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  1. Newish Guildball player from the UK

    Hi and welcome Where about a on the south coast are you?
  2. Hello from the New Forest

    Welcome! You have joined at an amazing time. The rookies that had been available at Steamcon are now available to download! So much great stuff coming. Minor league players, new members for existing guilds.
  3. How to handle Hammer

    Hey all So, Hammer. Any tips on how to take him down?
  4. Cloud Jumper

    Traps and Pitfall also have the wording of 'move' so even while you placed Smoke, the model had moved within the traps effective range.
  5. Mist discontinued?

    There is a pic where Mat has signed a season 2 book at Salute saying Mist is a girl!
  6. So, as of Saturday, Friday can't charge, call scum over then attack, using scum for that extra dice? Well it was good while it lasted
  7. Venin 2 Dope

    Nice write up
  8. Brewers and mason missile

    As everyone said, take the hits - Brewers can take it. Plus don't waste legendary. I usually save it for the perfect kill and stack up the +1x3 dmg on one person.
  9. Shark Vs Corsair

    I played Corsair on Monday night against a Masons team. I had wanted to play a game of football, however, he is a wonderful fighter and ended up winning 12-6 with only one goal! I had: Corsair,Salt, Jac, Sakarna, Angel and Siren. He had: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mist, Mallet and Chisel. Ended up luring / harpooning players over and then getting them stuck between Salt, Jac and Corsair (as mentioned above) and pretty much beat them into submission (i like to imagine him taking off his wooden leg and hitting them with it )
  10. Next play...against Morticians

    Having only just moved over to the fish, I had to recheck the Lure ability and yep, this is awesome! So people who drop the ball due to Corsair and Rough Seas have no real safe haven
  11. So I took the plunge

    Hey everyone, So today I finally submitted and ordered the Alchemists! Usually play Brewers and Fisherman, so looking forward to hopefully inflicting conditions all over the place. Have done a fair bit of reading, but any tips are always welcome! Thanks Martin
  12. Making the Most of Mash

    Nice write up. i find Mash is very much like a young Gary Lineker, needs to hang around the goal. i need to use him more, but I seem to always go back to Friday.
  13. The redeeming feature of Salvo's CPs

    This is exactly what my son did against my Brewers ! Salvo started KD'd, so he spent momentum to get up, three floored bolts later, he had three KD'd Brewers and he jogged off happily (and a little smug)
  14. Happy new year

    And a Happy New Year to you too