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  1. Devilsquid

    S4: What is an intervening model?

    Perhaps not changing, but added to the Teminology section? Thank you for the response.
  2. Good evening. I'm trying to nail down what an intervening model is. In the S4 rules, the word 'intervening' only shows up twice, once when talking about LOS, and once when talking about enemy models in the way of a goal shot (pg 14). So if the only time an 'intervening' model is defined is an enemy model, does that mean that friendly models are not intervening models, so therefor do not block LOS? There is no definition of 'intervening' model in the rule.
  3. Devilsquid

    Free Cities Draft Event

    Now that we've seen the Engineer's cards, it's time to buckle in and focus on getting our top two players of choice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/645245305629602/permalink/1293147527506040/
  4. Devilsquid

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    #BringAmberHome #DraggingKnucklesHome
  5. Devilsquid

    Season four announcement

    Brewers starting off a turn with a momentum unlocks so many more options. I'm looking forward towards seeing how that plays out.
  6. Devilsquid

    Being taken for Granite...

    Without a doubt, v.Chisel makes the perfect Battle Buddy for Granite. Condition removal, damage/melee boost, influence shifting, plus 2" melee and ARM 2. Making Granite TAC 8 AND +1 DAMAGE is really strong.
  7. Devilsquid

    Season 4 wish listing

    I've found that Anvil will get get into melee just fine, and even if you hard cast Strike turn one/two, that's still a 6" movement for him, plus 2" of dodges for everyone around him. Totally worth it to me for him to be a bit slower.
  8. Devilsquid

    Season 4 wish listing

    With "Strike while the iron is hot", I think his spd is just fine, considering he can make his whole team dodge 2" forward or back every turn.
  9. Devilsquid

    Season 4 wish listing

    I think Sledge is more a ball retriever with damage being his secondary role. Tackle on 1, 2" melee, Knock back, and Piledrver from Tutipage means he's damn near guaranteed to get the ball off someone, and shove them away as well. Or Tutilage Long Bomb, to get the ball way up the field. Tackle and Kick for only 2 inf. Plus, he can also crush someone with set up.
  10. Just confirming: there's nothing stopping a counter attack vs Ferris's Impact attack, correct?
  11. Devilsquid

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    Go to a tournament to play games and challenge yourself while meeting and playing vs (hopefully) different people. Worry about winning later.
  12. Devilsquid

    Game balancing the butchers

    I'd like to see Shank with either 2/4 INF (as he was before) or have Nimble.
  13. Devilsquid

    Season 4

    I'd be happy is Stave's Heroic got changed to "The old heave ho: this model gets +2" range to character plays." I also expect v.Decimate to lose something...maybe tough hide.
  14. Devilsquid


    Pride is a really strong Mascots, but Predatory Gaze is not Foul Odor, and he's obviously designed in mind as being a single Captain Mascot meant to complement s.Briskets playstyle. Since she needs to be pushing for goals, Pride helps slow down countergoals long enough for the rest of the team to get the ball back to Brisket. The cat is strong, no doubt, but I feel that's to balance out Brisket being so one lane.
  15. Devilsquid

    Mason Player Summaries

    Ox is the easy one to want to avoid, because he can chew through her armor and health really easily.