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  1. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Okay gents, Played in a smaller local event yesterday. Placed second overall and went 2-1 losing a crazy grinder against the eventual winner. Game 1 vs. Brewers (Ferrite(c), Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace and Cinder) vs (Pintpot, Spigot, Hooper, Lucky, Tapper, Scum) Opponent played a very fight list so I knew Id be scoring 3 goals in this one if at all possible. He kicked to me toward the center board. I retired with Furnace and kicked the ball around generating momentum and setting up for the last activation Alloy goal. All went exactly that way. He came into furnace with Tapper and made an effort to push him into range of spigot and pintpot. He managed to kill him after two full turns of activations. I used iron and ferrite almost exclusively to make that scrum as difficult as possible on him. Ferrite disarming tapper and crowding him out makes his INF almost useless. (My opponent now hates disarm!) After the initial goal he kicked out and retrived with spigot whom cinder promptly took the ball from and bee lined to the goal to score next turn. The scrum continued now with Hearth, and Hooper joining the fray. Agin ferrite just disarmed everyone. Eventually he took down Iron at the end of the turn but not before I took out spigot. I scored immediately that next turn making it 10-4. He kicked out grabbed the ball with scum but was too close to alloy. On my next activation alloy tackled the ball, ran for the goal and hit the tap in to win. Game 2 vs Masons (same line up vs Honor, Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Marbles) This game got super grind from jump. He received and passed around top set up a first activation goal on turn 2. I flanked with Cinder to steal a momentum and since I kicked with Hearth was able to get an cheeky early charge into a poorly placed Harmony (she had retrieved the kick and was left center field. I wrapped the charge and hit the double push and KD ( I do love the old crone!) Which left Harmony in a position to take a crowd out from furnace and a charge form ferrite. wisely my opponent quick footed harmony out of range. This left me with my first mistake of just jamming ferrite into a scum with brick and the monkey. She held her own and kept it a slap fight for a number of rounds but eventually she was taken out and I don't think it really helped me move to any sort of win condition. Turn 2 my opener goes first and slams the gaol in with flint. I kick out to Iron and get a really bad scatter so rather than smashing iron into the scrum I was forced to go get the ball and pass out wide to cinder. which I promptly missed. Fortunately it scatter to mallet who did not have the range to get the ball back to either sister. The scrum continued. Now hearth jumped into help out Ferrite. (another mistake. Furnace had been holding up Harmony and Honor for some time but not make ing appreciable progress in taking either out. Just reapplying conditions and ticking damage. I should have been using his AOE and tossing into Ferrite scrum. Without the eventual crowd outs I would have lost Ferrite and ,spoiler, hearth a little later). Alloy steals the ball from Mallet and makes his was toward the goal with smashed shins to safely wait for next turn to score. Eventually ferrite drops and so does Hearth making the score 8-0 him but I have a goal in my pocket. At this point I have now noticed that the clock wasn't always moving the time back to him and we are both super low on time. I decide that If I'm gonna win it will be taking the goal last activation and playing super fast while he clocks to score as many points as I can before I close. Brick is nearly dead and Iron is likely to kill him the next activation. If all goes well Ill be 8-8 after my first activation next turn. All goes well. I play fast, he score me 3 points, I take the alloy goal and MISS! At that point I will clock in an activation or two and he now has the ball on Flint. I just shake his hand. Disappointed in my self, should not have commented Ferrite that hard that early, should have used one at a time much better, why didn't I bonus time the dame last goal?1? I think this is a matchup that would have loved Burnish and Cast, and likely Furnace as the captain. Handing our Searing strike would have given me the edge to actually take out some of the masons. Game 3 vs Farmer (same line up vs Thresher, Buckwheat, Plowman, Fallow, Jackstraw, and Harrow) This game was a bit of a grind but it was only 3rd or 4th game with Farmers so I had an advantage. I get the obligatory 1st turn allow goal and really don't let him get into me until turn two. Eventually he does and thresher kills Furnace and Buckwheat scores. I snap the goal back and Alloy scores again. 8-6... Hearth manages to tank an entire Thresher activation. I heal her both ways. He scores again. 10-8. I kick out to get the ball near alloy and where furnace has come back on but I have to survive another thresher activation. Hearth, my favorite geriatric, tanks a KD and hist her own on the return, Thresher stands and goes to town BUT with no harvest marker and no more legendary he leaves her on 1! Alloy snags the ball and hits the game winner for a 12-10 win. Could have played this one better but I was out of the running and playing a little too loose. That said I am still not very confident into famers with BS just yet. Overall it was a fun tourney. I learned a bit more about my new team and I think Im now like the 18th ranked BS player in the world. Which is funny with a 2-1 tourney record! lol Would love to hear any thought or questions you might have. Also I ll be hitting Vassal hard this week!
  2. 'smiths experiences so far?

    @ForestRambo Look out of a DM or two soonish... id like to have someone to bounce Hunters thoughts off of if you're willing. Im making the switch post SteamCon to form Alchemists and focusing in on Hunters (and Blacksmiths) this year. Im leaving Farris and Bolt at the moment. I just cant make them work. With more practice maybe Ill sort them out and find them a home. Im playing in a local event Saturday and they will not make the list. Honestly I likely won't play anything outside of my magnificent 7, Ferrite, Iron, Furnace, Cinder, Hearth, Alloy and Cast. Ill post up my results/thoughts afterward!
  3. Blacksmith tourny 10

    Are you the Canadian that whooped me with Burnish at SteamCon? in the mirror? regardless I echo that sentiment. My 10 is everyone except Farris and Bolt at the moment. I just don't get them yet and I feel very strongly about everyone else, at least in that I understand their roles and I know what they are capable of.
  4. 'smiths experiences so far?

    @WhiteYin I have to disagree with you on the Thinky part (maybe in comp too hunters I suppose.) though perhaps my option is colored by including the second box? I believe they are a pretty deep thinking mans team. They can drop the hammer on folks when needed but a lot of the time you are positioning to deny your opponent what you can and position for the goal. Allow and Hearth are clutch and anchor the squad. Hearth can eat up the center of a table and giving reach on a stick, ferrite loves her, is amazing. Ive often used her as my Captain with no regrets. Alloy is a monster. He can score form just about anywhere, has some damage output, and even when a goal isn't on the board a jog, plus a dirty knives, into a back to the shadows is a pretty strong reposition. Ferrite and Iron are great as well. Iron threatens the goal and will remove models when given half the chance. The 'get over here' can be amazing as well once he gets stuck in. Battering ram to bump your team up on turn one is a great way to start. Ferrite is still the go to captain for me as she is a capable threat, her legendary speed buff is tremendous at times, and if she wants to take a player away from you she can... disarm plus a crowd out is ball busting on a two armor character. Furnace is stalwart. He is a finisher is an apt descriptor, in that he can put a reliable amount of damage on the board but he can also legendary and sit happily in snap shot range or just go in for a late goal kick himself. Adding to that the burning condition and searing strike... he is just good! The last spot for me right now is flex... I like both Cinder and Cast here. Cinder can help with the ranged MOM generation or the opportune ranged tackle. I also quite like killing the ball when receiving and they manage something too wide to pass back in. Cast is cool here as well bc Furnace can def set her up with Searing strike and even a knockdown. She can activate after or even better he goes last one turn and she goes first the next. She absolutely can CRANK the damage. Also knocking that ball loose is pretty cool sometimes. That the team I have the most games with at the moment. I haven't used Farris or Bolt to any great effect and though I see some use for Anvil and Sledge in a Burnish team Ive not quite explored that just yet. I will say that there is a place for Burnish. Certainly he and Cast absolutely wreck face into the mirror and I would bet that would also apply to Brewers and potentially masons as well given similarly poor Def stats. His legendary is essentially a 'no you will not use character plays on us this turn' which could also ruin some days.... its makes Ferrite very very sad for instance. Anyway just some more of my pennies...
  5. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I was able to play my smiths at SteamCon in well over a dozen games. I have to say I loved em. They had a very real feeling of versatility that I haven't felt in a while from my alchemists and moreover they were damn fun to play! Couple of quick run downs: Shark fish: Ferrite, Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder - I am down 8-0 after his first activation in the second turn. I begin operation keep away and spend the next several rounds kiting his players around the board with Alloy and the ball while I begin the take out game. Won it 12-10! Corsair Fish: Same as above list. Baited him into pulling both Hearth and Furnace in allowing me to bring up Alloy for a goal. Beginning early turn 3 Ferrite shut corsair down... hobbled, disarmed, weak pointed corsair, crowded by one with Feritte in cover becomes the saddest of puppies. Mirror: These two games I lost. Burnish's legendary makes Ferrite sad and Cast is a monster into burning blacksmiths! Farmers: 1-1 Lost to Thresher beat Grange.... don't really know how I feel about playing into farmers just yet. There were plenty more but overall I loved the 6 man I played above. Iron shenanigans on the opening turn can get you up the board rather quickly. Alloy is amazing! Ferrite is damn good too!!
  6. Obulus, once again, smoked!

    Once again Obulus and his Mortician's Squad stumble against a Smoke led Alchemist's team. In a daring last minute line up change Smoke brought in both Hemlock and much maligned Venin along with the big Veteran Katalyst, MVP Mercury, and crowd favorite Flask. She faced Obulus along with his ubiquitous black bird, Dirge, Cossett, Ghast, Graves, and Silence. Turn one saw the Morticians kick, which was retrieved by Hemlock whom also threw out a cloud of noxious gas to impede the spooks, after passing to Smoke in the backfield. Silence responded by attempting to Tuck Smoke, however the Captain proved too slippery for that. After some jockeying for position Flask was left with the ball and the Spooks were closing in on midfield but the alchemists did manage to take Dirge from the sky. Turn 2 saw the Alchemists take the initiative and in a daring maneuver, Smoke left much of the Stiffs team gagging and reeling from her chemical shower. Vet Kat charged a weakened Obulus but the crafty Captain was able to keep his feet and after Silence and Cossett were through the hulking beast was left down in the mud. Crafty as ever Obulus darted in like a shadow stealing the ball from Flask and putting it on target for the first goal of the game. However Venin had bided his time up to now and once Obulus was spent, he charged Silence, easily dodging into the midst of four poisoned Morticians and released his own toxin. The result was disastrous as it was bloody and sent both Cossett and once again, Dirge to the sidelines, but more importantly it left Obulus and Silence weakened and vulnerable! Turn 3 began with Smoke down 6-4 but they were able to strike first and that is when the MVP Mercury made his presence known! He directed his fire at first toward Obulus and then Silence, both in their weakened state couldn't stand up to the heat and were BOTH taken out. In a fit of rage a poisoned Graves made every effort to set up Ghast to ruin Mercury for his efforts but the stalwart MVP survived but would be left weak and staring at the crazed lady cosset. Fortunately the hulking Katalyst would close the match by pounding Graves into the turf all the while screaming, "WITNESS ME!" Dejected the Mortician's limped away as Smoke once again emerged victorious. The Captain winked at a certain spectator after the match. It is said that it was the free agent Mr. Hallahan who was the recipient! Alchemists WIN 12-8
  7. Another balmy match in New Orleans just days after a near miss with yet another Hurricane. Nate didn't wreak nearly as much havoc in the Big Easy as Smoke did, and the recovery for Obulus's Mortcians will be every bit as painful. The lone highlight for the morticians came early in the match as Obulus bedeviled smoke taking the ball and scoring the spooks lone 4 points of the game. However things spiraled out of control quickly from there. Poison and Fire ate away at the black clad ballers leaving Cosset easy prey for a normally much more benign Mercury and Obulus himself fell under the punishing blows of the Veteran beater, Katalyst. Smoke took an easy goal late in the scenic period and, unfortunately for the Morts, the kick in was left too near the crafty captain and she easily took it right back to the post to end the game 12-4 and another victory to the Alchemists. Though not as influential today both Calculus and the Union favorite, Harry the Hat help smoke dominate a hapless spooks team! **I am a terrible person and didn't take pictures. Don't hate me. I promise to do better.... **
  8. Solid 10 Man Roster

    I am very interested in trying out Decimate and/or Mist as a Harry sub. Prior to the Errata my 10 was: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Harry, oKat, Compound, vKat, Calculus and a Flex When playing Midas I ran the ubiquitous Midas, Harry, Flask, Vitriol, Compound, oKat. very strong unit but with the various nerf It just doesn't stand up. So Smoke certainly will see more play but I am thinking Decimate might be the play.
  9. I can say that as someone that rarely wins initiative Ive learned to love kicking. In addition as I made the change to Alchemists late S2 I came to understand just how much pressure a good footballer can put on a receiving team. I actually learned that the hard way playing a huge amount of games into Mist w/ Morts last season. I have no problem receiving or kicking but I have no issues choosing which suits me best that game rather than defaulting to receiving all of the time.
  10. Katalyst

    I can't agree more. He is tremendous and now a mainstay for me with Midas. He can control a fair bit of space as he is fast and lays the wood as well. My last game with him I realized that T on 2 and passed a game winning pass to Midas for the snapshot win. He is really solid!!
  11. Harry has been loads of fun with Midas. A midfielder that is disruptive, tough to deal with, and comes packed with a ton of help for his team. The Hat is crazy good with Midas, fire is always good, and goad can let you effectively lock down an enemy model... looking at you Ghast!
  12. Compound in S3

    I think he is great. I've been playing him in my tentative tournament 9 and he makes both smoke and Midas teams. He is super disruptive and is a battery that really helps keep Midas fueled up!
  13. W: LE Midas

    Looking for the LE Man himself. Will pay in stone cold cash.
  14. Limited edition Midas

    Do you still have one by chance?
  15. Rage Against "The Hat"

    I agree with A&G they fit in nicely and Singled Out is pretty fantastic with our gang.