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  1. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Let's remember to play nice everyone. Tone does not translate well through text.
  2. New So Cal Player

    Welcome to the pitch! How can you be Lurker if you're posting?
  3. Welcome to the Pitch! Engineers are one of my main teams, and a lot of complicated fun.
  4. New Brewer from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to the game! While not in your yard, Philly and MD have events going all the time, so if you fancy a roadtrip after you've got your legs under you, check those options out. Guild Ball Supporters on FB is also a good place to start.
  5. Who Dis.?

    I have to hand it to you, that was good.
  6. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Nah, they were OP in season 1. Didn't you see all the nerfs?
  7. @Maurice, get in here and help!
  8. All Mechanica

    It's definitely doable. My only hangup is not having Harry for Pin Vice's Legendary, but that's just me.
  9. Your favorite thing about the game.

    The rules keep me engaged for the duration of the game. No just sitting there and waiting for my turn to roll dice. I'm also a fan of the community and volunteer corps.
  10. What's your S3 NPE?

    Ah, but all Legendary plays are not made equal. Not are they all on captains. The real question would be: Without legendaries, would Shark be as strong as Midas or Scalpel? My inclination is to say no.
  11. Adepticon Results

    Zack ran the main events, DC ran the side events, and I oversaw them all. But in general, one person is not going to be responsible for every tournament: I do want my Pundits to actually enjoy their convention.
  12. What's your S3 NPE?

    I hear Chisel can be a NPE in the right hands.
  13. Adepticon Results

    You'd have to ask whomever ran those.
  14. Adepticon Results

    Ok, I must have not clicked enough of the "Go Live" options when I set it up Saturday. @RedSam, so that's my bust. But again, a human error, and not any nefarious scheme.