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  1. alopex

    Shooting goals guide

    Two years ago, some really nice guy wrote a very well documented and clear explanation on Shooting at goal (https://partingblow.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/shooting-at-goal/) This was for me an eye-opener on things I and others did wrong and we still visit it regularly when we doubt how things should be done. Now that we have season 4 and some changes on shooting at goal will there be an update on this document. I would be really grateful if so. Thx
  2. alopex

    Model distribution needs to change

    This is not entirely true. If you are unlucky you have to buy 2 boxes of the major Guild to have the 2 allowed players of the minor Guild. This is very expensive and also a problem, even in plastic.
  3. alopex

    Model distribution needs to change

    SFG and by extension the LGS have made the decision to do business. I as a customer did not. So exporting their problems to me is not very nice, is it?
  4. alopex

    Model distribution needs to change

    GW did exactly the same and people just stopped buying, I was one of them.
  5. alopex

    Model distribution needs to change

    . If you want to start with a minor guild and you don't play the major guild, you will need to buy at least one 6-pack of the major guild. When they play really dirty they take 1 model from each major guild pack leaving you with 10 models you don't want. This way the game becomes way to expensive. Have had some bad experiences with buying and selling online, Therefore I mostly buy in shops or conventions. So Ebay is not a solution for the problem.
  6. alopex

    Veteran Chisel

    If it was only these two boxes, it would be acceptable. But it became a business policy (one GW also used, 4 soldiers needed for a unit and blisters with 3 so you always had to buy 2 blisters). If you want to start with a minor guild and you don't play the major guild, you will need to buy at least one 6-pack of the major guild. When they play really dirty they take 1 model from each major guild pack leaving you with 10 models you don't want. This way this game becomes very expensive and I left the GW games for that reason alone.
  7. alopex

    Veteran Chisel

    Just paid 50 for 2 models in the Exile pack, now another 50 for 1 figure because the other guilds I don't have. This is becoming the GW-nightmare all over again.
  8. alopex

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    I had used my normal advance and was 7 inch from Iron. I used haunted Melody to close the gap. My opponent took jog to me but I forgot that Iron’s jog is online 4 inch. That’s what I meant.
  9. alopex

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    I got my first proxy game in during our Solthecius campaign with Piper, Squeak, Miasma, Scourge, Pelage and Bonesaw against Burnish Blacksmiths. I lost 12-10 after being at 1-10 halfway the second turn. The Rats kicked off with Piper, dropping the ball just in front of the Blacksmiths. They tried to create a cage around the ball, leaving a free ball just in front of the goal. After some set up, Piper went in and disrupted the entire cage to score a first turn goal. It also gave a lot of Mom. The only drawback was Burnish Flame Belching Miasma and Scourge twice (first mistake, I forgot that Scourge has tough hide and could have avoided 2 DMG). I finished the turn with Rataclysm on Burnish and Cinder. Turn 2 started with an auto-initiative for me and Piper being in the middle of the Smiths grabbed the ball and scored again. Burnish in return delivered another 3 Flame Belches (killing Squeak in the process) and because he had used his legendary as captain, Cinder automatically had Reinforced plating. The campaign-rules gave 3 extra influence and 3 extra momentum to the bottom tier players. My opponent used the Mom to avoid any damage to Cinder when I used Rataclysm. This would have killed her. Scourge attacked Burnish to kill him. When Cinder had been successful this would have been the end of it but the opposite happened. Because of the extra influence my opponent could attack Piper with 4 Smiths. The last one was enough to kill Piper. Turn 3 was the end for the Rats. My opponent gained initiative and sprinted Burnish back in. Another 2 Flame Belch was enough to both kill Scourge and Miasma at the same time. The field was open to add a goal on top. To finish everything Piper was killed a second time. And this was my second big mistake. Haunted melody uses the jog of the opponent when he runs towards you, not your own jog. So, I made a mistake of 2 inch, him not being in range and me not able to kill him (agreed the dice had to be very favorable to succeed but if you don't try...) It was a super game and without the campaign extras, I would have won in turn 2. My general impression is that the Rats are more difficult to play than the Morticians. Because they are so mobile you must plan really in advance with contingency plans in place or you end up in the middle of nowhere. A second thing is that they are a bit weak. Heavy melees are deadly and against ranged they struggle. All things you can avoid mostly but it needs a lot of planning. Disease was more of a hindrance except for Scourge, he got his bonus DMG. Another mistake was that I didn't have a backup plan for Bonesaw once Piper was gone. A last mistake, because no other guild I play has the problem, is that I forgot to heal more often. I hope they are available at Salute so that I can buy them.
  10. I watched the SFG game of Farmers against Rats. A certain moment JamieP played Football derwish. The momentum spending was not clear to me. How I understood the sequence goes (and the momentum needed): 1. Bonesaw passes succesful to Piper (costs no MOM, gains 1 MOM) 2. Bonesaw does Give n Go (4" dodge) (costs 1 MOM, gains no MOM) 3. Bonesaw activates Football derwish (costs no MOM, gains no MOM) 4. Due to Football derwish, Piper passes back succesfully (costs 1 MOM, gains 1 MOM) 5. Bonesaw does Pass and move (4" dodge) (costs 1 MOM, gains no MOM) 6. Bonesaw continues his activation In the game however I had the impression that step 2 was done without paying momentum. Did I misunderstood something in my sequence ? Please correct me. Thx
  11. alopex

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    That is indeed an interesting catch on the disease condition. The Ratcatchers are the biggest victims of their own feature. Thx for pointing that out. I will choose Bonesaw and vGraves a lot more instead of the 2 disease figures against condition heavy teams.
  12. alopex

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    SFG stated in their blog post the following : "This leads to everyone on the Pitch slowly losing health and games ending in a flurry of desperate goals and take outs. In this way, the Disease condition almost represents a unique ‘scenario’ when playing with or against the Ratcatchers. Both teams are going to have to change their tactics to have a chance of victory!" Knowing that most games last for 3 to 4 turns and disease really starts from turn 2, the one damage a turn hardly seems an issue. What is your experience with the disease condition ? Is it worth something as a strategy or is it just a gimmick ? The only real bonus point I can think is that it enforces KD. Or you forfeit your movement or you need 1 more MOM to stand up and move.
  13. alopex

    Game plan deck revealed

    I think it adds a new level to the game, much more than plot cards ever did. Moving the initiative from sheer impossible when your opponent has 4+ momentum to you having a chance. Your opponent has to limit his choices to the +4 to be sure if you play the +7 initiative. If he doesn't have both +7, he can't be sure you don't have one.
  14. alopex

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    As a mortician player I am the first having 4 worthless Union models. The next months the other guilds will follow. The SFG release schedule will determine how long your models will see the field. I wouldn't invest in something that will disappear somewhere between now and SFG knows how long for the Fish minor is released. I just want to say that you can't say that the disappearance of your Union choices wasn't announced long ago.