enemy's half of the pitch. Singled out seems to be better than tooled up for Dealing damage once I have 2 or more players hitting the same opponent. 4b) sledge might be better for tackling the ball n passing. He gets a free long bomb from anvil. Attacks n tackle on 1. Push enemy out of engage and he can pass the ball 10". I like em just haven't quite found their place. I think they work in a Burnish list but I haven't found them a home with anyone else just yet. 5) I can't seem to make farris work other than to give bolt free character play. ME TOO! I just can't get them to do what I want. 6) I know we're supposed to play bunched up, partially cos of low mobility, and partially for the sentinel, but it also causes a lot of issues of not covering enough of the board, and 7) I find apprentices very squishy, even with sentinel opponent can easily push me out of the sentinel aura. So I usually keep them back, and they could only attack whatever the opponent sends in. In response to both of teh above, I find myself happily slamming iron into the fray. I really like having he and Ferrite ruin a models life. Her putting Disarm onto a Tac 6 model and pulling Iron into Crowd means the best result they can get is 1 success. (6-2 diaarm, -1 crowd, and 2 armor) It is ball busting... I can personally attest to ruing Corsair like this. Cinder, Cast, Alloy are squishy but I don't find them much worse that typical wingers and strikers. 8) people find ferrite awesome as captain but I see it as ferrite needing to be captain to be playable. It's mainly just for the +2inf cap. I often find myself popping the legendary just for herself to get the distance to score. I agree and disagree, I love her a captain bc her legendary is so strong but I rarely find myself loading her up unless its a big goal run. Otherwise I use her as a debuffer in the scrum to take away a player or two... Tapper hates Disarm too... and to set up Iron.
  4. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths Colors?

    Very nice work folks. Thanks for sharing!
  5. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths Colors?

    Ladies and Gents, I am having my Blacksmiths painted and I'm looking for inspiration. id love to see what colors and/or themes you all are using! Post up some pictures even!! I appreciate any and all responses!!
  6. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths Kicking Set Play - "Name TBD"

    You really need to play them with both boxes. Box one is a rough go alone. The above play makes me super happy. I am certain that the better players will be able to deal with it but many players just wont and even one bad activation from them will leave you in a dominant position going into turn 2. Keep on playing em! Its the most fun I've had playing GB in some time after maining alchemists and smashing my head into the Smoke wall repeatedly.... Ill have to give them a try. Ive put the least amount of time and games into Farris and Bolt so far. I owe them some playtime soon
  7. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths Kicking Set Play - "Name TBD"

    I've played around with this opening and I can say without a doubt it is one of the most pressuring KO's I can think of. Alloy and Iron will be the last two activations (Ideally) and both threaten most of the opponents side of the pitch and can easily score... potentially from Tap-In range as well. With a poor reaction/kick scatter/activation after the goal it's not crazy to think you might get another! Even if neither goal goes off and you will likely be able to gather enough momentum to ensure first turn in round 2 and leave someone in a bad position to die to iron early as thats what a fully loaded, Use This, Tooled Up, Instruction'd Iron is want to do!!! Also with Alloy kicking you have vitriol/mist level pressure from their first activation... very very strong opening! I left the influence on Hearth and Furnace just to show the allocation, but this would be board state leaving Alloy and Iron to activate. The Auras on each of them represent max move and the second is max threat.
  8. Nice read. I don't disagree with much in there. I find Blacksmiths to be a ton of fun to play and Im having a blast learning to 'hopefully' play them well! Wheres that second blog post sir?
  9. UTasteSoSo

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Nice! Looking forward to it!
  10. UTasteSoSo

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    What about a series on plays and counterplays into a specific guild or team lineup/captain. It might be nice to get some your insight and then follow it up with some discussion. Understanding what players do/work into certain matchups is a big deal... especially for new players or players new to any guild.
  11. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths/ kicking & receiving

    So lets assume Hearth, Alloy, Iron, and Ferrite are likely in you list kick or receive. What changes Kicking vs Receiving? Is that a consideration really or is the third pair used to play into a certain team or captain rather that a kick off decision? It feels like its more about the team you are playing into.... Burnish into Masons/brewers/Blacksmiths... What are our other considerations there?
  12. UTasteSoSo

    Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    IM still working on these two. I quite like their design and want to see them do some work for me. I think there are a few important things to keep in mind. 1) You don't need every bit of setup all of the time! So you want to set up a charge into a KD model that has been singled out and is crowed with a pile driver/tutelage attack from Sledge and watch in glee as you opponents model explodes and they weep openly at the table, right?!?... How often could you manufacture that? IF you managed it once would you opponent ever let it happen again? How much more could you have done with those resources? 2)If you throw sledge into scrum expect he doesn't make it out. - He is decently tough when hiding next to a sentinel but in almost every other circumstance he is gonna be prey. He is a 'fire and forget' tomahawk missile IMO. I think if you keep those two ideas in mind and play accordingly there will be some success with this duo. Singled out helps everyone, not just sledge and while the iris hot is a very cool group reposition as well.
  13. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmith's as a Tournament Choice

    ^^This in spades. It is very easy to put yourself in an unwinable game (net of opponent mistakes) if you are careful. I am of the option that this team I sigh skill cap and high reward. Meaning that a player that can "master" the guild will be very difficult to beat as the team will reward his high skill with high output. They are by no means easy except as @ForestRambo mentioned, easy to play poorly! I played myself into a game like this in my tourney last weekend. Had I made a few better choices and/or thought through a few things a bit better I feel like I win that game handily, But I didn't and it went very poorly very quickly. I am all in on them at the moment so I think the water is fine, but I think BS will give you what you give them. you put in alit off effort and practice and I think they will be very very good to you... if not them you will be underwhelmed.
  14. UTasteSoSo

    Blacksmiths Kicking Set Play - "Name TBD"

    Looks good. Ive played a lot with having Hearth kick off to get her moving as soon as possible. I quite like her being in a position to be a KD/instruction bot. That said Having been an alchemists player for a long time, having that kind of pressure on the ball is very strong and likely the 'right' play in most games where you kick.
  15. Cool deal. Looking forward to giving it a read.