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  1. Next Errata?

    If/When there is errata for the Farmers, I expect it to be after Adepticon. This way they can get data with both boxes being available to the general public for a longer period of time leading up to and incliding a main event.
  2. So... Cutlers..?

    Because it's dull you twit! It'll hurt more! Isn't he called Stab Man or Knifey Boy?
  3. Against Farmers, what team, what plan?

    Shank is looking to be the tech I'm going to try against Tater, as his speed and WTG allows him to get into position to tie up Tater. You can't put him in that position too early though, because if the farmers team can throw into him, they'll chew him up. Hopefully he'll be a second to last/last activation in an early turn, so you can push for the momentum advantage, and then have him in position at the start of the next turn so you can freely move the rest of your team around until they deal with Shank.
  4. As a former Navy man, I hope the fishermen have the Sailors Guild as their minor guild.
  5. Game too Swingy?

    That was a hell of a game.
  6. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    Anvil and Sledge are my boogymen board control. Anvil leads, and Sledge follows 6" behind him because he's super squishy. Their set up is obvious but you can use it to force your opponent to spend activations and momentum that they don't want for fear of getting sledged. You can also use Iron to bump people into melee with Anvil, and if you do get the set up off, 7 Months damage with a wrap for another pile driver is dlrudely funny
  7. Latest Blacksmith model ... flying?

    The pose is akin to someone jumping a hurdle, not flying.
  8. Captain my Captain

    I'd be really surprised if Ferrite's Legendary stays the way it is. She's the only master we've seen give two bonuses, and the SPD part for Blacksmiths is huge.
  9. Let's talk : Cast

    I like that you can take Her, Burnish, Furnace and Cinder and a solid "Punosh Them With Fire" team. She can hang near Furnace, and Burnish and Cinder can flank them to help out fire down wherever you need.
  10. Die Obulus Die

    Killing the ball by booting it off into nomans land is a viable way to slow down a scoreyorts team (or any team, for that matter). Sometimes the best place for the ball is nowhere near you. Have Cinder guard it, and if they get to close, Kill the ball, and kick it back out away from them.
  11. Minimum Age?

    Just don't let him read the fluff...
  12. ***SPOILERS*** What is a veteran?

    There Can Be Only One: This modelay not be fielded on a team with Harry the Hat.
  13. ***SPOILERS*** What is a veteran?

    There are many hosts, but there is only one Hat. "Harry" wasn't even the first host either.
  14. Ploughman

    I like PM a lot, as he looks to be a really good board control/speed debuff. He hits his target, then drops an AOE 4" away. You can cover a lot of ground (ha ha) with rough terrain, ensuring that your opponent is either slowed down, or burning momentum to Glide. I also like that he self buffs with the ARM bonus, because I'm still getting used to the standard ARM 0 of the team. Edit: they should have just called him 'Plough', or even Plow.